[Release] HubDuino v1.1.7 - Hubitat to Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32 / ThingShield Integration (ST_Anything)

What microcontroller are you using? I am pretty sure that the ST_Anything Arduino code for the ESP8266 disables the Access Point mode...:thinking:

Crap. It's not you, it's me. It's a Wemos D1 Mini not running hubduino.

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Just downloaded latest Arduino IDE 1.8.13, was on 1.8.8. Did a compile on my Mega with <SmartThingsEthernetW5500.h>, No issue.

Went to your github and installed All the latest Arduino Librarys including <SmartThingsEthernetW5x00.h> into libraries folder, removed all the old ones. Changed sketch Mega to use <SmartThingsEthernetW5x00.h> (in 2 places).

Get the following error:
"Error compiling for board Arduino Mega or Mega 2560".

Put the <SmartThingsEthernetW5500.h> folder back in libraries folder. Changed sketch back to <SmartThingsEthernetW5500.h>. Still same compile error.
"Error compiling for board Arduino Mega or Mega 2560".

Any ideas? Error occurs after coping all your latest librarys

Do you have an Ethernet2 library in your libraries folder? You may want to remove it.

Another option is to rename your current Arduino/libraries folder, create a new Arduino/libraries folder, and copy the contents of my GitHub repo’s libraries folder. Afterwards, be sure to close and reopen the Arduino IDE for it to pick up the new libraries folder contents.

I did have ethernet2, just removed it and the w5500 library, closed IDE and reopened. Same issue. "Error compiling for board Arduino Mega or Mega 2560".

On a side note I was able to compile a Adafruit esp32 board with ST anything and new librarys with out issue.

Is there Legacy junk in my Arduino15 folder?

Just got C-7 and planning to migrate all my devices to C-5 to C-7. For Z-wave devices, I am going to follow steps in Migrating a Z-Wave Network . This will be my first step.

Then, at the very last, for all the devices under ST_Anythng, I am planning to assign new IP address for existing HE C-5 first. Then I will use previously reserved IP address for C-5 ( to C-7. so that I don't have to change any code. This will save time and the automation. Please comment.

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By the way, I did move out all the "ST....." Librarys and copy in all your new ones. Also Copied in all your off the shelf non ST Libraries and over wrote the old ones.

Compiler also flagging "Servo" even though im not using it.

C:\Users\kampto\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_834831\libraries\Servo\avr\Servo.cpp.o (symbol from plugin): In function ServoCount': (.text+0x0): multiple definition of __vector_17'
C:\Users\kampto\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_834831\libraries\RadioHead\RH_ASK.cpp.o (symbol from plugin):(.text+0x0): first defined here
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Multiple libraries were found for "Servo.h"
Used: C:\Users\kampto\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Servo
Not used: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Servo

That should work fine, as long as your parent device is using the IP address of the HubDuino microcontroller as the device network ID, not the MAC address. If you set these up recently it “should” be fine. If you set these up a long time ago, the child device network ID’s may still be based on the MAC address + name, which was the old design.

It’s worth a try!

The multiple Servo libraries warning is fairly normal/common.

Thanks Dan

I have no clue. You could create a new user account on your PC, log In as that user, and try to set things up from scratch to see if you can get a clean build of the MEGA + W5x00.

Ok so it compiles with all the old ST librarys and ethernet W5500. It does not compile with all the new ST Librarys. "Error compiling for Arduino Mega or Mega 2560"

So I can get it to compile if I remove all ST_Anything lines from the sketch and keep all the RadioHead RH_RF95.h LoRa lines in sketch. Both with with w5x00 library.

I can also get it to compile if I keep all ST_Anything and remove all the RadioHead Lora sketch lines and RF95 library. Both with w5x00 library.

So must be an interaction. Both the Ethernet and LoRa modules use SPI . It used to compile fine with both in the sketch

Sure sounds that way.

Its fixed. I removed the ST_Anything EX_Servo librarys. Compiles for Mega board fine.

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Am in the process of coverting from ST to Hubitat. I have a linknode R8 I want to use with my sprinkler system. Do I need to change the Arduino code? Also, the child devices did not automatically create. Any idea why?

Yes, the Hubitat Hub port listens on 39501 versus ST's Hub listens on port 39500. You'll also need to change the Hub IP address to point to your Hubitat hub. (Note: make sure you reserve an IP address in your router to keep your Hubitat hub's IP from changing.)

see above - :wink:

Just a quick post of the latest garage door app and hardware... :smiley:

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@ogiewon is this how you setup the LinkNode board?

I can't recall the exact details... :thinking: I recall using the following guide (see the Arduino IDE specific section) to configure the board settings. Unfortunately, the Arduino IDE has changed significantly since this guide was created, but it should get you started.


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