[RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!


The google map URL isn't clickable on the iPhone, however. That's a shortfall of the HE App though. I hate how they have notifications hidden under settings. That's should be a first class citizen.


(sarcasm)Get a REAL phone, works great on my Pixel XL :grin:(/sarcasm) lol

On my pixel, the message that shows up in the header dropdown, isn't clickable. I have to click on the message and then it opens in pushover... then the link is clickable.

Haven't tried it using the HE app. Probably should.


Pushover is more feature rich. I should go back to it for pushes.


@bptworld Any luck on figuring out how to get it to announce the leaving of a place? Just curious.
Yesterday it missed my wife entering the Home zone completely so no announcement.


Too nice out, can't bring my chromebook into the pool :sunglasses: but it's suppose to rain out this afternoon.


New Versions on Github...

TWO versions available

  • Life360 Tracker - works with the paid version of Life360 using all your saved places in Life360!
  • NEW - Life360 Tracker Free - works with the free version of Life360 using your custom places stored in this app!

Please update all 3 files...

Life360 Tracker:
V1.0.5 - 07/07/19 - First attempt at departure notifications and a few other goodies, please check your child apps

Life360 Tracker Free:
V1.0.0 - 07/07/19 - Initial release.

Life360 Parent:
V1.0.1 - 07/07/19 - Added Lif360 Track Free version


Just wanted to let you know that I use the free Life360 and have now installed Life360 Tracker Free. I also updated Life360 with states app and driver.

I will play with this as time permits. I'm to the point I have it installed and a few places defined (wouldn't it be nice if place definition was common to all children?), and am ready to see what I can do with it. Thanks again.



Think I found a bug (typo) in the Life360 Tracker Free child app. I could not get any speaker options to show for departing.

Looking at your code, Lines 118-127 has the variable "speakHasDepated" but line 144 that checks for the variable has "speakHasDeparted".

To test, I changed the variable name and it works like a champ! This is such a cool app BTW!


New version on Github...

V1.0.6 - 07/08/19 - Fix typo speakHasDepated vs speakHasDeparted (thanks spalexander68!)

Child free:
V1.0.1 - 07/08/19 - Fix typo speakHasDepated vs speakHasDeparted (thanks spalexander68!)



Thanks. One other question. Under Track Specific dropdown and Show a list view of Specific Places, mine always shows null. When/How do they populate? I have several place names saved in the Life360 app but none are showing.


I wonder if it is possible, using the browser link, to pop open Life360 instead of google maps?


You have to type them in. :sunglasses:

I have no idea on this one. I try to look into it though.


Well I guess that makes sense :joy::joy::joy: I don't know why I thought that was automatic...

Yep. There they are!




Could this be automated if I made the places map available to the child device?


Good idea. yeah, if it's available then I should be able to pull it in.


Does it need to be an attribute or will a variable work?





So I have a Life360 Tracker Free child set up. I have Track Specific selected and I have chosen a place from my list. Right now, I only have Pushover notification selected. However, I did not receive any notifications today of arrival or departure.

Do I have to enable the Speak on Departure/Arrival even though I am not using a Speech device?



Nope, it should work without it, I'll take a look at in the morning. I do have another update tonight though...

Life360 Tracker:
V1.0.7 - 07/08/19 - Fixed another typo with Departed. Selected places now gets the places from the Life360 driver.

Life360 Tracker Free:
V1.0.2 - 07/08/19 - Fixed another typo with Departed. Also added 'time to be considered gone'