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Hi @jshimota / @jpage4500 - this is very cool, how do I set this up? I can't seem to find this tile anywhere. I've tried to copy the hub information driver tile, but it's not the same. Thanks!


I am very p;eased to see the progress you are making with the app.

Daylight saving is upon us in the UK and it brings with it an issue reflected in the app.

I have some hub variables that are set to Sunrise, Sunset and Sunset+Offset. They have been showing up in the app correctly until today when the format in Hubitat has changed, dropping the +/- hours notation for Z. Not sure if this is a Hubitat issue or one for the app, please can you advise.

Attached screen shots show the problem but happy to extract any other details to assist.

Many thanks for your good work.


Screenshot 2021-10-31 07.16.13

@jpage4500 I was curious. Would it be possible to implement a cloud server for instant updates when away from home network? I realize it would not be for everybody, but google offers free tiers where you can get a very basic linux machine running in the cloud for free. I for one would be willing to set one up for pushing status update vs polling. I know it is likely much more complicated than what I think.

Just thinking out loud. Great app. You really seem to know your stuff when it comes to android. I have not seen many devs on any of the forums working to integrate that system.

Are you talking about the Hub Update tile? The app checks every few hours for a hub update and will show that tile automatically if an update is found. There's a setting (more settings -> check for hub updates) that controls it - it defaults to on though.

It only works if you've had the app running for long enough though - like for always on wall mounted tablets. I don't believe there's a way to check for updates on demand but no reason I can't do that.

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Yes- that's exactly what I'm talking about. I do have it turned on in settings, but I've never seen it displayed before. Wouldn't you need the tile to be added somewhere ahead of time? Otherwise, where does the tile show up? Just at some random spot?

I've tried to think about how this could be done too.. I even started a thread here with some thoughts. we wouldn't even need a separate cloud server as hubitat apps running on your local hub are already reachable from the cloud. The hub app could try to replicate the hub's /eventstream endpoint -- basically a websocket which the hub could 'push' device updates to any listening clients (such as this app). But, honestly it'd be even easier if we could just access the existing /eventstream endpoint from the cloud - maybe part of the MakerAPI and re-use the existing cloud tokens/access.. I did even hear back briefly from @gopher.ny about something that might be in the works (nothing specific) but that was back in July..

I'd still really love to figure something out for better cloud support (not polling) but I'd need help since I've got no hubitat app development experience

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I checked and it the app won't look for a hub update until 2 hours after starting it. It hits this endpoint: http://hubitat.local/hub/cloud/checkForUpdate to check (which will only work locally). However, this logic requires you to have the app open for 2 hours - something mostly seen for the wall mounted tablets.

When an update is found, the tile will be added to the list based on your sort order. If you haven't manually rearranged anything, it'll be added to the top of the list. However, if you've changed the order in any way I'm adding it to the bottom of the list and showing a little red asterisk indicating something's there. That was a fairly recent update because it was annoying to have new tiles being added to the top messing up the current layout.

I could easily change the logic to check on app start and then every 30 minutes or so though

Just spitballing - as I have been affected by this cool feature - inadvertently!
This could be broken into two distinct components - a monitor and an active interface.
Having a single tile that can display HE current version and or configurable attributes taken from the settings /hub details page. Then have an active tile (or extension to the monitor tile) that allows for control of the hub update/reboot. Having the hub info on my display is actually something I'm doing already via @thebearmay very cool Hub Information device.
Since I personally don't use remote update/reboot (but I have seen how so many others need it) this may be a good trade-off. Maybe a look at his great code might also give you ideas? Again - I'm just talking! I LOVE this app and tool !!!

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Gotcha. I like the idea of changing the logic to check on app start and then every 30 mins afterwards. How about making the tile just like the "Pollen Count" - so that way the tile can be placed where the user wants it?

Having an update issue. It seems after the app updates, the hub settings are gone. Happens on all three fire tabs. I have to manually configure them, each time. Anyone else seeing this?

