[Release] HubDuino v1.1.7 - Hubitat to Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32 / ThingShield Integration (ST_Anything)



Were there any changes necessary to any of the libraries or sketches when you went to 2.5.2?


Nope. It just seems to work. I have another day of runtime without any obvious issues.



Thank you for the Pull Request. I have merged your code changes into the master branch. I did make a few minor tweaks to clean up/optimize the code a little, but nothing major.




HubDuino 1.1.5 is released. Minor updates included are

  • v1.1.5 - Added support for Arduino MKR1010, support for MKR THERM thermocouple shield, Arduino IDE 1.8.9, ESP8266 v2.5.2, updated numerous libraries, etc...

I have successfully tested a NodeMCU ESP8266 board that was built using Arduino v1.8.9 + ESP8266 v2.5.2. The board has run for about 5 days with not noticeable issues. Hopefully everyone else has the same success!


So is websockets logging available in 1.1.5 ?



No, it is not available yet. @dan.t is still working on that feature.


I am close. Still doing some testing before providing it back to @ogiewon for public release. Just want to make sure that there are no bad side effects


Ok thanks




I have had a request to add stepper motor support to HubDuino. Looks like the AccelStepper library provides a nice non-blocking method to implement stepper motor control. However, I am struggling a little with how to implement the interface from Hubitat to issue commands to stepper. Unlike the servo (typical 0 to 180 degree movement mapped to a dimmer level of 0 to 100), the stepper can run continuously, or to a specific position (number of steps from current location.) Homing a stepper is often required for accurate positioning. I can't think of a simple method of using standard Hubitat Capabilities to provide a standard interface. Perhaps this device will need to be a very custom device, with custom commands and attributes. RM now supports custom actions... not sure about custom attributes as triggers though...:thinking:

Looking for any ideas from the community on how best to implement stepper motor support in HubDuino. Don't be shy! Please let me know your thoughts!



What about the Window Shade capability? That has open, close and setPosition (1-100) built in. You could calibrate fully open (100% or home) and then count the steps to fully closed (0%) and from there you should be able to apply any % to that number to get a point in between. Just a thought.


What about just providing the ability to send a simple positive or negative number -32768(ccw) to +32768(cw) or larger number to represent the number of steps to move and the desired rotation direction. You could also set a specific number -32768 to be continuous rotation ccw and +32768 continuous cw. This frees you from having to program fixed positions, homing, etc. Make the end user responsible for fine tuning.



How would you propose that people would be able to figure that kind of thing out? And he said he's trying to work it into an existing Hubitat device capability. The only capability that deals with numbers that large is Lux or CT and neither of those make sense.


All ideas are welcome and appreciated. The original requester for the stepper motor capability has found a workaround at this time, so this may end up on the very, very back burner again... :wink:

Having given it some more thought, I believe a combination of a capability like the Window Blinds along with a handful of custom attributes and commands might be the best way to go.

Thanks for the ideas!


I can't really think of anything "common" besides a blind you'd use a stepper on. I'm sure you get all kinds of requests but is there anything else that falls into the common bucket besides blinds/shades? I'm just curious.


When I used Hubduino and servos for my blinds I had to find a servo that moved 270 degrees not just the standard 180 and I had to figure out the best home position and how much percent=degrees of rotation I needed for various settings.

If anyone is enough of a DIYer to flash and assemble an MCU, a stepper, power supply, etc, they should be able to figure out through trial and error what works and doesn't for their particular application. As Hubduino is definitely not a plug and play option.

Sometimes whats available versus whats needed doesn't makes sense. ie blinds on/off versus open/close.

Again just answering a request for comment to the developer of a fantastic addition to Hubitat.

As far a uses for a stepper versus servo, perhaps rotating a large directional antenna, a lift mechanism for a hidden TV or projector screen, some sort of animal food dispenser, etc.



I agree completely...however you'd be amazed at how many people attempt their very first programming effort by starting with my HubDuino/ST_Anything integration. :wink:


I bet that created some "interesting" support questions. :exploding_head:



Oh, it does indeed! I usually explain to brand new users that there are plenty of 'getting started with Arduino' tutorials available for free online. A lot of people don't understand that ST_Anything/Hubduino is a set of Arduino Libraries with example sketches, not a purpose built application like Konnected or Tasmota. Hubduino was designed for DIYers/Makers/Programmers that want a head start, instead of having to figure out everything the way my son and I did many years ago.


Well kudos to you and your son for your contribution because Hubduino was the one of the most compelling reasons I bought into Hubitat. I was getting tired of opening and closing mini blinds and constantly reprogramming outlet timers for decorative lighting.



Thanks! Glad to hear it helped to automate your blinds. Unfortunately, my house has interior wooden shutters on every window, and my wife loves them. No simple way to automate them, so they get manual adjustments everyday in a few rooms. I have automated blinds envy! :slight_smile: