[RELEASE] Hub Watchdog - Simple way to monitor if your hub is slowing down or not

First go into each device and fill in the 'Unique Identifier (Virt, Zwav, Zigb or Other) *' field to get rid of those 'null'! :grin:

(sorry, had to do it!)

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Done! What next? :wink: (Thanks - that was bugging me, but I guess not enough to do anything about it)

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I did a soft reset. Seems to have resolved the issue for now.


I wonder if systematically selectively disabling devices in the Devices page might reveal the cause? say you suspect z-wave, maybe a device has gone "chatty" and is swamping the z-wave mesh and hub with messages. If you go down the list of devices and disable them one by one, or starting with one and work up to disabling all, see which one gets the hub to be responsive again when it's disabled.

(caveat, im not sure if disabling a "chatty" device with its disable check box would actually prevent it from still sending messages unsolicited to the hub and continue to cause mesh congestion and hub load)

I'm going for the record here. Does anyone have a worse case, without the hub seizing completely?

That is pretty bad by the numbers. It looks mostly OK by the data, but you must have some spikes where it really slows down. Just be sure that isn't the 2 AM reboot as that really screws with the data.

Any chance we could somehow ignore or get rid of the 2 AM outliers?

Probably the easiest way would be to use the "run every 3 hours" schedule, and try to start it so it'd be +/- 1 hour from running at 2am. Or use "run every 1 hour" and kick it off at xx:45 or something? Though it might get thrown off if there are any re-tests...

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I flagged it. Would you consider posting it under a new topic in the lounge. And let this thread focus on @bptworld's Hub Watchdog app?

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Please do, I didn't hide either post but please lets not turn this post into what the other became.


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Already done! New post in support.


Understood...don't want to get this thread closed too!!! Sorry!

This app has been very useful!

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