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No biggie; it only became noticeable when the single digit began to overlay the tile text. I really like the functionality and look of this app, so much so that it's already replaced the ActionTiles/ST/HubConnect setup I had been using on all my Android devices. Only thing I miss is the 'view only' tile type, since a lot of my tiles convey status flags (via virtual switches) and some of them start ringing audible alerts if activated unintentionally.

One other thing, is it possible to have a tile attribute to indicate acceleration active/inactive of a device like the SmartThings multisensor? I use a couple of these in the laundry to indicate if the machines are operating. The JSON details of the multisensor look like this:

Right now that device type allows selecting 'Generic Sensor' in addition to Door/Window/temp, but when set to 'Generic' the tile does not allow setting distinctive icons when acceleration is active or inactive.

Is it possible to always auto size for a 3 digit number with the first number calculated as a "1"? Text will be a little smaller than otherwise, but it will be consistent. I think the goal is to size it for the screen and tile size. Just a thought.

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yeah, i was thinking something like that too.. temperature and humidity values should all be the same size.. but, longer text values like date/time, mode and button values can adjust to fit.


Sure, I can create an acceleration device type. It might be nice to show some little status icon too for other device types

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As usual, I'm amazed by the progress.

Couple things.

Has there been any progress on tall tiles (me with my Picos again)...

Also, when a Pico button is pressed on the main tile, it appears to be showing something (asterisk?) behind the buttons on the tile, not the changing the button state in any fashion. The buttons in the remote popup do work as expected.

Lastly, with the new remote icon/edit option there, the wide tile doesn't show button 5 (which was previously incorrectly placed as the center button anyway). If the tall tile is ever implemented, is it possible to get something closer to the actual remote (image shown in post here


version 1.0.726 (beta)

I'm working on supporting Nest cameras which use the new Nest HE driver. These devices are reported to the app as an ImageCapture device which contains a field image that has a link to the image on the hub.

I don't have any ImageCapture device to test with though so I'm looking for an alternative device that I can use to test. Does anyone know of one? In the meantime I did push out a build that supports this.. but, I'm not certain if or how well it'll work w/out any testing..

What's there today:

  • app should auto-detect this device type and display the image
  • It should work both locally and in cloud mode using the local Hub's IP or cloud.hubitat.com
  • There's no auto-refresh done in the app right now.. I'm wondering if the hub will push updates to the app when the image needs to be refreshed. Otherwise, I can auto refresh every X seconds (and make it an option like I do for the image tiles)

Also related.. I am going to change the image cropping options so you have more control over which part of the image is displayed if the image size doesn't fit the tile size..

Anyway, this is just a start but if anyone has a device they want to test I'd be interested in the feedback. If issues, the best way I can help is if you send me the logs (nav menu -> about -> support)

@jpage4500, First let me say that I don't know if this is a new problem or not; I think it is, but I'm not sure. I use groups of Zigbee bulbs. For instance, in my office I have a group with 5 identical zigbee bulbs and 90% of the time I'm adjusting all of them through the group. Turning them on and off by the group name and dimming by the group. For the past couple of days when I would dim the group it would dim just fine, but the tile wouldn't update. So if I dimmed from 100% to 50% the dim would happen, but the tile still said 100%. It would update if I did anything to the tile (dim it again, or even just turn it off), but I waited 5 minutes and it would never update on its own. Even turning it on doesn't up light up the bulb, unless I make the tile do something again. Funny though, if I do something to the group from somewhere else (e.g.Alexa or an HE Dashboard) the tile updates.

It also won't always turn on bulb when turning the lights on through the app (so it isn't just dimming).

Logs sent.

I have a similar issue. I didn't think it was a dashboard issue. I thought it might be an HE issue. I have zigbee rgbw lights in our portico and on the garage. The portico has a fixture with three bulbs. I have them independently and as a group on my dashboard. If I dim the group to 50%, one bulb might b 48, another 52 and another 51. When I drag it to 100%, usually none make it all the way to 100 -- maybe 98. Same with the color. I use the hex code for the group and it doesn't seem to get the color exact on all of them. I use them rule based right now, so I wrote the rule to include all three, instead of the group bulb.

I have seen a couple of instances where the tile does not reflect the current state of the device; in both cases it was a temperature tile which showed a different temperature than the current value of the device. Examining details page for the tile itself (by long pressing and choosing details from the dashboard) did show the current temp value, even though the tile itself showed an older value.

Didn't think of that. I'll see if it's the same on mine.

@jpage4500, I don't know exactly what is going on with it. But perhaps adding another status check of the device 4-5 seconds after a tile press would help. And perhaps waiting a second or two for the first status check. In my case all of this testing was done on my Samsung S10+ on my local area network, so nothing cloud was involved.

I do think the latest HE firmware update may have started this as I think I would have noticed it before. Perhaps they're just sending these confirmations of status change out slower than before.

Mine was certainly prior to the update.

I was thinking about this last night.. this might be related to a 'small' change I made in one of the recent updates. Let me change it back and do some testing.. I don't typically test any dimmer lights but I'll make a point to test with one today.

hmm.. the update I made is working fine in my testing. I did notice 1 thing though.. the websocket which the app relies on for pushing updates to the app in realtime is behaving differently than before.. I'll have to look to see if anyone else is noticing that as well. But, long story short I'll try to handle it in the app.

I think the answer is yes

That is specific to the Hubitat node-red nodes. It has zero to do with any Hubitat platform updates.

They both use Maker API so it seems to me they might be related. :man_shrugging:


Websocket isn't the same as maker API.

But I guess you never know - could be related. We can't see the code, so dunno.

I'm developing some devices with multiple capabilities, so far I have one that supports door (contact) and presence, but in the near future I plan to add more capabilities on top of that: temp/humidity, illuminance, etc.

When adding this device to the dashboard it looks like this

I can choose only one device type. When it is "door", the tile shows the door status in image and text, and the "presence" status in text only.
If I choose the type as "presence" the tile shows only the presence status both on image and text, the door status is not shown.

It would be great if such devices could be treated more like folders (by default, or as an option) to improve the visibility/usability:

I believe you could reuse the folder code to a great extent.

I'm not very familiar with Hubitat yet, but the only other option I'm seeing to achieve that would be to create virtual devices and connect them to the physical device through rule machine. But that would be a massive work for 20+ devices with 2 to 5 capabilities each.

Would it be feasible to add the option to handle these devices as folders?

Hi Eduardo, that makes a lot of sense.. let me think about how that could be done. I know there's a lot of devices that support multiple attributes so ideally you'd be able to pick which ones you want to see on the tile (and maybe the order as well?)

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