[Release] Hubitat presence Ping

since the mobile app has been playing up i cobbled this up, uses wifi presence. you would have to assign a static IP for your phone on you router and ensure you phones MAC isnt set to be random.

my current config is

  • 1 packet
  • every 15 seconds when away, this equates to a ping every 2.5 min (15s*10) when im home
  • before changing to not present, i also have the router IP in it to check that its not the router which is down
  • number of missed pings to be away is 5 which would mean 12.5 min before it detected me being away



Nice work, there is something simular already called iPhone WiFi presence sensor which despite the name works with any pingable IP.

Very similar this uses ping instead of http, don't know if that is more reliable on iPhone as I don't have one.
Also it allow you to customise the frequency a bit more which may help depending on your WiFi reach etc

This is cool! True pings weren't possible back when I wrote Hubitat-iPhone-Presence-Sensor, so I went with HTTP. Glad to see you got it going and put another tool in our toolbox!

updated - now has home ping rate, once a missed event it will drop onto the away ping rate.

my current settings
pings to issue 2
Away Ping Repeat 15 seconds
Home Ping Repeat 350 seconds
umber of missed pings to be away 6


once updated make sure to hit config or save on the device page

How do you handle the iphone when it goes to low power state and isn't transmitting on wifi?

don't have iphone, how do you reenable wifi when you get home?

When phone wakes up it autoconnects. But lets say it's in a resting state in your coat pocket, until you touch something it will remain in the resting state. No way to disable that as far as I know.

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