[Release] HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Dimmer Driver



I'm working right now. I'll have to wait to test. Sounds encouraging.


I just tested the driver with updated HE version. Appears to be working as intended. I will continue to monitor it.

Thanks for all of the hard work on it.....



You guys seeing any issues in RM 4.0 or RM 3.0 in the new HE firmwares?


Had the same issue with the integer custom commands as before, but Bruce fixed it with latest firmware. All appears to be working great!


Codahq - I very much appreciate this driver I have three of the 200s in the house and they are perfect for alerts and other stuff so kudos for your work. I have two questions - number one I love the instant on functionality if you set the ramp rate to zero. Is it possible without creating a rule or something in button controller so that it's basically instant on but then when you turn it off you get the ramp down instead of the instant off? Second is it possible to port the same functionality over to the 100 dimmer as far as the instant on/off. I tried just using the 200 driver and it works for the basic functions.. but ramp rate is ignored.


The command the switch requires to turn on or off does not take a parameter for ramp rate. Setting the ramp rate is a command by itself. I can superficially create a command in the driver aka in software that sends the ramp rate command, waits, sends the switch on or off command, waits, and then restores the previous ramp rate by sending the ramp rate again with the previous stored value.

The problem with this is that even if I create that command places in Hubitat will not use it because it is a custom command. You would have to use a rule to call it anyway.

I could make that behavior the default but then I would be changing it for everybody.

You are more than happy to create a version for yourself has that behavior though. If you create a PR and it has preferences and options to turn it on or off and good customization I would probably add it to the driver.

I wouldn't bother though. I think you can do this with a simple rule.

Switch goes on - Send ramp rate 1 second (for example)
Switch goes off - Send ramp rate 0

That way any time it turns on it should be set to 0 ramp rate and should be able to instant-on. And once it turns on it gets a command to turn off slowly. Assuming your mesh is okay and you don't spam the switch up and down that should work.


thanks! way above my paygrade.. but I may give it a shot.. may try the rule first.. :slight_smile:

would the 100 be the same?


Not sure. I haven't ever looked at the documentation for the 100. I don't own any either so the motivation is extremely low.


In setLevel there was still the SmartThings way of adding delays between commands. I fixed it and also made some other small changes. The easiest way to update is from from the device driver using the "Import" button and then click the "Save" button



Can you give a list of what this driver supports that the built in driver does not?


Here is what this driver supports. First post.


I was more asking what the built in driver supports. Assuming just the switch and none of the lights/multiple presses?