[RELEASE] HomeSeer HS-WX300 Driver (dimmer and switch)

I tried both of those multiple times. possibly could have an issue somewhere else.

Do all my switches need to be running this driver in oder to execute the scene successfully or just the switch the scene originates from?

You would only need the driver in the specific switch/dimmer you are using.

If you are still having problems, I suggest creating a new topic and providing more information about what you've done (screenshots are often helpful), what you want to do, and what isn't working.

Thanks for this driver, it works very well for me in switch mode. One question: have you tried using the SetStatusLED from rule machine? I'm trying to do it as a custom action but it's not having any effect at the moment. It works fine from the driver UI, so I suspect I'm doing something wrong with the parameters. Are they integers or do they have to be strings (or is there some other magic required?)

Thanks again for the driver!

All strings should work for sure; that's what the UI does.