[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)

I'm glad that it's working now but that is exactly what the timeout feature is supposed to do lol.

Did you see any errors in the logs when you used the timeout feature. The driver was a 100% copy / paste from my SmartThings version so its possible that it might need a couple changes.


i did not really look that hard into the logs -i had a flaky network so i just assumed that was what it was.

Let me disable the event engine rule and try again. This time i'll peek into the logs a bit more. I have a notifier that sends a notice to my phone when i leave, i use that for troubleshooting. That's how found the network outages in the first place (and my ring alarm complained occasionally).

Edit: change made. I'll test for a couple of days.

The notification hit my phone at 1 minute 30 seconds after i turned off wifi on the phone. It seems to work.
Lets see what happens in the real world tests when my google nest wifi gets flaky.

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I've been using the beta android app and the newest app and driver for the last three days. So far it's working great! Thanks for the updates!!

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Johndc7 can you please assist, I installed first time and got the QR code. After that I had to re-install and since then I keep getting "Parameters invalid Verify parameters are correct" I have uninstalled everything and re-installed with no luck. I made sure all apps have permission and installed the patch. PLEASE HELP, I have spent hours and cant figure it out. Thanks man!

Are you still getting the parameters invalid error? Can you please private message me the parameters that it gives you on the message?

Edit: I just realized I changed the device ID generator and forgot to update the QR code page to allow the new IDs. You might want to try again :slight_smile:

@Johndc7 A lot of errors are popping up for "Unable to set presence"

Did Google change something? I had the same issue with Tasker

Can you please send me your device ID? I see some errors in the server logs "No response from hub". Maybe you are one of them?

I checked mine and it seems to be working completely fine. I am using a Pixel 5 on the latest Android and am also running the latest Hubitat firmware.


That's not it. It should be a bit shorter probably around 8 - 21 characters (depending on when it was created). If you open up the presence sensor app, it will tell you on the settings screen.

Oh, that!


Hold on...

Working on it

It was my PiHole blocking youtube domains.

What domains do I need to have them exclude?

Currently, all requests go through st.callahtech.com

I plan on changing it to presence.callahtech.com at some point (because who likes seeing SmartThings listed on stuff in Hubitat) so I would exclude both.

Very odd that it used a Google URL for that. My PiHole didn't even report any contacts to st...

Is that a dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) host record?

Nope. I have two IPv4 addresses on the DNS record. One of the addresses goes to a server in Google Cloud. Maybe that's what you were seeing? It's possible PiHole was trying trying to reverse lookup the address.

Type IP Address Domain Name TTL
PTR 120 sec
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That was probably it!

I learned that I can't even have that particular block list on PiHole because it also disabled YouTube TV :wink:

Sorry about making you look for nothing :wink:

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Good to go! Thank you its working great!!

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@Johndc7 I used your app in SmartThings before I moved to Hubitat and found it useful. When I try and set up the app on my phone and scan the QR code it gives me the error Invalid Format. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks.

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