[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)



What is the proper way to completely turn off/disable a hub connection? I setup a connection between my coordinator hub and my dev hub but I want the ability to turn it on and off so I don't have to set it up each time. Here is what I did:

  • On my remote "dev" hub I opened the HubConnect Remote Client app, clicked Connect to Server Hub and toggled "Disconnect Server Hub"
  • On my server coordinator hub I didn't find a "disconnect" setting in the Server Instance app, so I went to devices and pulled up my Dev hub and turned it off
  • I thought this would do it, but the 5 minute poll to this hub produced errors in the log "X is offline" over and over again

There will be cases where I may need to disable/turnoff communications to any of the hubs for maintenance or if there is a hardware/database issue with one of the remote hubs. Please let me know if I am missing something or if this feature isn't implemented in the current version. Ideally I would like to be able to toggle this on/off in one central place and prevent further logging in the server and remote hubs.



I would expect that disable for the Server Instance would ... well disable it :smiley:



Ah you mean the hidden X on the app list that I always forget about. :disappointed_relieved: Good idea though it would be nice to have a Pause button like other apps have.


Yea... that one :smiley::smiley:

But I bet there's only one other person that forgets about that. :smiley:


any further thoughts as to why I am not able to save a custom driver?



OK, I'm stuck.

Has anyone figured out how to add support for centralized Notification devices being mirrored to/from client hubs? I'm interested in both stand-alone Notification devices, as well as adding the "Notification" capability to the Hubitat mobile presence device.


All, I just uploaded a new plugin that should fix an issue of devices not disappearing in HomeKit once they got removed in HubConnect.
You can update to the new version by running a

npm - g homebridge-hubitat-hubconnect

In addition, I added an ability for the plugin to write a log file as it can be confusing on how to get the log entries.

The new settings are defined in the platform parameters with the following structure:

"logFile": {
   "enabled": true,
   "path": "",
   "file": "",
   "compress": true,
   "keep": 5,
   "size": "10m"

Here is a description of the parameters:

  • logFile Optional
    Settings to enable logging to file. Uses winston logging facility

    • enabled Optional
      Enable logging to file. Default is false. Set to true to enable file logging
    • path Optional
      Path to store log files. Defaults to path where config.json is stored - Only applicable if logFile -> enable is set to true
    • file Optional
      Filename of log file. Default is homebridge-hubitat.log - Only applicable if logFile -> enable is set to true
    • compress Optional
      Compress log files when they rotate. Default is true - Only applicable if logFile -> enable is set to true
    • keep Optional
      Number of log files to keep before deleting old log files. Default is 5 - Only applicable if logFile -> enable is set to true
    • size Optional
      Maximum size of log file. Default is 10m - Only applicable if logFile -> enable is set to true

And as often requested, here is full (simple) config.json that has the new logging settings set:

      "name":"Homebridge Dev",
        "platform": "Hubitat-HubConnect",
        "name": "Hubitat HubConnect Dev",
        "mode_switches": true,
        "local_ip": "",
        "local_port": 20009,
        "hubconnect_key": "YOUR-HUBCONNECT-KEY",


I got this installed yesterday with an ST hub as client. I'm getting httpGet() request failed with error 504 in ST live logging. I searched the thread but have not found a mention of it.

Edit: HE hub reboot fixed it.


All, I just uploaded a new version of the plugin that fixes a rounding issue with thermostats.

New version is 0.2.10