[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

I love your explanation of how the system works. I feel like one of the cars is going by, and sometimes it leaves behind some of its passengers... Sometimes the highway seems to be broken, and re-sending the token (fixing a bridge?) works. I assume there isn't a way to automate this via RM?

Right now the issue seems uni-directional. Some States are accurate and others are not.

Here is a screenshot of the device I am currently trying to figure out... Earlier today, its presence was "not present". Then I was able to bring it back on-line and it reported "present" on both the device and the mirror hub. It went back to "not present" a little while back (screenshot) but through all that, the temperature and some of the other parameters remained different...

And just now, I went through the process again of bringing it on-line and everything synched-up... It all matches... Makes it very hard to debug!!! :crazy_face:

Note: I also have other devices - switched outlets - that I almost never have any issues with.

@csteele, I think it's time for me to surrender. However, I have something that I need to clear up...I have hundreds, maybe a thousand of these entries below in my Hubitat hub log. The IP address quoted ( is my ST hub.

I've deleted the HubConnect Smart app from the SmartThings app, removed the app code from the IDE, rebooted my ST hub, and the log entries continue. Can you help me to shut this stuff down? :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Looks like my problem w/repeated messages from ST to my hub were related to the Send Hub Events smart app, which I had installed earlier on when I was first eploring connection options. Found and removed it today and the repeated log entries have appear to have ended. Oops... :zipper_mouth_face:

[sys:1]( 03:02:21.682 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_05F5, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_05F5.

[sys:1]( 03:02:21.427 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_05F5, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_05F5.

[sys:1]( 03:02:15.581 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_F5EA, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_F5EA.

[sys:1]( 03:02:15.394 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_F5EA, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_F5EA.

[sys:1]( 03:02:06.686 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_05F5, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_05F5.

[sys:1]( 03:02:06.515 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_05F5, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_05F5.

[sys:1]( 03:02:00.187 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_41C8, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_41C8.

[sys:1]( 03:01:59.984 pm warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, stHub_41C8, 24FD5B003DAA or stHub_41C8.

Does anyone know why bulbs shared from smartthings to hubitat are unable to be dimmed by hubitat? Is this an unknown bug with hubconnect or something I am missing here?

Hubitat uses the ramp level up/down and SmartThings does not, so SmartThings doesn't know what to do with that command, if that's what you are doing. Are you able to use setlevel or adjust level +-?

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Thanks, I guess the driver smartthings was using didn't work right. I switched it to the built in zigbee rgbw driver and it started working. Thanks for the pointer that helped me realize the problem.

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Adding to the request to add to Hubitat Package Manager

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does anyone know the correct driver to use for the tradfri color temp bulbs on smartthings?

Can I just confirm that the instructions contained on http://hubconnect.hubitatcommunity.com/ are the ones for version 2? Also please can someone explain the terms "remote hub" and "satellite hub". I want to connect my new Hubitat with my existing SmartThings hub, and they are both on my LAN. Would "remote" hub refer to the SmartThings hub in this situation, or is does it mean one that's in a separate location? Is satellite hub simply another term meaning the same or does it refer to if you have more than one Hubitat hub connected?

There are instructions for Upgrading from v1.6 to v2.0 at:

There are New Installation instructions for v2.0 that I created about two weeks ago that can be found at: http://hubconnect.hubitatcommunity.com/HubConnect%20V2%20Installation%20Instructions.pdf

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The question I have is should I bite the bullet now and install Version 2.0, or should I stay with the tried and true Version 1.6?

I am a new HE user migrating over from ST. I just received my C-7 hub. I plan on transferring most of my devices over from ST but will keep a few ST devices now for various reasons. I believe HubConnect will help me out.

My ST hub is V3.

The big improvement in v2 was reorganizing how hubs are initially connected. In v1.6 simple click errors could make the process more complicated than need be. The Key was displayed, and thus able to be copied/pasted even if the option selection was incomplete. v2.0 'hides' the key when it's invalid/incomplete.

In v2.0 once you select SmartThings, for example, the Key is presented and is valid. BUT there's a button for availability of a physical ST hub... The Key is removed and recreated based on clicking that button on. Once On, you can't change your mind without Removing the instance and starting over. The whole purpose is to prevent an invalid key from being copy/pasted.

I'm using only v2.0 and have been for the whole year.


I still have a few devices leftover on ST that I'd love to move over to Hubitat, but just can't yet, for a variety of reasons. I've been using Hubconnect ST-->HE for this purpose which has been great.

Question for those in a similar boat: given that Samsung appears to be in the early stages of a forced march from the classic app to the (less functional) new app :angry:, I'm wondering if such a change will impact the ST IDE and how it communicates with Hubconnect. IOW, will the change from classic ST to new ST be transparent to the ST-->HE Hubconnect configuration?


I still have a few devices on ST and I am using hubconnect to control them with HE. I deleted the classic app yesterday and all still seems to be running well. All most all of my automations are run in HE and they control the ST devices. I still have a couple of things in webcore. I am running hubconnect 2.0 and as of right now it is running on the new app and it seems to work just fine. Before I deleted the classic app I went thorough and made sure I could access the hubconnect ST remote app and could make changes. If I had not switched to HE already I would not be happy having to switch to the new app I don't think.

It's not clear to me yet how SmartThing's transition will play out. I understand their desire to be 'quick quick' but there's no shortage of foot dragging. :smiley:

Personally, I'm not going to tackle the migration for HubConnect. I think that's Steve's choice.. it's his name on the License :smiley: I know he would be angry at me doing it, it's just there's a lot of choices to make in these early days of ST's transition... choices that aren't appealing.

I would say that by April of 2021 there will be a clearer ST answer.

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Totally appreciate your position. It's just so predictable and yet infuriating how this whole thing has played out with ST. Great little innovative company taken over by corporate behemoth. Behemoth strangles the life out of the company and orphans its customer advocates. I can see the argument that it's a good business strategy to focus on the less sophisticated HA user, but if that's so, then where's all the communication from ST?

Pathetic and good riddance I say. OK, rant over. I feel better now.


and I feel better for reading it !! :smiley:

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I not able to save hubconnect changes in app on smartthings just get an error "error saving page"

Any suggestions would be great there is no errors in the ide log, running version 2


@TMLeafs I've been able to duplicate this. It's strange since it's been there since the first v2.0

Because I don't have access to HubConnect.to to make patches to the Code, I have to simply document here how to make the edit.

On your Hubitat Hub, Apps Code, edit HubConnect Server Instance, and find line 1646

Replace the line with:

if ((remoteType != "smartthings") && (state.customDriverDBVersion != accessData.customDriverDBVersion))

Then on SmartThings, use "Disconnect Server Hub & Remove this instance..." turn on "Remove virtual..." and then click the large red Remove button. (aka -- starting over :slight_smile: )

It should work this time.

@csteele - could this be related to my inability to get HubConnect up and running, or only something I'd run into after my hubs were properly connected?

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