[RELEASE] Hub Watchdog - Simple way to monitor if your hub is slowing down or not

Here's the log entry.

2019-09-25 05:50:34.410 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method currentValue() on null object on line 157 (reportOptions)

NVM.. I think I figured it out. I didn't create the virtual device.

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On the other hand, thanks to @bptworld, I think we can definitively answer the question - Who let the (watch) dogs out?

And I, for one, am thankful for Bryan's apps!


The real question is how many more apps does he need to release before he gets the developer moniker?
There is certainly no lack of quality output.
Thank You Bryan


SO, inquiring minds need to know

Has anyone found a system that is slow now that we have this cool new app?

I want to run it for a few days and see if I notice a trend, or if everything stays pretty stable.

The only z-wave device I had that's suitable is a Leviton outlet using the generic driver. It seems to be responding in just over/under .500. I've boosted the limit for that device up to .600, so it doesn't keep notifying me. The zigbee device (an Iris outlet) is right around .300, and the virtual device is around .110.

New updates on gitHub...

V1.0.6 - 09/26/19 - Holds up to 80 data points, added color coding

V1.0.4 - 09/26/19 - Holds up to 80 data points, added color coding


Funny you say that... I got sloppy and overwrote my Device Watchdog Child app the other day when trying to install the Hub Watchdog Child. My mistake, of course.

His next app is the "WatchDog Watchdog App" that watches all the Watchdog Apps :slight_smile:


YOU beat me to it! I've been saying that in my head all morning, lol.

Seriously, if that's the only complaint I guess I'm doing all right.


Just continue doing what you are doing, it is a highly appreciated!

Thanks, I actually started working on another child app for this that will show multiple reports on one page.

Say you have a child app for a virtual device, one for a zwave device and/or one for a zigbee device. This one child app will just bring in the data to make it easier to compare.

Was going to call it the Watchdog watchdog as a joke, but now I can't! lol Maybe I still will. :roll_eyes::wink::rofl::rofl:


I vote for Guard-dog :rofl: :rofl:


It's gathering things (reports) together, so maybe you could branch to herding dogs. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

...or "Dog Pound".


For original Browns fans (before that blackguard Modell moved them), the preferred term is "Dawg Pound" :smile:


Being from Georgia, I should have used the proper spelling! Go Dawgs! I'll go now and hide in shame.

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As an SEC fan, I'm glad you got the spelling down, especially when they're 4-0 ....

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Go Browns!

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:face_vomiting: hahahaha

Getting this error on the device when running the test:

[dev:1153]( 01:22:47.734 pm [error]( Ambiguous method overloading for method java.math.BigDecimal#plus. Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between: [class java.lang.Character] [class java.lang.String] [class java.lang.Number] [class java.math.MathContext]

I did clear data on the device first.

Maybe that error is since you dissed the Browns :rofl:

Sorry to sidetrack.