[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)



The difference is... yours is Nest, mine is a Hubitat Virtual driver.

The Hubitat driver has:

While the HubConnect driver has:


Which manifests as:

If you can see "real" changes on your Nest, reflected on the 'coordinator' then I'm pretty sure they get to Homebridge and the Home app.


I just checked the home app and apparently overnight it fixed itself. shrug


Sorry for the delay. There was a bug identified that I am currently working on (multi sensor updates won't work for temperature and humidity). I hope to have something later today.


Is there a Hubconnect driver that can enable me to see the humidity value of the zooz 4-1 motion sensor? My 4 are using the Hubconnect Dome Motion Sensor which provides 3 of the 4 - 1


did you try the Omnipurpose Sensor?

Its attributes are:
motion, temperature, humidity, illuminance, ultravioletIndex, tamper, battery

Thus there may be attributes displayed in the Current States column that never get values.


I just switched to the ominpurpose and hit sync and refresh and nothing changed.


I do and did have them selected under the omnipurpose section of the sync devices of the remote hub.


Thanks. No rush here.


This is actually a bug in the device sync functionality. I've issued a hot fix to correct this. Please re-import the Server Instance and Remote Client code. That should take care of it.


Right on, thanks for this...I plan on dong the upgrade later on today....


happy to let you know that I just published the next bigger release 0.2.0 of the homebridge plugin for hubconnect

  • migrated to dynamic homebridge platform that removes the need of restarting homebridge after a device selection was changed in HubConnect
  • ability to configure homebridge to use Celsius
  • ability to create switch tiles for modes and switching of modes (requires HubConnect 1.4)
  • HSM integration (requires HubConnect 1.4)
  • perform daily version check against NPMJS and print logging statement on newer versions available
  • streamline code to share improvements with homebridge-hubitat-makerapi
  • ability to exclude attributes
  • allows correct usage of DNS host names instead of IP address to connect to hubitat
  • support for fans (requires HubConnect 1.4)
  • Fixed issue with multi sensors not updating temperature and humidity
  • fixed issue that temperature can't go negative

I tried to prevent that you have to redo your room assignments, however, there is a chance that you might have to redo it. It all depends on if homebridge has cached your accessories or not. This should be the last time though!

Installation is as easy as

sudo npm install -g homebridge-hubitat-hubconnect

Updated README with new settings (enable HSM, modes and Celsius) can be found here

As always, let me know how it goes.


Having to redo my room assignments. Small price to pay for having only one instance of homebridge running instead of 1 per HE hub. Thanks guys!


This really should be the last time that that happens (at least what is under my control)


Hi can smartthings SHM Disarmed be mapped to HSM Disarm in Hubitat instead of Armed Home?



I can't get the Custom Drivers to work, even with a simple 1 attribute device:

app:97 2019-05-16 10:41:21.094 pm errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch on line 321 (saveCustomDriverPage)

I have never been able to get this to work at all, am I doing it right if looking at my screenshot above? I'm using the latest code in GitHub.


Works for me :frowning:

I had a Custom from a previous issue... and I edited it, save.

Then I created a duplicate of yours, save.

app:392019-05-16 07:52:08.596 pm debugSaving custom driver map: [JasonThermo:[driver:JasonThermo, selector:switch, attr:[switch, schedule, prediction, ghosting]], SwitchTest:[driver:Switch test, selector:29D08307FD7E7FCD_switch, attr:[switch]]]
app:422019-05-16 07:52:08.058 pm traceReceived ping from ZeeRadioLower.
app:392019-05-16 07:52:07.783 pm debug[JasonThermo:[driver:JasonThermo, selector:switch, attr:[switch, schedule, prediction, ghosting]], SwitchTest:[driver:Switch test, selector:29D08307FD7E7FCD_switch, attr:[switch]]]


As I've said several times before, and will again.. I am not doubting you, just indicating I cannot reproduce the error.


I had to redo room assignments too. This is probably my 83rd occurrence.. so I'm getting good at it finally. :smiley:

So.. there goes another skill I had already acquired, the the march of progress :smiley:


Really odd, I even imported all of the server code again but still can't get it to create. It didn't work on 1.3 for me either though but kept forgetting to report it. I have never gotten it to work, not really sure if that means the only way to fix is to completely delete HubConnect and redo everything again.


I cannot reproduce this either. I'm wondering if somehow the state variable where these are stored is messed up.

Try following this procedure...

In the HubConnect Server App code

Immediately before this line (~288)
if (params?.delete)

Add the following:
state.customDrivers = [:]

Then save the app code.

Go into custom driver create one and then save it.

This will reset the storage for custom drivers. You also shouldn't see the error at this point.

If everything works, go back and remove that line from the code.


Thanks for the suggestion, that seemed to fix it for me and was able to create a few different custom drivers.


Awesome. I'll make a note of that and add a feature to reset custom driver storage in the next release.