[RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

I should have said: "Consarn it!" to be more authentic...

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I'll let it slide. This time.

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I can't remember how old mine is. I will let you know this weekend. :slight_smile:

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My oldest tablet is the HP Touchpad running Android.

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OMG. I just finally recycled my Touchpad a few months ago. Would no longer start up. You are the champion.

I had a Tab Pro 8.4 (2014) that was perfectly capable but Samsung killed it EOL on updates. Had it rooted for a while until Play started locking down SafetyNet and blocking apps I needed, then when I tried to get the latest LineageOS with Magisk installed to hide root form Google, it ended up being a constant battle so I gave up on it.

Fire hdx 2013 here. Unlocked bootloader running lineage os.


Had an older rooted Kindle but TWRP stuck in a boot loop and I never got it sorted out. LOL.

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I miss TWRP...those were the days of great adventure. Set up linux on a laptop so I could create builds from nightly releases from Cyanogenmod for my Moto Droid.

@jpage4500, I believe I found a bug. When dragging folders in edit mode the other folders don't slide out of the way like regular tiles do. I wound up putting my folder inside others when I was arranging them. This wasn't an issue last week so I think it's specific to 489.

Nope, same with 492.

Thanks for reporting that! I was moving several devices into a folder recently and thought something was odd.. the folder moved for some reason but I wasn't sure what caused it. I'll look into it.

That reminds me though of a feature someone asked for.. an alternative to dragging devices into the folder would be to edit the folder and select from a list of all devices to include/remove from that folder.

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I think we talked about that...either drag-n-drop (which requires multi-item drag to be truly efficient) or an edit option as you describe where we could click a check box to put devices into a folder or uncheck to remove them. [Want!] :slight_smile:

I feel like a moron. I load it and the only is the safety monitor and a presence tile. I swear, before, I had my dashboard in here. I'm clearly doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

the devices come from maker API app.. can you check they're checked in there?

otherwise can you send me a device log? maybe something unexpected in the JSON

I told you I was a moron. :slight_smile: The devices were all unchecked. Not sure when I did that. Thanks!

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I'm afraid the club involving stuff like that is really large, and I'm a founding member. :wink:

:slight_smile: I installed replacement alarm system this weekend, installed HE last week and trying to get this dashboard all at the same time, so I can replace the keypads with tabs. In the process, I have a couple of zones that used to work with the old system that don't seem to now. I have to go in the attic, in Florida, to hunt for resistors. The joy...

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this apps look very interesting . for newbie like me can we have step by step how to connect this apps with hubitat. i try to do my self but i failed . thanks in advance.

Just install makerapi in hubitat (built-in app) and check the devices you wish to appear in the dashboard. Thats it. Download the app from playstore (you can also do the beta program so you will get beta updates too if I remember correctly) and open it. It's a great app!

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Download the Hubitat app