[Release] HubDuino v1.1.7 - Hubitat to Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32 / ThingShield Integration (ST_Anything)



yes I have restarted. I have tried changing the board to mega 2560 with the same result


Is this your first time trying to use the Arduino IDE? Can you compile and run any of the standard Arduino example sketches? Especially those that use the W5100 shield? Getting one of those standard Arduino examples to work is a good place to start.


No not the 1st time using arduino ide. I am able to compile example sketches. I have a few things running on node mcu's. I will look for a w5100 example to upload and report back.


was able to upload chat server


Did it include Ethernet.h or Ethernet2.h?

Are you on Windows, MAC, or Linux?


I imported the Ethernet library. Now that part is working. Back to missing servo.h


Where did you import it from? I wonder if later editions of the Arduino IDE don't include all of the standard Arduino Libraries that they used to? I have been upgrading my Arduino IDE version on the same system for years now.


this is where I got the ethenet library GitHub - arduino-libraries/Ethernet: Ethernet Library for Arduino

I am going to download arduino ide again. this was installed a while ago.


Looks like that might be the case with newer versions of the IDE. See below where you can see that I was able to compile the ST_Anything_Multiple_EthernetW5100.ino sketch without errors. Also, the Servo library is listed separately. I believe it used to be included as part of the Arduino IDE.

For most libraries that are needed to work with ST_Anything that are not included by default, I have added them to my GitHub repo to make it easier for users to find the correct versions that I know work with ST_Anything/HubDuino.


boom that was it. Thanks for your patience. I didnt have that installed. I dont remember having to do that before. Thank your dan. Sorry for wasting your time. :unamused:


Glad to hear it is working for you now. I am sure this issue will come up for other users as well. It is good to have it documented.


First off - i'm just dipping my toes into the world of arduino, so please be patient.

I'm trying to get an MKR 1010 board working (and ultimately an MKR THERM shield). I can't seem to get it to compile and connect to wifi. I've tried the MKR1000 sketch and it compiles, but it doesn't seem to connect to my wifi network and I can't figure out how to get any output to the serial monitor.

It looks like the 1010 has an ESP32 chip onboard, so I tried to compile that also, but couldn't get that to work. I'm not sure what direction to go here as there doesn't seem to be much documentation for the 1010 and ST_anything that I can see.



Correct! There is no documentation as that is not a currently supported platform. There was another user (maybe a SmartThings user?) that was able to get it working on a MKR1010. I asked him to please issue a pull request to my GitHub repository to add the new files required to support this new Arduino board. Unfortunately, I don't believe he ever did.

Search the ST_Anything thread in the ST forum and see if you can find that user and ask him for the required code. Then we can get it added to the main GitHub libraries.

OR - Send me an MKR1010 and I'll happily add support for it. :wink:

OR - Just buy an ESP8266 or an ESP32 NodeMCU board for less than $10 on Amazon and use that instead.


hmm. ok. so my primary goal is to get a k-type thermocouple probe with standard connectors working and integrated with hubitat. I got an MKR THERM, which has the appropriate connector, to play around with for this reason. How difficult would it be to get this shield working with one of those other boards?


Great question! That shield is definitely specific to the Arduino MKR family of boards, so I wouldn't even try using it with something different. Fortunately, it appears to use the MAX31855 chip for interfacing to a thermocouple, which is supported by ST_Anything already. So at least there is hope for using a thermocouple!

You mention you are new to Arduino... Are you new to C/C++ programming as well? That will help me gauge the level of difficulty you are about to undertake.

I really do believe that finding the post where the user was able to get the MKR1010 board working in ST_Anything is the quickest path to getting you something up and running.

May I ask you what exactly is your use-case for the k-type thermocouple? Most users find the DS18B20 temperature probes adequate for most applications. These can be bought very inexpensively and can be used with a NodeMCU ESP8266 board. Total cost, less than ~$20. But if you need high temperature support, then the thermocouple may be your best bet.


I am a complete novice. I have no C programming experience whatsoever. Really just an enthusiastic end user.

I want to monitor to the internal temp of my grill, so range up to ~1000F. I've already got a bunch of sensors that I currently use with thermoworks thermometers. I'd just like to be able to bring the data into hubitat.

I tried messaging erinsprute on the ST forums as that person seemed to be the one asking about the 1010.


If you want to try another option, that would be more tried and tested...

Get a NodeMCU ESP8266 from Amazon

Get a MAX31855 board from Adafruit

or via Amazon


cool! thanks for your help. I ordered them from amazon, should have them tomorrow to play with. looks like I'll have to do a bit of soldering, which is fine.


I'll take a look at creating a sketch specifically for the ESP8266 that uses the MAX31855 breakout board. That should reduce your frustration level considerably! :slight_smile:


you are awesome.