[Release] IoTaWatt Power Monitor Driver v0.1.20220103

Thanks for this conversation. I should be able to update iptables in my Asus routers in various parts of the world to pull in specific IPs via DNS and allow those via NAT. Then everything else will come over OVPN. Hadn't put much thought/effort in that aspect previously.

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Not to bore anyone, but luckily my Asus AX-11000 router allows NAT where you specify the incoming IP/CIDR... which is the first I've seen on stock firmware myself. I was able to add the /16 block my work uses for VPN, so now I've got NAT working quite seamlessly. I use ddns URLs for all my services, and I can hit them from work VPN, LAN, and VPN, due to the multiple sets of NAT/firewall rules I set up.

Just because I'm a masochist, I'm still going to write a quickie script on a local VM to SSH into the router and add rules for my various device IPs via godaddy DDNS. This is mostly because I have servers sitting around the world, and linking the various networks is a tad difficult without Merlin firmware.

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Just wanted to thank Dan @ogiewon for this driver. I bit the bullet and imported an IotaWatt to the UK after finding out about it from this thread. The Iotawatt itself is a great piece of kit and the integration this driver gives is excellent. I have 3 CTs. One for my main incoming supply, one for my Solar feed, and one for my Oven circuit.

So I can monitor our overall use, see what the Solar panels are generating and calculate our Solar feed in tariff earnings. I'm using the Oven circuit to check we haven't left it on inadvertently.

Thanks Dan :+1:


I'm about to purchase this device, and get it imported in Australia.

Confirming that it still works well with Hubitat? Thanks for the integration @ogiewon

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It's been 100% rock solid for me.


Same here.

The IoTaWatt is the most reliable IoT device I own. Seriously.

The Hubitat integration has been flawless as well.


I am getting this error in my live logs for my IotaWatt unit. Actually, I have three IotaWatts in use to cover all circuits in my panel and they are all similar errors to the one below. Could someone help in troubleshooting this error so I can fix this. Thanks so much!!

dev:19832020-02-04 01:38:00.910 pm errorFailed to create child device with error = java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A device with the same device network ID exists, Please use a different DNI

dev:19832020-02-04 01:38:00.850 pm traceAttempting to create child with name=Input_07 type=Child Power Meter

dev:19832020-02-04 01:38:00.845 pm errorFailed to find child without exception: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Column "device_type_id" not found [42122-197]

This appears to be the root issue. I wonder if you have some mild corruption in your Hubitat database? This error is not something the driver is producing. That error is coming from deeper within the platform as a result of the driver making a certain call to try and find existing child devices. The two subsequent log entries are a result of the first error, I believe.

Have you considered performing a Soft Reset on your hub? Make sure you have downloaded a backup of your hub's configuration via the Settings menu. Then follow these instructions, paying close attention to follow each and every step!


Thanks for the response. I have several outputs in the IotaWatt that I renamed after the driver found and imported them. Do you think that a soft reset would help? Would I just be reintroducing the error after restoring the backup after the soft reset.

I don't notice any issues with the IotaWatt integration app. Only the error message in the logs. It may be it is looking at a child device that I renamed and now can't find.

Is a soft reset my only option? Thanks.

Did you change the child device’s Device Network ID? That would screw things up for sure, but still shouldn’t throw that database error.

Changing the LABEL of a child device is fine to do and will not cause any issues.

You should even be able to change the NAME of a child without any issues.

Seems like a good start to make sure your hub is running optimally. It is a safe procedure as long as you have a good backup downloaded to your computer (just in case) and you follow the directions exactly as documented.

No, I never changed the device network ID, only the device name and label. But I did make many changes to the names and labels. I have three Iotawatt unit's and they are all integrated and have several child devices.

FYI my IoTaWatt integration broke with the latest hub update ( Soft reset didn't help.

I get the following when attempting to look at the IoTaWatt parent device:

Error 404

deviceId was not found. org.quartz.JobPersistenceException: Couldn't obtain triggers for job: CronExpression '0/180 * * * * ? *' is invalid. [See nested exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: CronExpression '0/180 * * * * ? *' is invalid.]

The Page requested could not be found

Still working fine for both of my IoTaWatt devices.

That’s a strange error. Can you still browse directly to you IoTaWatt device? There was a firmware update to the IoTaWatt recently. Just trying to rule out a problem with the IoTaWatt versus your Hubitat hub.

Definitely strange! IoTaWatt itself is working fine, last activity on IoTaWatt was right before I updated HE firmware this morning.

Restoring to Hubitat firmware makes it functional again. There were two IoTaWatt child devices for IoTaWatt outputs that I deleted back in June, so I'm removing those and trying the new HE firmware again.

Annnd no go. Still get the error.

Strange. I’ve been on 2.2 since the early days of the beta. No issues whatsoever.

Since you have backups...and can easily restore... What happens if you delete the Parent device altogether and create a new one?

I’m having an issue removing the iotawatt devices after removing the driver. Any idea?
i posted in IoTaWatt cannot remove drivers

I replied in your other thread...

Returning to my issue described above after updating to HE 2.2.x. After I rolled back to 2.1.x, I decided to re-update to 2.2.x and added a new IoTaWatt device. I made no changes to the driver code, simply added a new device and it works.

However, the problem I'm having (as of HE 2.2.x) with this and a few other apps and automatons that do periodic refreshes randomly stop refreshing until manually "restarted." For example, the IoTaWatt driver was updating every 30 seconds yesterday until exactly 9pm. Anyone else having this specific problem?

It seems the HE update broke something across many apps and drivers, but perhaps there's something unusual going on with my combination of apps and drivers. HE staff are quick to place blame on user created apps/drivers despite the only change being HE updates, so I've hesitated to even bother posting my issues.

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