[RELEASE] Inovelli Switch Controller

https:/ /github.com/chewplastic/hubitat/tree/main/Apps

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Want an easier way to use Inovelli switches to control smart bulbs or other switches without going nuts setting up crazy rules? This app lets you control smart lights, activate scenes and optionally trigger notifications upon any action

Any feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Holy crap man, this is pretty sweet! I just downloaded it and will mess around with it tonight. Looks pretty cool so far and I can't wait to start testing it out.

Thank you for taking the time out to write this, really cool :slight_smile:

@ericm - check this out!


This is very cool, Gonna try this to set up and replace a rule I have. Thanks

Is this application supposed to work in both directions, ie if I turn the bulb off the inovelli shows off as well?

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