[RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

Previously the thermostat would always show the thermostatSetpoint but when the thermostat is off that doesn't make as much sense so I'm displaying the current temperature instead. Some thermostat drivers weren't sending thermostatSetpoint which was the original problem.

If the thermostat is off I'm not doing anything on the UP/DOWN arrows.. I was going to look at showing them as disabled. I'm not sure I can adjust the setpoints since I don't know which one to call: "setCoolingSetpoint","setHeatingSetpoint"

Maybe the right way to handle this is if - when clicked - to prompt to set the mode (cool/heat)

Thanks, that's very helpful!

I don't know about others, but I run my thermostat in "Auto" mode 99% of the time w/a schedule that controls set point based on day/time. I adjust the setpoint at a given moment if it's too hot/too cold. So going into Cool/Heat mode wouldn't be that useful for my use case.

If the thermostat is on/running and the up/down arrows are tapped, what is supposed to happen then?

I'm not sure how the app should handle up/down when in "auto".. thoughts? If it's in "cool" mode I'm calling "setCoolingSetpoint" command -- and "setHeatingSetpoint" when in "heat" mode.

This is how Wink displayed thermostats. You get the current temp (74) and the heating setpoint (82) as well as the mode (heat). I can't find a screenshot of how they handled AUTO mode though.. but if I remember correctly it had both the heating and cooling setpoints displayed on that dial.

-- anyway, that's more than can fit on a tile but this is what I would love to do for the popup which would appear if you clicked on the tile (outside of the UP/DOWN arrows)

This is in the HE dashboard, right? I did add the ability to lock changing HSM status (armed/disarmed) as well as modes. I don't currently have the ability to lock any other tile/folder but it wouldn't be too hard to add if there's interest in it.

I'm using it for eTRV's, which are treated as Thermostats. But radiators cannot cool, only heat. So the modes are heat or off. For me, just showing the heating setpoint is perfect and letting the arrows move it up or down, as the driver will set the mode as necessary based on room temperature and setpoint.

I updated the app yesterday with a few fixes

  • one of them was making the Thermostat work better for the Google Nest driver I'm using. If the system is off or in 'auto' mode I'm disabling the up/down arrows. But, if it's in cool/heat mode I'm displaying the setpoint (either temperatureSetpoint or [heating/cooling]Setpoint which the Nest driver was using).

    -- I'll work on an expanded version to adjust both setpoints when in auto/off modes, as well as setting the mode and more advanced commands

version 1.0.553 (beta)

  • change how we calculate gradient background for lux
  • fix drag and drop inside of folder not saving

Here's examples of the updated background for light sensor device types. Hopefully it looks better now! Note I changed the 'custom background' setting so if you had that turned off before it'll get reset.

EDIT: I wanted the lux values to be a little more centered so I removed that sun icon and instead displayed it faded out in the background.. it looks better to me but I'm all for tweaking things so I can change it further too


Yes, I like it. I'll check it out tonight when I get home. Thanks.

I have a question about icon choices. For example, I have a few smart wall switches. The default icons are basic light bulbs. Nice and clean. For the light off, you see the filament. With the light on the bulb is a solid yellow. Since they are switches, there is no intensity circle. Perfect. No question what the device is and no question if the light is on or off.

I have a few lamps plugged into Iris Zigbee smart plugs. They identify as switches and since I have table lamps plugged in to them I would like to change the icon to a lamp. I choose the word lamp to distinguish from a overhead light. The table lamp icon is a single white icon, I would like to have the lamp shade "lite up" in a different color but there is a single icon for on and off. So, I decide to choose a light. As I said above I like the pair of icons chosen for on and off. When I change the icon to a light, there is no fully lit bulb that matches the icons available. I hope what I said above is clear. I avoided getting screen shots.

None of the above is a complaint, just a observation. My primary interest is in helping make the app as intuitive as possible. It's easy to sit on this side of the screen and complain. I have no intention of complaining.

@jpage4500 - the updated thermostat capability is very nice. Well done!

Coming up with good/simple/consistent (and free) icons has been a challenge.. I ended up using all (mostly) white icons because I could dynamically change the color to anything. But, I did end up manually editing a couple of icons to add that yellow 'on' state (light, switch).

What I want to do is have some built-in icon choices that can have similar editing and the iconsdb.com search would be a fallback.

I'd also love to add a google image search too.. it might be tricky but if you can get a URL for any image it can be used. Today, you can use any URL but you have to export the config, edit it and re-import it.. so, I'd like to make it easier to do from within the app

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If I could choose those light switch icons in edit icons I would be happy.

Just a question that is a huge deal breaker for local dashboards.
Can I use local android apps in your app. Please say yes.

How can one have home dashboards but cannot select from local apps for music better camera control and more.
I use the excellent kiosk but it does not work with any local dashboars

yes :slight_smile:

assuming this is what you're asking for?


This for the Nest Driver. When registering @ Google, does it have to be the same gmail account for the dashboard or the devices, or does it matter? I created an account specifically for the dashboard. The devices use a separate account.

I will try it out and gladly donate for your efforts. Thank you again as I really wanted a local seamless dash

I don't think it matters. Once the device is available to HE and exposed through the Maker API, you should have no problem. My tablet and thermostat are using the same account. I LOVE having the icon on the tablet!

I will gladly pay for this to work on Wink Relay in Android 4.3 :wink:

Mine are on different accounts. I don't want to screw it up :slight_smile:

I miss my hacked Wink Relay.. I had a custom Wink dashboard running on it for a long time before the touchscreen just stopped working.

I did a little searching and see that Android 4.3 is using API 18. This app sets the min version to 19. I tried lowering it to 18 and it seems to build fine. I was even able to load it on a 4.3 emulator but I'm not sure that's good enough to know if this will work or not. I seem to remember that one of the libraries I'm using required API 19 but maybe not.. Anyway, if you want to test it out - I posted an apk version here. Let me know if it works and I'll change it for the Play Store/Amazon versions as well.


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