[Release] HubDuino v1.1.4 - Hubitat to Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32 / ThingShield Integration (ST_Anything)



I'm not doing anything else today. I spent at least an hour or two each day this week and the entire day today already working on them. So, I'm going to leave it for another day. I am also going to go back to the old servo library and see if that solves the problem.

I changed to the new one because I thought the slow motion wouldn't trip my motion sensors. But even at the slowest speed possible it still tripped them. So, it didn't really gain me anything.


Okay...so I couldn't help but investigate further. With the new library, setting the speed to 0 seems to have done the trick. Don't know why the slower motion causes it to stutter around like that but it definitely doesn't work for this relay.


Refer to ST_Anything projects, are the libraries for ST and libraries for HE same?


Yea, all of the Arduino code is identical. Only the Hubitat Drivers are unique to the platform.

Also, within the example sketches, you’ll need to use port 39501 for the Hubitat hub, instead of 39500 for the ST hub.


Thanks Dan for your quick replying.


Hello, I am unable to search about Raspberry Pi sensors in the forum. Currentely, I am using with InfluxDB and Grafana. Are there any way to connect my temperature sensor data from Pi to hubitat? I am also planning to make Arduino sensors next week. Thanks!


You can try running OmniThing on a Raspberry Pi. There is a Parent Device Driver for Hubitat.

Alternatively, if your current code on your RPi can make http calls, you can use the Hubitat Maker API app to keep Hubitat virtual devices up to date.


Hello Dan,
Thank for the prompt response. I will try OmniThing.
I tried to call Hubitat Maker API from Grafana alerting system. I could not find the solution (there are only email, slack, pagerduty etc). Could you please guide some examples to make http call from my Pi. Regards, Kevin


Whatever software you’re running on the RPi today is sending data to your InfluxDB server. If possible, I would try to configure that software to use the Maker API. Grafana is a display tool, so I doubt it can use the Maker API directly.


Hello Dan,
I just posted my dashboard on "Share Your Data Logging and Visualization" thread. My RPi is logging data from hubitat, running InfluxDB and Grafana. It is also attached with temp and humidity sensor. I could try something to make a call from RPi to Maker API. I have no idea how to do.


What software (aside fro InfluxDB and Grafana) are you running on the RPi to collect temperature and humidity data currently? And what are you currently doing with that data?


I use a Python script to send my sensor data to InfluxDB and visualize with Grafana. If I can make a call to Maker API, I would use that humidity sensor level to control my humidifier. No other software are running on RPi.


Ok, so you should be able to modify the Python script to make an additional http call to the Maker API to update a virtual humidity sensor. I’m not a Python programmer, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for information on how to do those changes.


Thank you, Dan. Sent pm. I feel sorry for asking about RPi in the Arduino thread.


Greetings to you Dan.

I have received my HE and migrated all of my devices from ST successfully with no or little issue. Thanks for your help, suggestions, guidance and support.

Hope, I will get your guidance in future also.

With regards,?Tito


Welcome to Hubitat! I think you'll enjoy the benefits of local processing, and being part of a thriving community of talented, dedicated enthusiasts.

I am glad to hear you were able to get everything moved over quickly.


@ogiewon I've been thinking about converting one of the fobs I never use for my iSmartAlarm, so that it's always powered and controlled by momentary relays. The fob has four buttons, arm-away, arm-home, panic and disarm.

Unfortuantley iSmart Alarm has just really lagged over the years in development. They have IFTTT and an Alexa Skill. No Google Assistant. They don't look long for this world, so I'm trying to be very budget minded.

What's the base cost, and is it a steep learning curve for getting something like that going in HubDuino? Another thought is just four Trådfri outlets, four DC power bricks and four DC relays. Pulse them via HE.

What do you think? I'm so on the fence about putting anything into that system. I may just stick with the IFTTT integration until they die, but wanted to explore the cost of local control, even though that system is 100% cloud dependent to configure anything.

Sorry if I've asked you this already. Was looking for an old post to make sure I hadn't, but couldn't find one.


You should be able to get an ESP8266 based solution up and running for less than $25.

Maybe you could even use one of these?

I haven't tried one myself, but I bet I could get it working. You'd just need a 5VDC power supply to go with it.

Like this one, maybe?

UPDATE: However, that board would require a FTDI programmer board as well. Not the simplest solution for a rookie.

You could also just grab a NodeMCU ESP8266 board and a 4-channel relay board as follows. The NodeMCU board has a USB programmer circuit already onboard.



That's really low. OK, I'll dig into the thread. Thanks


That's cheap for the board. I've got lots of 5v supplies already. :+1: