[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)



Dashboard is my number one use of HubConnect.

Homebridge is my second.

Both are receiving Contact Sensor events for me.


On one of my Remote Hubs, I have a Test Door Sensor. It's an Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2. It just sits here on my desk and I use it in a lot of Rules, etc. when I'm first building them to test out ideas, and so on. I haven't used it in weeks, maybe months but as soon as I brought a magnet near it, my phone went off because its still in that Rule I was working on a month ago. :slight_smile:

On the Server Hub, it's showing, of course:

Logs show the messages arrive on Server:

app:22019-06-04 09:32:33.827 am infoReceived event from ZeeRadioLower/Test Door Sensor: [contact, open null]
app:22019-06-04 09:32:22.123 am infoReceived event from ZeeRadioLower/Test Door Sensor: [contact, closed null]

And it's Dashboard tile goes on and off...

33%20AM 49%20AM


Maybe that's not true.. I think the number one use is to send Zigbee motion events from one Remote Hub to another, via the Server hub. That's for various Rules, running on the non-Zigbee remote hub.

Dashboard then moves to second place... tight on the heels of Homebridge.


It's probably just my setup, then. Could it be because of the communication mode (oAuth or I forget the other)? I'm using the other mode. Haven't tried oAuth mode. But I don't get any updates in the dashboard when the contact state changes nor does the switch action work properly.


oAuth vs Eventsocket

I'm using Eventsocket too.

Eventsocket seems like the more load friendly method to me. :slight_smile:


That's what I think as well. It should be faster than http requests.

In any case, I didn't dig too deep into this issue since it was late. I just set it up and tested it, but it wasn't working so I thought I'd let you know. I'll probably play with it some more this weekend and see if I can either get it working or debug it some. Thanks.


On your server hub, in the device list, you should have a device for the remote hub with the type "HubConnect Remote Hub". What do you see there under "Current States"?


I can't check right now as I'm at work, plus I have to reinstall the app, but I'll check it out when I get a chance.


This app is mostly perfect and amazing. I noticed 1 small error tonight, as I have been watching over the last few weeks.

I'm thinking something with my schlage BE469 lock, as the surrounding events were from the lock, and I do have the hubconnect driver loaded in hubitat, but no driver in ST slave hub. Possbly that is the issue.
EDIT- doesn't seem to be the lock, just repeated the manual unlock and no error, so there goes that theory
My "app1222 is Hub Connect Slave

dev:8302019-06-04 11:13:12.310 pm infoMotion Addition Hall 1 Rechg is active

app:12222019-06-04 11:13:11.400 pm errorhttpGet() request failed with error 400

app:12852019-06-04 11:13:11.359 pm infoAction: Lock: Lock Addition Door Delayed 0:02:30 (cancel on truth change)

app:12852019-06-04 11:13:11.339 pm infoAuto Lock Addition Door: became True

app:12852019-06-04 11:13:11.336 pm info --> Lock Addition Door unlocked [true]

app:12852019-06-04 11:13:11.214 pm infoAuto Lock Addition Door: Lock Addition Door lock unlocked

app:6442019-06-04 11:13:11.186 pm infouseHandler- usage event:Dad on Lock Addition Door

dev:9702019-06-04 11:13:11.100 pm infoLock Addition Door was unlocked by Dad[6:6]

dev:8262019-06-04 11:13:11.059 pm infoDoor Side Adtn was opened

dev:4632019-06-04 11:13:10.239 pm infoLight Qubino power is 29.6W


I am getting the following in Lock Code Manager after Syncing my 2 locks. After removing them it works fine. It looks like if a device has the lock driver it does not work.

Update After more testing this is only when added through the interface that this issue occurs. I added a virtual lock and no issue. Then I added a virtual device with the universal lock driver and no issue but obviously didn't work. As soon as I add the lock through the interface Lock Manager bombs out. I even changed the universal lock driver to the virtual lock and it still fails till I delete the device. Hope that helps.

Unexpected Error

An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check Logs for more information.

Error: The JSON input text should neither be null nor empty.


I have released a new version of the homebridge-hubconnect-plugin that corrects an issue with arming/disarming HSM and changing modes. The plugin did not handle the responses correctly.

Thanks to @jdjmailbox for reporting these issues and testing the fix!


Getting this error when trying to add my RGB HubConnect lights to Google Home:

The following devices are not supported by Google Home and will be removed from your device list:[Bedroom Bed, Front Porch, Garage Front Light 1, Garage Front Light 2, Garage Front Light 3, Garage Front Light 4, GIA Floor Lamp, Kitchen under cabinet]

Wondering if this has something to do with my other RGB related issues? Does anyone else have any AEON, Sylvania Lightify lights through HubConnect working with Google Home?


First time post, coming from the ST world but excited :slight_smile:

I am trying to connect back to my existing SmartThings hub and I keep getting the error "Connection key is not for this platform" when I try to connect from the client to my Hubitat master.


Make sure you have picked Smartthings from the list:



Yes, I have that selected. This wouldn't have anything to do with me having the ST + ADP panel product?


I'm sure it does. The adt panel is not a standard ST device.


Noob question here.... Will HubConnect work with a Vera Plus. And are the Z-wave mesh tables separate or merged? I also have a SmartThings v3, but would prefer to use the Vera.


Won't work for Vera, I wish it would I have a VeraSecure, that I'd like to use the built in siren, but not much else


Would you mind sharing your edits? Iā€™m trying to get my hubduino temp sensor working.



Actually I got it working by editing out the code in the device driver that checks if it is a smartthings hub. It seems to be working fine now.


Ok, I'm still having this continuing RGB light problem. Is there anyway to shed some light on what's going on with this error:

app:342019-06-12 11:26:12.308 am errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.String.call() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [, setColor, [hue:23, saturation:84, level:88]] Possible solutions: wait(), any(), trim(), size(), find(), next() (sendDeviceEvent)

it happens every single time I try to activate a scene with an RGB light (any of them) or change the color via the properties page via the color set. Separate Hue/Sat/Level settings individually work fine. Just not the whole map (which effects using them in scenes and directly setting a color). Currently I have all of my automations regarding RGB bulbs turned off. Is my only option here to split up automations somehow and run them directly on the hub connected to the bulbs?

app:34 is the child app that connects to the client hub that has the bulbs directly connected to it.