[RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!



Been doing some more testing. I am not receiving any departure messages (Pushover) not speak at all. I am only using Push messages and not Speaker notifications right now.

I am getting arrival messages. Actually I receive two. The first comes after the 5 minute Tracking interval. That message is malformed in that it does not contain any wording, only null. The 2nd message comes 5 minutes later and shows I have arrived. I have attached the two screenshots.

The first notification screenshot:


And the second:


Here are the two logs for the screenshots:

I have looked at your code and cannot tell why it is not working. Using the LTF version.



I have completely rewritten the code (as mentioned above), any testing at this point is pointless until I release the new code. Waiting for my wife to leave work and see what happens before releasing the code. :sunglasses:



Ah, ok. Didn't see your post. Thanks for the hard work!


No problem, she should be leaving work in about 30 minutes. Hopefully it'll work this time! lol

My short term memory is still crap but doctors say this type of stuff could help, so I'll keep trying! :upside_down_face:


I hope it helps too and return to some normalcy!


Got it, no further questions...will update later or tomorrow.


Ok, here we go!

New version on Github...

Paid Child:
V1.1.1 - 07/11/19 - Added code for dashboard tiles, Info and Places tiles. Complete rewrite for arrived/moving/departed. Removed tracking all.

Free Child:
V1.0.7 - 07/11/19 - Added code for dashboard tiles, Info and Places tiles. Complete rewrite for arrived/moving/departed. Removed tracking all.

Also, be sure your Life360 with Stats Driver is up to date.


It's your friendly pain in the arse guy LOL.

Installed your new apps, but having a small issue. Using LTF version and after you select a user, when you click My Places to enter a custom location, it pops up a validation error because Life360 places are not defined yet. When you click Life360 places, nothing is there. I did manage to click the phantom checkbox to get it to override and then create a custom place which then showed up.

Does this make sense?


On line 95, change required: from true to false :sunglasses:


Looks like that got it!



Getting this error tracking my wife. Maybe she don't want me tracking her LMAO!!!


Can you show me the child app please?


This may have been as a result of the "hack" I did for places i mentioned before you told me the fix. I have since rebuilt the app and I am waiting to see if it errors again. My wife is on the way home now. I will let you know.....


Yep, I think that was it. It did not give the error this time. I'll let you know should it error again.

One other thing. If I set the How often to track to 1 minute instead of the 5 minute default, will cause any issues with hub slowdowns, etc. because of the quick polling? Or have you noticed any downside to it?


I have seen any yet. I have 3 trackers all going at 1 minute. But asynchttp calls are in the works too. Hopefully, we can figure this out.


Feature request: In the Life360Tile, display date in format selected for the dashboard. Actually, if it was easier, don't display date at all since day of week should be sufficient (anyone who doesn't move in a week may not be worth tracking).


Well, my wife just left her work and this app went nuts... not working right at all. Back to the drawing board.



Did anyone test it on SONOS? Will probably set this up as weekend so I can test if needed?


Why did you remove the all locations option? I liked that it notified me whenever the L360 user arrived anywhere. Now it only tells me when they arrive at a favorite place?


Trying to simplify the code to get it working correctly, then I'll add it back in.