[RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!

hmmm, looks like your css broke my code. :wink: Actually, this isn't even part of Life360 Tracker. This tile is part of 'Life360 with States'. Please post over on the correct thread and we'll see what can be done.

I'm still new to Hubitat but I love the integration you've got with Life360 here. I'm struggling to figure out a problem here though. I have your "Tracker," "Examiner," and "States" apps installed and working properly, I think. I've been using the free version of Life 360 for automation for years now on Wink. I've got announcements set up on our Google Home Minis and your Tracker app set up to speak when ...has arrive and ...has departed set up with "%name% has arrived/departed %place%." My wife left for the office and I get announcements that she has "left route 24" or "arrived at I95" randomly through out her whole 30 minute drive.

[app:123]( 11:13:30.060 am [debug]( End Log - Life360 Tracker Child - App version: 2.0.6 ----------

[app:123]( 11:13:30.054 am [debug]( arrivalHandler - state.tDiff > timeHere - TRUE - beenHere: yes

[app:123]( 11:13:30.050 am [info]( Tracker-HISTORY-A: Mary has arrived at Amvets Memorial Hwy - [Map](https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=42.06804,-71.062325)

[app:123]( 11:13:29.924 am [info]( - Mary has arrived at Amvets Memorial Hwy

[app:123]( 11:13:29.911 am [debug]( letsTalk - that's it!

[app:123]( 11:13:14.972 am [debug]( letsTalk - Whole House

[app:123]( 11:13:14.967 am [debug]( in use: Whole House

[app:123]( 11:13:14.964 am [debug]( letsTalk - speaker: null, vol: 40, msg: Mary has arrived at Amvets Memorial Hwy, volRestore: 40

[app:123]( 11:13:14.961 am [debug]( checkVol - volume: 40

[app:123]( 11:13:14.957 am [debug]( checkVol (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.954 am [debug]( checkTime - timeBetween: true

[app:123]( 11:13:14.951 am [debug]( checkTime (2.0.6) - null - null

[app:123]( 11:13:14.947 am [debug]( letsTalk (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.944 am [debug]( messageHandler - Random - vSize: 1, randomKey: 0, theMessage: %name% has arrived at %place%

[app:123]( 11:13:14.941 am [debug]( messageHandler (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.938 am [debug]( arrivalHandler - using Track All

[app:123]( 11:13:14.935 am [debug]( arrivalHandler - Mary has arrived at Amvets Memorial Hwy

[app:123]( 11:13:14.932 am [debug]( arrivalHandler - Time at Place: 143 IS greater than: 120 - beenHere: no

[app:123]( 11:13:14.929 am [debug]( arrivalHandler - Mary is at Amvets Memorial Hwy

[app:123]( 11:13:14.926 am [debug]( getTimeDiff - Time Diff: 0 days, 0 hrs, 2 mins & 23 secs

[app:123]( 11:13:14.922 am [debug]( getTimeDiff - since: 1590765051, Now: 1590765194, Diff: 143

[app:123]( 11:13:14.919 am [debug]( getTimeDiff (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.916 am [debug]( arrivalHandler (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.913 am [debug]( UserHandler (2.0.6) - Going to trackingHandler *******

[app:123]( 11:13:14.909 am [debug]( alertBattHandler - battery (81) is charging. - Step 3

[app:123]( 11:13:14.906 am [debug]( alertBattHandler - battery: 81 - prev battery: 0 - charge: true - alertBattRepeat: no

[app:123]( 11:13:14.895 am [debug]( alertBattHandler (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.891 am [debug]( userHandler (2.0.6) - address1Value: Amvets Memorial Hwy - prevPlace: Amvets Memorial Hwy - beenHere: no

[app:123]( 11:13:14.888 am [debug]( whereAmI - Finished - Going back to userHandler

[app:123]( 11:13:14.866 am [debug]( whereAmI - Distance Away 05 (xxx): 1632.1853240937712, isPresent05: false

[app:123]( 11:13:14.839 am [debug]( whereAmI - Distance Away 04 (xxx): 20142.74426490597, isPresent04: false

[app:123]( 11:13:14.811 am [debug]( whereAmI - Distance Away 03 (xxx): 15514.505801080071, isPresent03: false

[app:123]( 11:13:14.776 am [debug]( whereAmI - Distance Away 02 xxx): 4353.25821198132, isPresent02: false

[app:123]( 11:13:14.720 am [debug]( whereAmI - Distance Away 01 (xxx): 2318.6540240296754, isPresent01: false

[app:123]( 11:13:14.591 am [debug]( whereAmI (2.0.6)

[app:123]( 11:13:14.588 am [debug]( Start Log - Life360 Tracker Child - App version: 2.0.6 ----------`

I'm not sure why or what I need to change to get it to simply announce arriving and departing the few places we have set up?
Less a problem but something else I can't figure out is when the announcements are made they open with, "Wake... Mary has arrived at..."

Thanks and welcome to Hubitat

You have it set to 'Track All'. If you only want home, then change it to 'Track Specific' and select Home.

No idea on that one, the word 'wake' isn't in the app at all.

Also, when posting logs, a screen shot is preferred. If copy/paste... please please please don't use the </> button. It makes it unreadable.


Ah, I thought that was track all of "My Places" I entered in the parent app.

I noticed it didn't it didn't format well but now I'm glad to know the accepted standard.

Thanks for the quick response and Go Pats or Sox or Bruins or Celtics! Or all of them!

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Ha, I just want them to PLAY! lol Bruins, Sox, Pats fan here... in that order. :grin: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

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@spelcheck - any chance to get a CSS fix for @bptworld life 360 tiles? The image and text alignment is all goofed up:

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First time I've seen this error, just thought I'd pass it along. Doesn't seem to harm anything:

Came from the driver v1.0.5

[dev:1474]( 01:59:53.079 pm [error]( Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 179 (generatePresenceEvent)

New version on GitHub...

2.0.7 - 06/18/20 - Major Changes. Going at it a different way

Make sure that Life360 with States is up to date or this will throw errors.

New version on GitHub...

2.0.8 - 06/19/20 - added The Flasher

I posted a major update a few days ago and was wondering how is it going? This is by far the best version of this app so far! :thinking: :wink: :grin:

How does this app work with combined presence? For example, is presence on the dashboard time solely based on life 360 or also based on other presence sensors? If only on life 360, how reliable has that proven for you?

It doesn't. Life360 Tracker is based on just Life360 (phone app).

Life360 Tracker can be used as a part of Presence Plus. Which mainly tracks whether someone is home or away.

I can't seem to get this working. I only have the free version and it is asking me to select a place to track but there is nothing in the list. I only have Home set. Thanks

Please show me a screenshot.

Maybe I have the setup wrong but this is what I get.

Try logging in to the webpage instead of the app. That worked for me. Nothing showed up there until I went into the website.

I have all set up but, the history tile just shows "Waiting for Data...." is there something that I need to do or turn on. I have "Log History when" turned on for all of the options and I am using the default with wild cards.

Thank you

Welcome to Hubitat.

If it's setup correctly, you just have get out of the house and go somewhere. :wink:

also, be sure you have some 'places' selected.

My daughter was at several of the places yesterday and I could see it updating in the presence tile but never showed up in the history. I will see how it goes today.

I can't seem to find the setting for the history to show in 12 hour format:

It seems to be correct in the current but not in the history.
In addition where do I control the font size for the history tile.

Thank you