[RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

For devices that can be displayed in different ways you'd use the Change Device Type option

That said, I don't have any 'power' device type supported today. Is this device a PowerMeter or is it something else? If you're able to send me the device logs or paste the JSON response here I can add support for it though.

version 1.0.283 (beta)

  • Support new device types: keypad and chime
  • show keypad options on select (arm/disarm)
  • show chime options on select
  • When tapping on any device, show a dialog with commands to send
  • show last updated time on image tiles
  • show temp and humidity on weather popup from weatherwidget.io

@jpage4500 , all good stuff! This app has really come a long way in the last few weeks! I do have a few issues left and a short wish list.

  • I still get server not found errors when I start the app in cloud login. I have to turn off cloud login and turn it back on for it to work.
  • The ability to center the image icon differently. I'm using a satellite image and its cutting off nearly all of my state in landscape mode (which I need to use). Just the ability to center the image top/left would fix that for me. But others may have other uses (e.g. not cutting off the heads on a cat picture).
  • My weather icon still doesn't show the temp or humidity. Not a big deal though as clicking on it now brings that info up (which is great). Just thought I would mention it. (funny, this info shows up on my car's Android stereo, but not on my Samsung S10+, and I've tried various tile sizes).

Wish list:

  • Is there a way to show the date and time? I miss that from my HE Dashboard. I was thinking perhaps this could be an option for the Image/URL tile. People wouldn't have to use it, but it would be nice to have (I sort of need it). They could also use the existing background color option and specify no image if they wanted. A slight shadowing of the text and adjustable font size would be useful to help it stand out.
  • A drop down list of weather satellite images (maybe as part of the Image/URL tile). This way people can easily add a satellite image for their area and when on the move. (I sent you a list with URLs).
  • An option for larger image tiles. I like the wide mode, but could be useful for people on tablets.
  • The ability to add back hidden tiles without doing a reset.
  • An option for sliders for dimmer control rather than the circle. I'm not coordinated enough for the circle. (low priority for me at least)

Thank you for all the work you do this!

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Yeah, that was something I wanted to do too and shouldn't be too tough.

My weather icon still doesn't show the temp or humidity

Can you send me a device log or even just the JSON for the weather device? I went back and found an older device log you had sent but didn't see the weather device in it.

The ability to center the image icon differently

I was trying to think how I'd let users select all of the various options. This example shows the basic options of fitting an image into a view where the aspect ratio doesn't match.. there's more advanced ways of course like you're talking about - where you scale the image using the CENTER_CROP option but then adjust the view to show a portion of the image that has what you want in it. Anyway, long-story short I can add a quick fix which will show the entire image (CENTER_INSIDE) and then work on something more advanced after that.

A drop down list of weather satellite images (maybe as part of the Image/URL tile)

Definitely! I hate typing in URL's on a phone so if there's some good examples out there that others could use or at least edit I'm all for it

The ability to add back hidden tiles without doing a reset

I had that thought a few days ago.. the more customizations I add the harder it will be to just do a clean 'reset'. I'll add some options to the "reset.." menu to reset specific things (or everything)

An option for sliders for dimmer control rather than the circle

that's on the TODO list!

  • server not found errors when I start the app in cloud login. I have to turn off cloud login and turn it back on for it to work.

I've been behind on looking at the cloud stuff.. it's def on the list though


FWIW - I'm really close to adding folders to the dashboard and then dragging devices into that folder. Clicking on the folder would show just the devices inside.


@jpage4500, I haven't done much programming in years (so maybe someone else here can chime in), so this is probably overly simplistic. But rather than just cropping the image (which is still needed for resizing), perhaps it can be centered in a properly sized container. If the image is larger than the container what doesn't fit would either be scrollable or will just be cut off. Centering choices would be left/right/top/bottom/center.

On the weather icon perhaps you can include an OR statement to pull the humidity / temp from the attributes, rather than the capabilities (if those are nul)?

version 1.0.291 (beta)

  • add Folders which can be used to organize/group devices into their own view
  • add Date/Time device tile
  • fix showing temp and humidity on weather tile
  • add example image URL's to image tile (will keep adding to this list over time)
  • add example sites to image tile; this will open the browser to a site which can create an image URL

1 really big change in this version - folder support. I created a short video how to create a folder and move devices to it but hopefully it's fairly self-explanatory.

The other notable change is a Date/Time device

NOTE: both the Folders and Date/Time aren't super polished. I plan to modify the look of both and add options - like customize the date/time format. But, I also wanted to get the functionality out and then continue work on the UI in future versions.

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I have a question that I may have missed if it was covered. I'm running on a stock 7" Fire tablet. I have Google play installed. Should I be running the version from the Amazon Store or the Google Play version?

Either way, what I see I LOVE! Actually, come to think of it, I have a older HP Touchpad I'll fire up. I hope the version of Lineage is current enough to run your app.

GREAT job!

The Google Play beta version is always the latest right now. I need to update Amazon and the Google Play production version manually and that hasn't happened as often as I should

My brother and I have an app in Play, so I'm well aware of how much fun it is to remember to update all the published locations. I'll play with the production version for a while and later install the Beta.


Quick FYI - my last update had a bug where all devices would show up with the generic icon. It only happened after logging-in and shouldn't happen if you're just updating the app from an earlier version. Anyway, It's fixed and should be available very shortly!