No issues here.

version 1.0.1259 (beta)

Most of the changes in this version are related to widgets:

  • you can add the HSM (home safety monitor) tile as a widget
    • clicking on it brings up the change HSM mode prompt for a quick way to change HSM modes
  • button devices are supported now as widgets
    • if you have a single-button device and don't select "prompt to toggle" option - clicking the widget will send the "push" command to the hub
    • otherwise (multiple-button device OR you select "prompt to toggle" option), clicking on the widget will bring up a little dialog with up to 4 buttons on it (see image below)
    • NOTE on the button dialog displayed below - if you press and hold on any of the buttons the "hold" command will be sent to the hub. You can also double-click to send "doubleTap".. not sure how many people have actions for these but I wanted to support them
  • I'm checking for Hub updates 15 seconds after the app starts.. this time the 'update' tile will always go to the bottom of the list to avoid any unexpected re-arranging of the tiles while you're looking at them; Once the initial check is done, the next one isn't for 2 hours as before

side-note.. that "Prompt to Toggle" widget setting might be confusing.. I'll think of a better label.. but basically:
-- if disabled and you click on the widget - the 'toggle' command will be sent to the hub right away - no UI
-- if enabled, you'll get a prompt dialog before any command is sent to the hub


Excellent! Thank you!!

Send prompt?

Send confirmation?

Confirmation before send.

Prompt before send.

hmm.. that shouldn't ever happen. I've tried to make sure the updates are backwards compatible with anything saved from older versions. Are you updating via Google Play, Amazon App Store or manually? I submit the exact same apk for all 3 of them so it shouldn't matter - just curious. I also have Fire tablets but not running the default Fire OS

I'm wondering how useful it'd be to have an always visible 'version' or 'hub info' tile though if that's what you're suggesting. At least personally I'm only interested if there's an update.

That said, I haven't spent much time with the Hubitat Information type apps on the hub.. do you know if any of them have any details about an update? If so, I could try to look for that specifically and maybe use a custom tile to display it. Anyway, a hubitat driver like that would have a lot more information available to it so that seems like it could be better than anything I could do myself

Generally, I've tried to avoid adding my own 'drivers' like the pollen tile -- only because the Hub is better suited for that and you only have to do it once on the hub vs on every phone/tablet that wants to view/control it.

Somewhat related, I know there's a hubitat pollen app and I was planning on using that originally but I think I wanted to see more data than the driver was getting (I think it's getting 3 days worth and I wanted to get 5). Also, I wanted to have a custom tile and not an HTML tile so it was just easier to do all inside the app..

I tried to fix this one in the latest version.. I verified I could parse both date formats that are returned
2021-10-31T15:15:00.000-0400 and 2021-10-31T15:15:00.000Z. What I'm not sure of is if the dates will be correct without the timezone info (ie: GMT-4). I'm also not sure if updating the dates via the app will work as I'm sending the date to the hub in the longer format.

Do you happen to know what caused the change? Is it just the fact that the daylight savings hit and the offset is no longer needed? I don't see it on my hub

Sorry for the delay - I think I'm looking for some specific HTML in any device attribute to allow a device to be changed to the 'HTML' device type. I know I'm looking for "<html", "<div", "<table" but I'm not looking for "<span" or "<iframe".. let me add support for these. I think once I do the devices here will auto change to HTML device types but if not you'd be able to change to them

just wanted to mention this support is in the latest version -- I know there's a lot of posts so I figured I'd call it out


Thanks for the reply. I was suggesting that, but now that you mention it, maybe it's really not that helpful. Afterall- I'm more interested in knowing when there's an update available rather than what version I'm currently on.

I also understand your viewpoint from using other dedicated drivers rather than writing and supporting your own. I am currently using Hub Information v2.6.5 (driver) located here: [RELEASE] Hub Information Driver to provide Hub info.

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