[Release] Konke ZigBee Temperature Pressure Sensor Driver

I've put up a driver for Konke ZigBee 3.0 Temperature Pressure Sensor (based on a Xiaomi/Aqara Temperature Pressure Sensor driver by @veeceeoh).

Let me know if you find any issues with the driver.

The code: hubitat/konke-zigbee-temp-humidity-sensor.groovy at master · muxa/hubitat · GitHub


I was just looking at these devices again...

How do they do the temperature reporting? On a specific delta (like the Xiaomi), set time, other? And is it configurable, or fixed (again like the xiaomi).

I'm basically looking for something that works like the Xiaomi/Awara temp/humidity sensor - but actually zigbee compliant.

They are ~$13/ea on banggood, so would be an attractive if they don't have the same quirks as the Xiaomi/Aqara. EDIT: I went ahead and ordered 4 of them to play with. Ship from China, so maybe be a few weeks.

I don't know how they report exactly, but the reporting is quite regular. Here's a screenshot of the event log for the sensor:

What I have noticed though is that the battery level was only reported once yesterday (I have been using the sensor only for a day so far). Will check how often the battery level gets reported and post an update here.

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I just ordered one of these also, for the same reason that @JasonJoel did.
I'm tired of using non-standard devices.

The Xiaomi devices would report humidity when it changed by a certain %.
What about the Konke?

FWIW, they'll be on sale at AliExpress for $8.24 in 1d 5h ....

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Ordered a dozen this morning. I figure if they suck, well... I've wasted 5x more on thermostats and locks in the past... LOL.

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Ha! You and me both. I bought 8. At less than $60, it was worth the risk.

I must be cheap. I just ordered one to see if it would work!
If this will allow me to get rid of those non-standard Xiaomi/Aqara sensors.....

Hmmm, not so sure about that. I'm pulling for you, but I ordered a Konke motion sensor to play with and was not impressed. Maybe it just needs a good driver, but it doesn't seem to report inactive. Not sure they're being truthful in their descriptions.

There - fixed that for you :joy:

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Well we already know the temp/humidity sensor pairs and works at least a little with HE (from the OP). So wasn't a blind jump.


No of course. I'm just not sure these are following a standard. I'm guessing based on one experience though, so it doesn't mean much.

1... 16... That's about the same. :wink:

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