[RELEASE] Hub Watchdog - Simple way to monitor if your hub is slowing down or not

Start with Chromecast if you're using it, I noticed it is causing some slowness on my end

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Already done. In touch with @bobbyD to figure out why. And obviously rebooting fixes it, but the goal is to identify what makes it slow down.

Good thought, but I'm not using it.. Here's the list of apps that I am currently using:

Amazon Echo Skill
Button Controllers
Groups and Scenes
Hubitat Dashboard
Hubitat Safety Monitor
Hue Bridge Integration
IFTTT Integration
Lock Code Manager
Lutron Integrator
Mode Manager
Motion Lighting Apps
Rule Machine
Zone Motion Controllers

I've disabled all my non-built-in apps. Slowdown continues. In fact it is gradually getting worse.

must be this. especially if you sharing lot of devices.

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Disabled it. Will follow up in a hour to report what happens.

Turns out I'm only sharing 6 virtual switches and my Aeotec Doorbell Button. So very few devices. Also, the first two tests with virtual, zigbee and z-wave test switches show that the delay is unchanged.

This morning, before the slowdown started, the median delays were ~120 ms (virtual), ~200 ms (zigbee), and ~450 ms (z-wave). After the slowdown, those numbers initially doubled, and now they've tripled.

My 2 next contenders
more bet on dashboard

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Amazon Echo Skill has been throwing me tons of errors for weeks now, but has still worked fine. Finally Bobby had me do a soft reset and the errors went away.

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I tried the Amazon Echo Skill earlier today - no effect. Just tried Dashboard - no effect.

Pausing individual RM rules now, especially the ones that poll devices.

funny will be if you turn off everything and still no effect.
It can be some funky device, enerwave zigbee outlets in my case

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When the slowdown started, I have non-built-in apps. I've disabled all of them - no effect on the slowdown.

Now, individually, I've disabled most of the built-in apps. Individually, they have no effect. Things are slow.

The only thing which definitely fixes this is a reboot.

You might save a copy of your database and do a soft reset then restore it for the next reboot. See if that does anything longer term. Possible corrupt database?

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Yes, I'm suspecting Dashboard or Hue integration too.

My main hub has virtually nothing in the way of extra apps. My second hub has dozens of extra cloud/user apps, yet it's the "clean" hub that slows down.

those are my numbers
its maybe just normal speed
i have timed reboot every night

Mean Delay: 0.544
Median Delay: 0.468

Mean Delay: 4.071
Median Delay: 0.567

Mean Delay: 0.169
Median Delay: 0.15

150 devices on this hub

My slowdown happens usually after 3+ days without a reboot. This most recent one happened within 24 hours.

195 devices on the hub.

There is one non HE app you may have forgotten to disable.....Hub Watchdog :wink:


on my older hub i have just cloud stuff
virtual only
Mean Delay: 0.066
Median Delay: 0.043
Nest protect
Solar panels envoy
Web pinger
UPS power detection
I mean some of it is local LAN
there in nothing on zigbee or zwave
( I wish I can use it as repeater)
and I'm planning to move everything cloud on it
(ecobee, Echo speaks etc..)

and shoot just some virtual devices actually used in automation to hub with real devices.

I also wanna do maximum automation in
Hubitat Simple Lighting or Rule machine
and eliminate 3rd party as much as I can.
Because there is 500 people who can help me with building rule
and about 2 who can troubleshoot some solar envoy.
Also troubleshooting will be probably easier.
And official support in most cases.

HEY, lol


easy help, disable it and use :

I don't see this causing many problems.
But man, some numbers didn't turn red when they should so that must be it :slight_smile: