[RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

This is how it should show today. The icon is the same but the text will change once it's fully armed. Is this what you're looking for or something else?

image image

OMG...this is great! Folder option provide a great configuration option! Thanks!

Perfect. Frankly, I hate even asking for anything, when I'm not paying for it. I really appreciate your work. I just moved to HE and this make life so much easier.


@jpage4500 has asked me to coordinate his business affairs.

Send me a PM and I'll provide you our suggested donation levels, and to make it simpler we've decided on bitcoin, gold, and vintage cars of the 20's and 30's (with full provenance).



Unfortunately, I sent all of the above to the Nigerian Prince who has promised a much more lucrative deal. Having said that, once the aforementioned Prince satisfies his responsibilities, I will be happy to send you most, if not all, of the proceeds.

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version 1.0.506 (beta)

  • add support for Blink Cameras (arm/disarm, enable/disable motion)
  • better cloud detection logic

The big change here is support for Blink Cameras. I picked up 3 Blink XT cameras for cheap on Amazon Prime day and with a brand new Blink driver for Hubitat I've gotten these integrated into the dashboard!

The driver is still very new and under active development.. but, I was able to get some important functions into the dashboard including arming and disarming the system as well as enabling motion detection an individual camera. Finally, you can open the Blink app from the dashboard as well.

At some point in the future I'd love to add image and video support but these aren't possible as of today.

NOTE: right now the 'armed' state comes from the Blink 'network driver' and isn't set per-camera.. so, you need to include this as well as the cameras in the MakerAPI in order for the armed state to be set.


Tried to sign up for the Beta a couple days ago -- still in progress. Left and tried again. Do you have to approve or is it googly?

weird.. anyone should be able to join the beta version just with the URL

Got it. I left beta progress, uninstalled, reinstalled and added beta, successfully. All updated. Thanks!

Ran across this: Refurbished: Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580 10.1" FHD 1920x1080 16 GB Black Android Tablet - Newegg.com-9SIA60GBZS8301--Product

Seems like overkill for the dashboard. What are your thoughts. Would this be future proofing, or a waste of resources?

That seems like more towards over-doing it, I think. Unless @jpage4500 is going to start obseleting old Android OS versions due to some issues, you don't need anything special at all to run the dashboard.

I haven't really looked into cheap tablets as I have several old ones around the house, but others here may be able to point you to something simpler/cheaper that will work well.

My sons both have, what I think are 8 inch Tab A that are a few years old. I could hijack those.

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You're bigger than them, so worst case you wrestle them two falls out of three. :wink:

There is this from Amazon Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10

Ohh, they know who's boss :slight_smile: For now, at least. Is eight inches enough?

I read something about fire tabs having an issue with turning the screen off and auto-wake when someone passes by -- not having it.

I'm using a 10" and it's more than enough, so I think 8 would be fine. Oh, man, I just remembered I have an old 7" HP Slate tablet sitting in my junk pile. I'll load it up and see how it looks.

Two tablets - 10.1" Samsung, and 7" HP Slate.

7" Slate close-up:

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Thanks - this is a good deal! I was actually just looking at upgrading my Fire 7" to a 10" this morning.. I saw the newest version of the 10" for $99 (slickdeals.com). But, the newest version can't be modified to replace the Amazon OS.. so, this 2017 version seems like a good bet for me.

this reminds me - I need to support fans in the app. I see the API details so it's just a matter of how the UI should look.

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