[RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!


Ok, that tile looks like the free version. Open up the user device and flip the switch 'Version of Life360 (off=Free, on=Paid)' to On to see more stats

BTW, That line should show what's in the 'status : 0.00 Miles from: Home'. Curious what your status looks like in the user device?



One other question. I upgraded to the Paid version and installed all of the apps and created new child apps.

My wife has been at her work since this morning. The logs show this:

Will they have to change locations for the onTheMove flag to change? And update the notifications?




I hit enter way to fast LOL


exactly, once they start moving the information will right itself.


One more thing too. I promise :slight_smile:

When I installed the paid version of Tracker, the free version as well as the Tracker version uninstalled automatically. I had to reinstall all of them. Also, the child version that was giving me the error was still erroring in the logs.

I had to go into each device driver and click on the Tracker free version in the In Use by and then remove them one by one. In fact, the driver for me had 7 instances of Life Tracker free. I had to remove each of them.

It seems that editing one created a new version rather than overwrite the one you are editing. At least that is what appears to be for me.

That could have been the cause of some of my issues.


There is no need to 'install' a free or paid version of Tracker. You install 'Life360 Tracker" one time. From there you can create 'child apps', doesn't matter if it's a free or paid type or both. Create as many child apps as you like of each.

I truly have no idea how or what you did to get multiple versions but I just added code to the parent app so only one instance can be installed.


New version of parent app on Github:
V1.0.2 - 07/12/19 - Added code so the main app (life360 tracker) can only be installed once.


Yeah I don't know what happened. I added the "paid" child app and the main Life360 Tracker app and the 4 "free" children disappeared from my apps page. I had to reinstall the main Life360 tracker app. Weirdness for sure.

So of course all of my child instances were gone....


Well, I can guarantee you there is no code in any of my apps that can 'delete' another app. I can also show that paid and free child apps can be created from the same parent app.

That one will go into the unexplained file for sure.


I have tried to reproduce it. Can't. I cannot figure out what happened. I had about 47 tabs open lol, Maybe whilst saving the new app code, it crashed Chrome. Who knows.

All appears to be working so far. Wife and kids will be headed home from work here in a bit so I will be able to watch the logs.


@bptworld Aaah, that was it, I didn't know about those options. Or I didn't look would be more truthful. :grin:
All looks correct and working great. Both of us were announced as arrived!




We have liftoff! My wife arrived a bit ago and the app let me know! First time it has worked for her arrival.

Thanks for the hard work and sorry to be such a pain in the arse!


Now THAT is good to hear! lol

Thanks for being a great tester!

I got 'track all' just about back into the app now and I'm working on few other little things. So more coming soon!


not sure. but something seems not quite right here.. my tile says I am home and also 41 miles from home...



hmmm, you also have a null where the battery/DC should be. This is just reading from the user device. Check in the device and see how your stats look there.



Yup, notice your Status...right above the lastLocationUpdate. The tile is getting it's info from here.

Better check with whoever is working on the driver for 'Life360 with States'... :wink::thinking::thinking: lol


try opening your Life360 phone app and hitting refresh. See it that helps.


my app says i am at home as well.

I am looking at the code now.. this is not anything either of us has touched I dont think..



I'm loving this app. Really great idea. Thanks!