[Release] Insteon direct PLM dimmer/switch driver

Thanks! I think I need some troubleshooting assistance then! I installed and think I got the nose.ja free one installed correctly (initially had authentication issue, then fixed that). Now it throws no error, but also doesn’t turn on the switch. Would you mind telling me (or referring me to the right resource) how I go about troubleshooting the issue. I also configured the switch in the Insteon app, where it works fine. Also, Happy New Year.

Can you post the error log on the node server?

Sorry for my lack of clarity. I am first trying to get the non-node drivers working. I plan to fiddle at a later date and install node on my Qnap NAS, but in the meantime can handle most of my legacy Insteon needs with basic switch control. So I don’t have the node version running, hence no node error log.

Actually... I am all set. I tried another device and it worked great, so I may just have some Insteon issues to troubleshoot, although I still am not sure why the Insteon app works but Hubitat does not. I will let you know if I sort it out. Thanks for your help. Sorry for wasting your time.

No waste. Not to worry there. Just confused by what you mean that the Insteon app works but HE app does not.

HE part is a driver, not an app. Maybe just a confusion in terminology? Also the Insteon app being open may interfere with the direct driver. Sometimes just closing it is enough, but other times it may be necessary to reboot the Insteon hub after you’ve used the Insteon app direct. That’s one of the reasons why the node.js app it’s better

I meant that when I control the device using the hub via the Insteon app on my phone it works, so I think the hub and Insteon device are working. However, the same device does not work from Hubitat using the driver and the hub. I will try the reboot. I will also migrate to node solution once I have time to get that running on my NAS. Thanks!

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@SmartHomePrimer since you seem “in the know,” another question...

I was able to get my Flic buttons and hub working with Hubitat. Are those instructions worth adding to the documentation Wiki? And, if so, is there a style guide?

I searched using “flic” and nothing came up, but perhaps didn’t know how/where to search.

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If you contact @bobbyD, that’s where to start for approval to be a contributor to the Wiki.

But I will say that I have to have the flic so close to my MAC, that it’s not even useful so I’ve stopped using again. Maybe it’s better with a mobile device or the Flic hub

Just so many better Zigbee buttons out there that have better range and more functions available.

I haven’t tested exactly how far, but the Flic hub gets the job done for my use cases. I will explore Zigbee now that I have a hub that supports it, but it is also nice to be able to migrate my existing investments to Hubitat in the meantime.

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