Ours is still working and hasn't stopped, I know we are lucky and I should just be quiet.

We don't use the paid version.


Were you down before that release? I just updated and still can't log in. It seems like those that are out are out and the few that are still working are good for now.

any chance we can get the combined tile like BPTs had? Soemthing will all the info displayed on 1 tile via a custom attribute?

The devices the app creates for each user should be using the Life360+ driver. For each device under preferences, do you have HTML fields turned on? I didn't use BPT version before but I believe the html attribute is what you're looking for. Just select html as custom attribute on your dashboard. More detailed instructions are in the first post in this topic.

I had an old versions of life360 installed, without HPM. I removed it (and now sad about my choice as it was working perfectly), and just installed the latest version of Life360 app, but now it is not logging in and giving me error 403 in the app. :frowning:

Here's some more details based on my experience with new single device log in and 2FA.

Single device log in per user is initiated after logging out of app on phone and logging back in, not by verifying your phone number. If you log out on phone for any reason, logging back in will kick Life360+ out. You can only log back in with Life360+ if you log off on your phone.

Verifying your phone number will turn on 2FA and from what I see, there is no way to turn it off. Once it's been turned on, you will not be able to log into Life360+ with that account. Changing the password and then not verifying the number may be a fix but I didn't bother trying to verify.

I used the method below as a work around except that I used the new account on my phone and the old one with Life360+. See edit below for more detailed instructions.

End result:
My original unverified non 2FA account is my admin acct for use with Life360+ on Hubitat.
My new verified account with 2FA is what the Life360 app on my phone is using. Now I won't get haunted by the app to verify the number.

EDIT: More detailed list on the exact steps I took.

  1. Obtain a Google Voice phone number.
  2. Generate a circle invite code in Life360 (I actually did this later from my wife's phone but it would have been easier if I had done it before the next step).
  3. Log out of original account on phone and sign up for new acct using GV number and an alternate e-mail. It's OK to verify phone number for new acct. Use your name for this acct since it will be your primary acct on your phone. When asked to join circle, use code from step 2.
  4. Log out of new acct and log back in with original account. You may need to reset password to do so. DO NOT verify phone number though. Must leave this accts phone number unverified.
  5. Once logged in to original acct,
    a. turn off location sharing in settings>location sharing
    b. in settings>circle management>change admin status, turn on admin for new account.
    c. under account>profile, rename acct to admin or whatever you like.
  6. Log out of original acct. Clear app data and cache and then log in with new acct. This completes setup on phone.
  7. In Life360+ in Hubitat, update password if reset in step 4 and hopefully it takes you to the next screen where you select circle and members. Select newly created member from new acct to create new presence device.

See my latest post. The 403 error will pop up if the account you're trying to sign on with has 2FA turned on from verifying phone number or if you've logged out and back in on the phone. I ran into the same thing but was able to get it working again as detailed in my post.

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thanks, though in my case, i had not changed anything on life360 android app side. The login was working perfectly in hubitat, but just that i unsintalled the hubitat old version of life360+ and installed the latest versions from HPM. My phone number on life360 is verified, but that was done quite some time back and life360+ was working till today morning since a long time with no auth issues so far.

I did a password reset on my life360. Used the updated password in life360+ app in hubitat, and the login worked! fingers crossed.

Question - I have my life360 circle created, which allows me to know in Hubitat when I arrive home. I have created an additional new circle in life360 now which has a much larger geofence area. My plan is, if i can now create an additional presence device in hubitat using my second circle, then this device can tell me when i am, say 10 mins away from home. is there a way for me to use the second life360 circle in hubitat using life360+ ?

Life360+ only allows one place to be selected for presence.
If you're using Android, check out [RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard. It supports using multiple geofences.

You mean place..when you say circle right? You can add as many places as you want and you can use those places in automation rules. Let's say you have "home" and then you add new place called "home2" ..which is basically same location as home but just bigger area. Now create automation rule to send push notification when presence sensor x enters home 2: "10mins away from home".


Ohh! How could I have overlooked such simple point. I incorrectly assumed that I can create only one 'home' per circle. I deleted my second circle now and added a new place 'almost home', with a bigger geofence area.

But, isn't life360+ limited to report presence of only one place? How do I use my second place in rule condition?

@zerosum74 are you a paying user? Can I set this up with a paid and an additional free account as well?

Yes and yes.

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Can I detect in Hubitat if the presence device is in 'almost home' place while maybe another presence device is in'home' place?

Places are attributes that can be used as triggers. If you look at the presence sensor on hubitat you will see 'address1' attribute. Create a rule in rule machine or webcore by using it. It doesn't matter if you are paying customer or not.

Good to know.Thanks, I'll check it out.

In my case, I have created two places 'home' and 'almost home'(with a much larger geofence'. When I am approaching hone, 'almost home'' should trigger first, but eventually I will be present in both the places. Do you know how will address1 react in that case? Which place out of the two will it store?

It doesn't work like I thought it would. It seems to detect the bigger area first, then when you arrive to smaller one it detects it but after a while "address1" changes to that bigger place again. Seems like a weird way to detect places or prioritize them in life360.

I'm guessing you need to play with address1 attribute and if possible..use street addresses in automation rules. When presence sensor address1 is streetname 1, or streetname 2, or streetname 3, then send notification "10 mins...". And those streetnames are all the addresses that you usually use when you are heading back home.

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And actually more than I think about it ...if I would do what you are doing. I would still create new separate places around the home and use those places with address1 attribute. Just create places which do dot overlap home location. This way would be much easier than creating rule with a list of streetnames. And if you live in a city for example there would be multiple different streets so by creating additional places around the home you can use just those place names as triggers.