[RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!



I am still not getting any departure messages. My wife and I both left a while ago to go get something to eat. DId not get a message of departure for either. Just arrived back home a few minutes ago, and we have since received the arrival message for both of us.

Do we have to leave again so it has completely cycled since I re-installed everything for this work?

She was at home about 10 minutes after showing her arrival originally. The logs shows her on the move from "Home" but never any departure message.


lol - so after not being able to find anything wrong with the code. And taking a drive around the block the make sure life360 was working.

I came home and looked at the parent app - I had chosen work as my place (lol guess i have clicked through this screen too much and am not paying attention.). Correctly showing me 40 something miles from work.

sorry for the false alarm... the tile looks great..


Well, again.. I need to see how you have the app setup and some logs. I can't guess why it's not working for you. :wink:



It's been a while since I debugged any code, but looking at the log debug statements and looking at your code, it appears to me that Line 267 (state.beenHere) is not evaluating to "yes", therefore not allowing the departure message to fire. I could be wrong though. I'll keep looking.


The problem can be seen here...

Notice time stamp 4:28 - It says home matches prev.place home
But the time at Home reset, it's only at 12 seconds

The section before she is Home and the section after she is on the move. So something happened during the transition. It uses the Since from the driver and Now date/times to determine the how long someone has been at any given place. Might have just been a glitch with Life360 updating the Since. Will have to keep an eye out on it for now.


Here is mine. I was previously home for 20 hours before I left:

Mine was only 29 seconds....


Yup, it did the same thing. I'll take a look at it.


WOuld I find anything in the driver event details around that time? To see if it updated or what not?


I doubt it, it just displays what it is sent from the phone app. If you watch the phone app enough, you'll see sometimes it jumps, then jumps back. But the fact that two people had this happen at the same time leads me to believe it's my code on the tracker app that needs to be fixed.


Holy moly! There are a lot of entries in the driver events. It is updating every minute. I have 15,600 entries in there.


Yup, it is... Next release of the driver will have async calls, it's being testing right now thanks to @cwwilson08


Don't know what that means, but OK. LOL


Hey this number is significantly reduced from previous :slight_smile:


New versions on Github... BIG changes, no more paid vs free child apps, everything has been merged in ONE child app with 'My places' now in the parent app and can be shared across multiple child apps!

V1.0.3 - 07/14/19 - Merged code so one app handles both Free and Paid versions. My places now in parent app.

V1.1.4 - 07/14/19 - Added Home features, Merged code so one app handles both Free and Paid versions. My places now in parent app.

Note, still working on reported 'departed' problem. We went out yesterday and immediately got the departed message for all 3 of us. How is everyone making out with this? Would like more data points, please!


OK, updated all. I assume it is not necessary to recreate the child apps if replacing the free with new merged version? I just renamed the child apps and updated the configuration.


The 'Life360 Tracker Free' child apps will continue to work but will not be supported or updated. Already there are some new options included in the merged code that you won't get with the old code. It would be best to recreate your child apps when time permits.


Very well. I have now done so. I was thinking that removing the child apps would impact the Life360 User devices that are used in several rules, but that appears not to be the case. Anyway, up and running with your latest code and will let you know how it goes.


Nope, Users are maintained in the 'Life360 with States' app.


Thank you for writing these fantastic apps for Life360! They have been very useful. Question from someone fairly new to HE: I haven't updated either app over the last week. When I update them, do I just copy over the new code and save, or is it best to just delete and start from scratch?