I just added crop/scaling options (1.0.296) which should take care of this. It can be found in the edit option for the Image tile

Love it! That works great! (with the one exception below). This app is really a great option for anyone looking for an easy to use Android dashboard, either for a home tablet or even for their phone. Like I've said, I use this on my phone, Fire tablet, and my Android car stereo!

Sorry to keep adding more every time you release a new feature. But....

  1. The new crop feature works great, but it doesn't survive a hard exit. If you reboot your phone or kill the app (even after exiting normally), the crop reverts back to "Crop - Center".
  2. I can't seem to manually arrange icons without them reverting back to what ever "Sort Order" is selected. I tried unchecking a sort order but it won't uncheck. Just exiting the app and restarting will cause it to reorder (but it will reorder at other times too).
  3. Once a tile is added to a folder, how does one get it out of the folder should they want?
  4. I still have trouble with cloud mode. I have to toggle it off, then back on, and do two refreshes for it to work. After that it does work pretty well (slower than an HE Dashboard, but tolerable).

Couple of feature requests for your list

  1. Have you given any thought to allowing already installed Android apps to be added as tile shortcuts? That would add another level of functionality to a dashboard.
  2. An option to prevent exiting the app except with a pin number, great for single use tablet.

manually arrange icons without them reverting back to what ever "Sort Order"

I'll get these fixed.

Once a tile is added to a folder, how does one get it out of the folder should they want

If you edit the tile, there's a new option "remove from folder" which will move the tile back to the main dashboard.

allowing already installed Android apps to be added as tile shortcuts?

That seems doable. I'll add it to the list!

prevent exiting the app except with a pin number, great for single use tablet

It's pretty hard to prevent a normal Android app from exiting. The 1 exception I know of is making the app the default launcher. That was asked about a long time ago. I'd have to investigate how to do that.

I also found an issue with the images not being updated over time (it's being cached). That fix will be coming here very soon

version 1.0.302 (beta)

  • add hub update check
  • fix image tile refreshing image
  • when devices re-ordered, clear current sort preference
  • when device background/icon/color changed, clear current theme preference
  • fix minor UI issues

For the hub update check, I rarely look at my Hub's webpage and often when I do I noticed an update available. So, I decided to have the app check and let me know if there's a hub update. It only checks every 6 hours so not frequently and you can disable this in the settings. I don't try to kick off the update from the app - just to be safe. But, you can open the update page in a browser so it's still easy to do from the app.

The only thing I haven't figured out exactly yet is how/when to remove the update tile after you update. You can delete it like any other tile. Or, if you wait 6 hours it'll go away on it's own. Anyway, let me know if it's a worthwhile feature.

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I pushed a change (1.0.307) that should fix a couple of cloud mode issues including not starting in cloud mode on app restart. The app will also refresh device status every 2 minutes when in cloud mode since it can't receive push updates from the hub. Finally, if you send a command to a device (ie: turn lights on), the app will check the status of that device after 2 seconds. It used to wait up to 5 seconds for the hub to send an update (which will never come in cloud mode)

I'd still like to handle automatically switching into cloud mode and back at some point but hopefully this fixes some of the more annoying issues.

Edit - in this build you can also change the date/time format as well.. either pick from some common formats or enter a custom one!


I've been testing 1.0.307 in cloud mode (on both my phone and Android based car stereo), it works perfect! I just leave cloud mode select on my car and it starts up fine each and every time. Refreshes after a tile press work as expect. I drove in to a valley with spotty cell phone service (I tether the car to my cell phone for internet. I know I lost internet because my streaming music paused) while trying to open my garage door and it kept trying for probably 10 seconds before I got the crest of the hill and then the command worked and refreshed the tile! Exactly what I would want. I think this beta is ready for prime time! I'm not even going to dilute this praise with feature requests :grin: This is a great app for a simple, yet versatile, Hubitat Dashboard for any Android device. Thank you!

This my dashboard running on my Android 7" car stereo.

(ignore the blue bar on the right, that is another app)


That's awesome to hear! glad it's working so well.

Are you using Google Play to get the app or downloading directly? I've been pretty disappointed how slow Google is to update the app on my 2 devices. I checked today and it said there was a new version - but it was from 7/30.. there's been many versions since then.. I love how Google Play will auto-update the app but if it's going to be so far behind it's not super helpful.

Anyway, there's still a lot more to come! I haven't forgotten about the dimmer/slider and a bunch of other things that have been requested.

I've been using Google Play as the link at the top of the page is directly to the apk and I can't tell if it is new or not unless I install it.

It has been taking 24-36 hours after you announce a new version for it to show up on my two devices. I've been manually refreshing about 5 times per day looking for updates :rofl: Maybe I can cut back to twice per day now.

Anxious to see the upcoming updates. That will just be frosting on the cake.

version 1.0.313

  • add option for slider instead of circle for dimming a light
  • show a popup when changing brightness
  • add option to reset hidden devices only (not everything)

The 2 big changes here are showing the light brightness in a popup while you're adjusting it (it's hard to tell from a screenshot but this popup is only displayed while you're adjusting the brightness of a light). Also, there's a new slider mode which replaces the circle. To change the mode, just edit any dimmer light and you'll see it. I'll probably tweak the UI a little for both so let me know if you have any feedback on either!


1.0.313 is crashing on background color change for an individual switch or all switches. Chromebook C434.

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