[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)



Guys, I deleted everything, started from scratch and I'm not getting the hub in the devices list in the server and/or devices from the remote hub to the server. This worked in another code version but I deleted it. I'm not using the hub that had cloud problems yet, I decided to install the server in the Xiaomi dedicated hub and the remote in my main hub, anyway when I was using the 3rd hub with cloud issues HE worked fine but not ST, I don't tried ST yet.

I can see devices from the server to the remote but not from the remote to the server.

When creating the first hub in the server I see this:

Then this:

Then this:

I believe there is an error, it should show the name I chose but if I click HubConnect Server Instance will go here:

I click done and it goes back here:

See the difference?


I see the same, it's correct.


Did you do, but not show, the Remote Hub setup step(s)?

HubConnect Starts in Online and then when pings don't arrive, it switches to offline. I do not have a Hub at BB1's address.. so I cannot setup the Remote Client. I will see this entry go Offline when the timeout occurs.


(Its not a dynamic page, so I did have to refresh.)


On the remote

Then this, I chose one contact for testing, installed driver on server:

Then it goes here

Then it goes here


Believe it or not now it created the contact sensor, but still no hub created on the server.


I tried with ST, same problem, hub was not created on the server and no devices(only ring doorbell) are showing in the server. It's connected to ST

Remote HE

And it is online and devices working....

Remote ST

I pushed a contact from server to ST and works

Then I believe there are some processes not happening, but only you can see that starting from scratch, I'm pretty sure you, @csteele and @srwhite , can't delete everything from your hubs and I totally understand, but it's not working, and at least it worked between HE hubs with the first published code.

Another thing is it will be great if you remove any shared device in the app, the remote or the server, that deletes the device in the respective hub. Right now re installing everything, if I remove the shared devices I have from the server to the remote hub, like 15, I must remove them one by one in the remote hub, I can't imagine your hubs sharing 50+ devices.

Edit, I deleted all the code in all hubs, re installed fresh code from github, I did all the oauth, followed the guide for the installation, it's not creating the hubs in the server device list for HE or ST. I have a big mess now with missing devices in my main hub because I was using the link to hub from HE but I deleted to use hubconnect, I will wait until someone answer. Right now I deleted everything again.


I connected successfully HE ( Server ) and ST hub ( Remote Client ).
On ST app ( HubConnect Remote Client ), I have some Samsung buttons ( device type : SmartSence Button ), but I can not select Button Devices ( You can't currently add this ), even on HE drivers code, I had HubConnect button driver ( from UniversalDrivers ) ?
With features " Fully bi-directional " , if I need some device in HE connect to ST ( lock, contact sensor … ), what should I do ?
On my mobile ST " Remote Client " app :slight_smile:

Don't have " Select devices on the Server hub to connect to the Remote hub " ?
Any help ? Thanks.


Make sure you have imported the Remote Hub Driver into the Hubitat hub you have designated as the "Server Hub". The only time I've not seen that created is when that driver has been omitted. It is part of the main install process, and does not appear in the required drivers list that appears after device selection.

That one is on me.. I do not share buttons between platforms and totally missed that. It's on the known issue list that was posted earlier in the thread.

Buttons currently do not work between SmartThings & Hubitat due to differences between each platform. (i.e. Hubitat uses three button types, push, hold, and doubleTap, whereas SmartThings has a single button type that passes three attribute values. I will add some kind of translation in my next release.

If you need to have your SmartThings devices appear and function in Hubitat, you will need to follow the "Select devices to Synchronize to Server hub" menu option in the SmartThings remote app.

If your goal is to have your Hubitat devices function in SmartThings, you will need to go back to your Hubitat Server hub, go into the instance for your SmartThings hub, and follow the link "Select devices to Synchronize to Remote hub".


Here's a sneak peak at what is coming for HubConnect 1.2, which will be released Monday...

This next version focuses on SmartThings fixes and enhancements as well as significant improvements.

  • Additional fixes for the SmartThings platform, including HTTP communication failures affecting devices that report temperature.

  • Native SmartThings DTH's with tiles; Dimmer, Moisture Sensor, Multipurpose Sensor, SmokeCO, and Valve.

  • BETA: Hubitat Eventsocket support for remote hubs on the same LAN. This provides a significant boost in the speed at which events from remote hubs are delivered to the server hub. By using a persistent socket the burden of subscribing to hundreds of individual device/attribute events as well as the overhead of using https to transport data is eliminated.

  • BETA: Asynchronous HTTP. For HTTP oAuth communications (Hubitat hub connected via internet an SmartThings hubs), asynchronous http transactions are now being used to improve performance of parallel event delivery.


I did this like 15 times already, I even used the hub with cloud problems(it was fixed by Chuck) as a server and the hubs(HE or ST) are not created in the server.

I can open 2 ports for my hubs and you can see this yourself if you like, I'm very sure it worked with older code as I spend long time fighting with a hub with cloud problems and ST hub, but now not even using that hub is giving me problems with local HE hubs.


Sorry, I can not find the link " Select devices to Synchronize to Remote hub " !


Click TT Smartthings Online, I think it's inside there


You do have some of the most interesting issues.. It HAS to be all those Xiaomi devices!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Make sure you have all of the latest code, including the latest "HubConnect Remote Hub" driver. I know, it's redundant, but I must ask. :slight_smile:

Do me a favor, delete the Instance for one of your remote hubs and and create it again. Keep your logs open this time.

If the virtual hub device fails to create during installation, it does not get a second chance. It stays missing until the instance is removed and recreated.

There's really not a klot to creating the virtual hub device. It needs a name (clientName) and an IP address (clientIP), both of which are specified by you during the connect process.

This is literally all it does..

addChildDevice("shackrat", "HubConnect Remote Hub", "hub-${clientIP}", null, [name: "HubConnect Hub", label: clientName])

If that driver is present on your server hub, and you've specified both settings, I don't see what else could be breaking.


I will do this again, I have everything uninstalled right now because it's throwing errors in the logs. I will do it in the spare hub, I have no devices on it, only your code installed and if you did not change the code today, then I installed again the latest code from github like 2 hours ago "again" but this time using a laptop to make sure my phone was not the problem.



Same, no virtual hub device was created.

If I click the instance:

Goes to here and I click done:

Then it changes to this:

Is this a normal behavior?

Edit, I did it again because I forgot the logs


@srwhite :
" If your goal is to have your Hubitat devices function in SmartThings, you will need to go back to your Hubitat Server hub, go into the instance for your SmartThings hub, and follow the link "Select devices to Synchronize to Remote hub".

Yes, I need some Hubitat devices function in ST, but in the instance for my ST hub, I can not find the link " Select devices to Synchronize to Remote hub" !

Please give more detail ( with picture ). Thank you very much.




In the top screen cap I show I have 3 hubs in the Server App. I click on ZeeRadioLower and...

The bottom screen cap shows and I click on Connect Local devices to Client Hub and...

all the selectors are available to pick devices to 'send' to the chosen remote hub.


I saw too in my installation what he means, the option connect local devices to client hub is not available.


Yes, there's a few 'interlocks' that prevent menus when the integration is not ready for it. If the menu option is 'missing' it's because the server <--> remote connectivity is non-functional in some way.


Thanks @csteele, but when I click on my ST hub :

Something wrong on my code ?


The current code will offer the menu item when it believes there is a viable connection from server to remote. Obviously, the server doesn't want to be sending "create a virtual device for this" when the remote isn't listening... so that menu is suppressed.