[RELEASE] iRobot Scheduler

I will have to see how to accomplish that. Good idea!

1.0.7 - add duration for dashboard tile, minor grammar fixes

1.0.8 - determine if Roomba battery has died during docking

2.0.0 - determine if kids picked up all their Legos before starting

I need Lego sensors.

That is on the list....way down on the list right below older kids put away untied shoes and right above dog toys. :wink:

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1.0.9 - ability to set Roomba 900+ device settings, advanced docking options for non-900+ devices

App: 1.1.0 - fixed global variables not being set
Driver: 1.0.9 - error in namespace preventing creation of adding device

1.1.1 - fixed notification options to respect user choice for what is notified

I have updated the first post of this thread to give people awareness of the capabilities of this app. Hope others will implement and begin providing feedback. :slight_smile:

1.1.2 - fixed dead battery logic, added Roomba information page, added specific error codes to notifications, setup and config error checking

@aaron, this may be a stupid question, but what dashboard tile template do we use for the Roomba device?

Not a dumb question at all. :grin:

Use the Roomba device that was created by the app (mine is Gurdy). Select for the capability: attribute. Then select Roomba Tile for the attribute.

Maybe it was; maybe it wasn't. However, if I would have read the damn instructions, I would have seen it :grin:

That is, unless you just added that part to the instructions :joy::joy:

Thank you though!

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Also any feedback would be great!

I will once I get it up and going. I have the I7 boxed up still as we are waiting on some remodeling to be finished. And I had to order a Raspberry Pi kit so I can run the other stuff for your app.

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What are you guys using this for actually? Are you incorporating this in rules? I have a Roomba 985 and I'm curious what this will do for me over what the standard app would do? Can you give me some ideas on how you're using this?


Great question btw! The app provides multiple scheduling times, presence cleaning awareness, enforce device cleaning settings (if supported), for non-900 series devices the ability to guestimate an appropriate docking schedule (time or battery), dashboard tile information, pushover notifications...a lot really.

Keep in mind I have a Roomba 890 so most of the "cool" features of the 900+ models I have no access to. My original goal was to smarten up the low end Roomba's with this app and using the WiFi capabilities. Until the i7 came out with the optional bin I really couldn't justify buying a 980 when I could get two WiFi enabled Roomba's for the same price.

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App - 1.1.3 - reduced device handler complexity, added support for device switch.on/off and options for off
Driver - 1.1.0 - support for switch control on/off, handler changes

1.1.4 - added ability to have multiple Roomba Schedulers

1.1.5 - full customization of notification messages