Can you try uninstalling and re-installing? I don't think that should be necessary normally but at least it will test 1 case that I tried to fix last week when life360 changed it's API.

On first launch, the driver fetches an auth token and then uses that forever (code). But, with the API change last week this token needs to be refreshed. However, the app will continue to use the old token and there's no easy way to clear it.

I did try to add logic to do this last week but only in 1 specific case -- on an http:401 response when listing circles - code. I wasn't really able to test it out though because I had already uninstalled the driver so I had a valid auth token.

What needs to happen is for the app to look for a similar case in other http calls and clear that auth token.

But, an uninstall and re-install would likely reset this too

Now I get Connection Error: 403

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After the recent API changes I’ve finally switched to this app and it’s working very well thanks :grinning:

Could I request that classes like the above are added to the html attribute please? This makes it much easier to style the tile to fit in with the rest of the dashboard.

I used email address to log in vs ANI

I'll Try that. When I switched over from the original it was a phone number, email address kept failing. Wish they would make up their mind.

Update; yup, email was it. Thanks,

I've had the same issue as everyone else. I am based in the UK. Ive updated the app through the package manager.
I am based in the UK so +44 country code.
My credentials are correct but cannot connect with email or phone number.

I'm seeing this error too. I have removed and reinstalled HPM.

I have cleaned up and all and I'm still getting this. It is working correctly.


+1 Same errors here too

Yeah mine is clean too but still getting these errors. I thought it was allready gone but got these errors at the morning. Everything works though...right?

For me, yes as far as I can tell. Sometimes it is tough with kids and my wife too; they run the battery down so low that sometimes it is delayed response and 5- 20-minute delays. I cannot say that this error is the cause of that.

Hi Team. I have been holding out hoping this issue might be resolved without a reinstall. I have variables hooked into a few routines and dont want to have to rebuild them.

Assuming if you reinstall the app that thats what will be required?

I am going to merge a PR request later today that might let you login again without having to re-install. If you want to try it manually earlier here's the PR - just update the app on your hub

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Seeing same errors fwiw

Seeing same errors in the log file

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Might as well say me too. I think it was working fine after reinstalling Life360+ completely. But this started sometime since.

I merged in the PR so you can get the updated Life360+ app via HPM

RE: errors (image below)

  • can you enable debug logging in the app? That should log something before trying to fetch data so it'll be obvious what request is failing
  • another thing I noticed about these errors are - I don't think the app has logged errors this way for a few versions. Can you check the version and make sure it's up-to-date? You might have to open Apps -> Life360 to look at the code.. check the latest version info at the top.. it's 3.0.17 as of this moment:
 *  Changes:
 *  3.0.16 - 08/25/23 - handle http:401 response from life360 and clear token; allowing re-login
 *  3.0.15 - 08/22/23 - merge PR from @jbaruch - Fixed url and auth token after Life360 migration to cloudfront
 *  3.0.14 - 05/31/23 - add setting to auto-adjust refresh rate when users are moving

I just updated from HPM, then removed it completely and re-installed. I get this

That is some additional information on measuring the changes to reduce api calls.

I went back in after some people have returned and left and it shows more now.

Sorry but I had to revert the last update as it changed the frequency of this driver fetching updates from Life360 - which is a user preference that I added a while back.

The setting I'm talking about is this one:

As detailed here setting this to 'Auto Refresh' will make more frequent checks to Life360 when it detects the user/device moving. The more the device is moving the more frequent the checks. But, basically this will be 30 seconds by default, 15 seconds when starting to move and 10 seconds when moving more.

The last PR changed this logic to polling every 5 minutes by default.. that's a long ways from 30 seconds.

As I use this driver with HD+ dashboard app to literally watch my kids on a map (similar to how Life360 works) -- 5 minute updates isn't going to cut it.

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