[RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

love it!

How do you do the maps?


I just noticed that the standard date/time tile has stopped updating regularly on v478. It catches up sporadically though.

You're right - I see that too. I'll get it fixed

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And according to your track record it'll be done before I can post this! You continue to amaze.


The satellite images are already in the app. Just add a "Image/URL" tile and click on Example URLs (I shared these with Joe a while back). The weather radar can be added as an Image/URL tile as follows.

For Weather Radar and radar stations see the following thread

The radar image that I use is from the Weather Underground (the link above used weather.gov), I think it looks nicer. Use the same list of weather stations in the Hubitat thread above and replace the "MPX" below with your station. The dashboard will refresh this as often as you set it (using the "Image/URL" tile), I use 600 for 10 minute:


(I've simplified the URL above to make editing easier. This also animates the radar; if you want it static change the "num=20" to "num=0")


Excellent. Thanks for the detailed info, tiles set up and beautiful, and wife was pretty amazed. I'm like a magician. :wink:

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I've simplified the URL above. The new URL also makes it animated.

Yea, my wife thinks I have the most powerful car stereo on the planet :smiley: Nothing better than great WAF/S(pouse)AF! We were late getting home tonight and she turned more lights on in the house so our little dog wouldn't be scared!

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Weather tile working great!!

I just thought about a great feature: wouldnt it be useful to have some sort of "calender-tile"? So a tile that shows current or upcoming events that one has put in a calender?

Just wondering what you guys think.

Not sure if this is what you're asking for but it seems possible to get the current day's calendar events if you have a Calendar setup on the device you're using (ie: a Google account setup and calendar data synced)

Yes exactely! Id like to stay "local" though...so it would be great to show the calender events of a calender app installed on the device. Maybe a wide tile that shows the events of today and tomorrow. Or two tiles one for today one for tomorrow. And clicking on the tile would open the calender app. This would be pretty useful!

I was just thinking yesterday that the Date/Time tile needs an action when (short) pressed. I was thinking maybe a full screen clock, possibly with alarms. But a list of upcoming appointments on half the screen and a large clock on the other also sounds good (maybe making one or the other optional and have the other one be full screen if the optional one is unchecked).

Perhaps the current date/time tile would look the same at single width, but provide this additional information when larger, and full information when pressed (to popup a full screen version).

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yeah, i was thinking that too. I was initially thinking it could open the Clock app like some launcher widgets do. I'm pretty sure whatever large 'clock' i try to show myself won't look as good unless there's some open source clock library for Android that I could use.

That makes sense too.. maybe a larger version of the date tile could show other info like calendar events. Again though, if there's some open source calendar library I could show that would be better :slight_smile:

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missed this one.. yep, that's how it'd work. I noticed a way to query calendar events from the device.. ultimately though this data comes from whatever calendar data source you added.. so, if you setup a google account it should pull in all of those calendar events to the device. But, yes - only local phone data would be displayed

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Not quite that fast but I did push a fix for the date not updating. I also fixed an issue with image tiles refreshing from the network (not using a cached version) faster than the refresh rate they're configured with. It's not noticeable with small images but I didn't want to have to re-download those large animated NOAA images more than necessary!


That's good. The radar/satellite images were intermittently not loading; maybe this will help.

Also, did the dark grey theme go away (with 1.0.489)? My theme reverted to Festive and I don't see it. I don't mind the new light grey background, but if the dark grey was there I would prefer it.

Speaking of themes... this is a low priority for me but useful (especially for mounted tablets). What about a night/day option for the themes? So it would use one theme for day, another for night. It looks like that info (sunrise/sunset) is available if the Open Weather device is enabled.

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I didn't think anyone would miss that one! Guess I was wrong - sorry

I did add a couple of new themes.. hard to call them that really since they're just a single background color that I thought looked pretty good so I wanted a quick way to set it (not that it's super hard to change all tile colors at once either). I'm still searching for the right color scheme to use for my tablets (the festive one makes for great screenshots but for wall mounted tablets I like a much more 'quiet' version like you). Anyway, I'll add that one back in the next version.. probably call it something more descriptive but the color was "#434443" if you wanted to get back to it today.

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btw - that "Blue Icons" one was next on my list.. I should probably just fix it instead. There's logic in the app to change any image color to any other color which is great since I don't have to embed more images into the app. But, it really only 'works' for solid white icons. Maybe I can fix it though to ignore non-white icons (safety monitor, 'on' lights, etc) or just replace the white color in an image..

Plus, I should probably change the text color for things like date/temp to match as well

What sort of resources are needed for the tablet? I was waiting for Actiontiles to release a HE version -- but, it seems to require some juice. I had been kicking around fire vs galaxy vs wally world onn tabs.

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