[RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!


Still waiting on a log from someone about multiple messages. I can't fix what I'm not seeing. So I'll keep adding new stuff to break. :wink:

New version on Github...

V1.1.8 - 07/19/19 - More tweaking of the 'on the move' code. Added 'Log History when' option, added clickable Map to History tile.



Here is a copy of my logs from yesterday about multiple notifications on arrival (also had the error). But since I updated the driver, my issue has vanished I believe. I do not have On the Move enabled, but if I need to help test, I will do so.

And from one of my other users:


This code is kicking my butt!

New version on Github...

V1.1.9 - 07/19/19 - Found a big bug with Arrived.


@bptworld I have lost any announcements for someone leaving a place. I can see them leave the zone but no response. I need to add arriving to that also. Sorry.

EDIT: NEVERMIND, I had it turned off for some dang reason. All working!!!



Bug found in latest child for LifeTracker.

Miles/Kilometers are backwards. If I select Miles I receive KM and vice-versa.

Feature request:

  • can we leverage @ogiewon child device grouping feature? I would love to see the devices parented up under one section. Please Please Please. :wink:


There is no option to select miles/km in L360 tracker, I think you have this app mixed up with Life360 with States. I'll take a look over there.

I have no idea how to do this but I'll look into it.



You are correct. It is in States.


@bptworld I just got an announcement that my wife had arrived at her work but instead of it announcing the name of the place as it did before it announced the address!
Why is it announcing the address all of a sudden?

EDIT: Just now I got another announcement that she had arrived at her work and this time it announced the name but 5 min. later than the other one.


@bptworld I hate to bring this up again but the app announced that my wife was at an address on one of our streets in town when in fact the garage door was going up and she was at home.

Just thought you would want to know. Second time it has done this but the other one was the post above.


I'm also having reliability problems with departures and arrivals. The Life360 app is showing the departures and arrivals, but Tracker is about 70% of the time. Additionally arrivals are not adhering to the setting that determines how long they must be at a location for arrival. No matter what I set it to, it's always 5 minutes, even at Home when set to no delay for Home.


New version...

V1.2.1 - 07/23/19 - More and more and more tweaking to get arrived/departed/move to work correctly.


Seems to be significantly better. On the move notices reflect a more varied near address. The at home arrival was not instant. But it was significantly faster.

I’d like to request an enhancement, where the on the move notification frequency is configurable. Rather than the default every minute I’d like to get a notice ever x minutes.

Thanks for your hard work. Sounds like this was a tough nut to crack.


Is it possible to change the color of a tile on a dashboard (preferably in the app) based on an attribute such as specific location, movement, etc, for each person? I just had a wild thought on a dashboard design.


You got it!

New version on github...

V1.2.2 - 07/24/19 - Added user selectable time to report 'On the Move'


Doesn’t look like the notification for moving is respecting the new time setting. I’m still getting notices at 1 min interval.


Show me a log please


Has anyone else experienced delayed triggers from (free) Life360 lately? I seem to have gone consistently from 10-15 seconds delay to 1-2 minutes delay.

I would hope that using the Life360 Tracker is totally unrelated to this, but could it be possible that polling Life360 frequently (if it does) is causing them to throttle .. especially free users?


Life360 Tracker doesn't poll Life360 at all, it only uses the data provided from 'Life360 with States'. That's what does the polling.


Understood, so I'm in the wrong thread. Like some people I'm sure, I came to use Life360 with States and Life360 Tracker at the same time. I'm sure I clumsily refer to all of the related apps/driver/child things as one unit.


Looks like I only added the option to 'Track Specific'. Should be fixed now.

New version on Github...

V1.2.3 - 07/25/19 - Added user selectable time to report 'On the Move' to 'Track All'