[RELEASE] IKEA Symfonisk and Tradfri Drivers with Device Presence

Okay, nine days later and the one for the loft lights is reading 3.10 V. My test device one is at 2.90 V.

It's dead, 2.11 V. Weird.

Up in the loft we're still at 3.10 V and working just fine. Both batteries were from the same strip of Panasonics. My best guess is that there's way more potential for interference in here than upstairs.

I had a button on the latest firmware that was doing well but was discharging fairly quick.
It fell off the network on the 21st.

The button I have that is on firmware 2.3.015 stopped reporting voltages on the 23rd.
It still had some life in it though, as I was able to pair it to my new Aeotec hub with Edge drivers.

Four days on, this one's still fine at 3.10 V. Other one is back in the drawer of disappointment.

Nearly 20 days later, I go back in the loft. Button worked immediately. Check on Hubitat, still reporting 3.10 V. So strange.

Well, next time I went into the loft it was completely dead, probably at the end of March. I'm pretty much done with these IKEA buttons until they release new firmware again. In comparison to the Xiaomi Aqara buttons and wall switches these IKEA ones are currently hopeless.

Happy to revisit these drivers if the situation changes though. I'll keep them up to date with any general driver updates I do in the meantime.

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It's really odd how the batteries deplete so badly when used with Hubitat.

I've moved all of my Ikea Tradfri buttons over to SmartThings with Edge drivers and they work amazingly well.

Hi, thanks for this driver. I've had the sound controller for ages but missed this post.

I've set it up like this. Should I be using hold/release on button 2 and 3, it seems fine as is?

If it works, it works! :slight_smile:


Just want to report that I did not change the batteries yet, so about 8 months.

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Does somebody knows if there exist a driver for an IKEA GU10 bulb with Device presence?
Works perfect with the Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) driver, but no Device presence

I've not seen one, I'm afraid. I'm also not planning to write one as I've had a terrible time with IKEA lamps being awful repeaters and destabilising my Hubitat mesh. Not taking that risk again!

I went the lazy route and threw them all on my Hue hub, then tied them back in with CoCoHue. :slight_smile:

I'd be very interested if those GU10s were endpoints and not repeaters, though. If you visit:


...do any of the GU10s appear under Neighbor Table Entry?


Well, the repeater function is not used:-), I explain. 1 group of 6 spots, only one is smart. The group is on a smart switch.
When the bathroom group is on (5+1) and someone is showering to long the smartbulb is changing from warm white to cold white over x time and after x time the bulb is flashing till they stop showering.
When the bathroom group is off, the smart bulb has no power --> no repeater :slight_smile:

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Love it. :laughing:

I'm now considering whether we should have some sort of strobe, or maybe one of these. :rotating_light:

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I'm seeing this in the logs for an E1746

Thank you kindly, that is now handled more graciously. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there any how-to info about mapping the rotation reporting from this driver to the volume control of an actual SYMFONISK/Sonos speaker?

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it. Will it involve mapping reported the rotation variables to a set volume actuator? Am I on the right track?

Honestly, this is something I've never done. Off the top of my head the values are derived from the time spent rotating the dial, so the dial never actually reports a value - only "started turning" and "stopped turning". The driver than calculates a value for that... but this really is all off the top of my head, I've not checked.

You're on the right track with your plan though.

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Hi guys!

I have three IKEA Symfonisk remote control since one month ago. Ever since I installed them, they are draining battery. I am regularly changing the batteries once every week or so.

Any ideas? How to solve this issue?
I am seriously considering returning these products….


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