[Release] HubDuino v1.1.9 - Hubitat to Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32 / ThingShield Integration (ST_Anything)

Thank you

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May be a dummy question.
Any thoughts of a UNO R4 WiFi?
Trying to sort options.

I only add support for boards that I have on hand. There are so many new boards being released these days that there is no easy way for me to try and keep up with all of them.

Is there something specific regarding this board that is attractive to you? Most users simply choose one of the inexpensive ESP8266 or ESP32 boards.

Thanks for the speedy reply.
Just getting going on drilling down on a project that needs 3 power supplies (x3 things).
At the price point of ~$28 vs MKR WiFi 1010 ~$39 (which I have) & more form factor development options than for MKR make R4 look good to me.
Will keep us posted -
Thanks again.

Update: Just completed pool motor controller with HubDuino that includes one contact sensor connected motor current switch, two Relay switches to On/OFF the pump relay and pool light relay. All working good. I am in Texas and today's ambient temperature was 101 F. Knowing that ESP-32 might operate up to 104 F, but wondering if there is higher operating temperature ESP-32 available or not. Please comment.

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Per Espressif, the ESP32 is capable of running up to 125degC, which is 257degF.

I have had an ESP8266 running in my attic for years, with no adverse affects. It gets pretty toasty up there in the summer months. I also have an ESP32 running in my garage. It also gets pretty hot and humid in there during the summer. Again, no issues.

Good Morning Dan. Thank you very much for the information.

Looking for help to add a second delay parameter to the child presence sensor driver. I've looked at the logic for the current parameter, which only effects "Present" and am unsure how to create a second parameter for "not present".

Background: I have two ultrasonic car sensors that have been generally working well for a couple of years. I recently added automations and now see that once or twice a month a sensor will, at random, report increased distance for about one second which causes the child presence device to instantly go to "not present" then back to "present" after a second.

Adding a parameter to wait a second before triggering the change to "not present" would solve this for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.