[RELEASE] IKEA Symfonisk and Tradfri Drivers with Device Presence

Following my take on a driver for the reasonably new IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button I've now cobbled one together to support the IKEA Symfonisk Sound Remote as well.

Or search on Hubitat Package Manager for IKEA and you should see "IKEA Symfonisk and Tradfri Drivers from BirdsLikeWires".

There are other excellent drivers around for these devices, but as I rely on device presence detection a lot I always try to roll my own when I find the time.

IKEA Symfonisk Sound Remote E1744

First of all, battery reporting on this driver is a fudge. I can't make any sense out of what it's sending, and it seems neither can anybody else. Please send in your suggestions.

Now the good stuff; this driver reports the remote as a 3 button device; press, clockwise and anticlockwise. Single, double and triple tap is supported on the button using official methods for the first two, plus push (single), hold (double) and release (triple) to catch all three modes in a manner that can be used for automation.

Rotation start, progress and stop are reported as button 2 (clockwise) and button 3 (anticlockwise), again with push, hold and release reporting. Level change and cumulative / subtractive level in percentage is also supported.

I've also just added on/off switch support so the device can be used with the Mirror app.

IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812

Supports push, hold, release and battery monitoring, with the device reporting in hourly. If you've updated the device to firmware 2.3.080 then it should also support double-press.

I have personally retired these to my Drawer of Disappointment due to excessive battery drain which nobody appears able to resolve right now. I have had batteries last as long as a month and as short as overnight, so please do report below how you get along. I shall continue to tweak the driver if I can guess some way to improve matters.

IKEA Tradfri Signal Repeater E1746

Probably the best and most reliable Tradfri product on Hubitat! :wink:

More of a monitor than a driver as it just checks in every 10 minutes for device presence. I rely on these as I find them to be the best simple repeaters at an affordable price in a useful package.


Shameless bump to my own post after adding the IKEA Symfonisk Sound Remote E1744.

By the way, if anybody has any clues as to what the E1744 is reporting when it sends in its battery status, please let me know. From clues around the web it appears that it should be battery percentage in hex, which according to the Zigbee spec should be flipped to decimal and multiplied by 0.5. But the values reported jump around all over the place - most frequently over 100%, around 80%, then down to 11% immediately after a button is pressed. Weird.

Interestingly, I paired an E1812 button to my AlertMe-based mesh and it wasn't happy connecting through the AlertMe smart plugs, only direct to the hub or a Tradfri extender. However, those devices are on the other side of the house and it seems the button completely exhausted its battery overnight trying to maintain a connection. All of its contemporaries which stayed on my "accessories" Zigbee mesh are still working perfectly.

Battery now replaced and I'll see how it fairs back on the accessories mesh. Hub Mesh is a great feature to get around this sort of thing. :slight_smile:


This might be a silly question, but what would you use presence for on a remote control?

It is apparently used as surrogate capability to see if the device has fallen off the zigbee network.


This is just great! Thank you for your work. As you are obviously capable to get the Ikea-Stuff running, could you have a look on this two :smiley: :

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Yeah, exactly that. Some devices can't be pinged or health-checked because they go to sleep, but can be told to report in occasionally. The driver schedules a check according to a reporting interval it configures to determine whether the device is still present on the network.

I combine it with the Notifications app to send me a message on Pushover if a device stops being present. It was great when I was setting up my Zigbee mesh and it's now really useful when the battery finally dies on a device; I get a notification no more than an hour or two after the device loses power.


Ah, if I owned either of them I'd take a look - I think I did have one of those two-switch dimmers at some point, but I'm pretty sure it was bundled with something I returned. Probably a lamp, before I used them with Hue.

I had a nightmare using Trådfri lamps on Hubitat, awful time, but they're excellent on the Hue hub and using CoCoHue they can be made to appear as standard lamps in Hubitat.

If I end up with either of them in the future I'll definitely have a play, but no promises. If they don't stick to the specs they can be awful to figure out. That's why battery reporting on the E1744 is essentially useless. Though the presence feature is there, so I suppose it's not really required. :wink:

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These do not follow regular Zigbee protocol and would need some modifications to the Hub firmware on the zigbee protocol (can't be done on our side), Until Hubitat decides to let non official protocols work with HE, these will never work :frowning:

Oh, I wonder if this is similar to the Tuya TY-HG06323 Remote I have which sends its button presses on a cluster which shouldn't be passed through to the driver? I forget the exact details, but it's some inexplicably daft way Tuya chose to implement the transmission of the presses.

Ha, it's here next to me, still paired to HE, still sending nonsense. :joy:

I think for those remotes to work the hub would have to support inbound zigbee group messaging.

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That would be great!

Hmmm, mine work absolutely great. But it can be, because of my Hub. I own a C7, which one are you using?

Just for dumm-dumms like me: Does this mean, I could potentially use the Symfonisk remote as a dimmer-button?

I knew that, but I was wondering, because @birdslikewires got the other two running. Are those two using different protocols? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I've got the on/off switch working by pairing it with a Conbee2 stick on my raspberry pi and using the DeConz software to integrate with my HE hub. If you want to go down that path, let me know and I can post some more details.

I also use this to link my Hue Dimmers to get the long holds on the on/off buttons.

@sburke781 Very nice of you, but I would like to keep the "Hub"-number a little bit on the smaller side. But still thank you for the offer. :slight_smile:

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Where's your sense of adventure...:grinning:


God d**it! Ok, you got me! :joy:
I guess I would have bought those items anyway for future projects. :sweat_smile:

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I use a C7 and a C5, which I believe are identical other than the Z-Wave gubbins, which I don't use anyway. Perhaps it was the combination of devices I had, but IIRC the Trådfri lamps tried their best to be routers, which they were miserable at being due to their limited range and tendency to be switched off, which upset the rest of the mesh.

On the Hue hub they're perfect and can be represented perfectly on HE using CoCoHue. I also use it as a means of putting non-Hue lamps onto HomeKit using Homebridge and the awesome @tonesto7 plugin.

Oh, yes. Absolutely. That was my reason for getting one. :grin:

When it's paired the driver reports all the information about the dial control, so you can attach different triggers to start, in progress and stop of dial movement should you wish to (reported as press, hold and release). In addition there's a 0 - 100 level which is incremented or decremented.

So, using the Mirror Me built-in app just tie the remote to the device (lamp, dimmer, group, whatever) you wish to control. Tada!


Finally, I got my fingers on the devices. Worked like a charm. Easily connected to my hub, the right drivers were automatically selected and everything worked like it should. Great work! :heart:


Great to hear! :smiley:

I got me one of these to try out here in the Middle East with my C7. Paired without an issue. Works great out of the box--knob and all.

BUT, and it's a big but, no pun intended, battery drained twice in less than a day. Lovely button but it doesn't work for me, with either the custom driver or the stock one.

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