[Release] Holiday Lighting

The calculation does include year, so New Year's should handle December 31 - January 1st properly, but I'll absolutely go test that separately.

Regardless, deleting that holiday should have cleared out all references to it. Can you send me screenshots of the logs when the app is launched and then when you click Done? I should be able to push an update that detects orphaned entries like that and clears them out.

Interesting, problem of the orphan Holiday9 seems to have been cleared up. Last appearance was yesterday morning, after which I deactivated HL. Reactivated HL this morning, then this afternoon did a deactivate/activate, and Holiday9 is no where to be seen, all day.

Again, thanks for the help and have a good Thanksgiving

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Is it possible to adjust the brightness of light(s) per holiday scene and/or color? I have a specific use case where 1 of my RGB lights are just too bright at 100%.

I don't see any way currently with the current application to change the brightness per color or even by light. It appears it defaults to 100% when you select a color from the presets or through the color palate option.

Running into an issue. The Holiday Lighting app triggers correctly at sunset (Currently running Christmas lighting). After the lights trigger, the app reverts to the non-holiday routine. Thanks in advance.

Both the presets and the picker are shortcuts to populate the (text) ColorMap, but the ColorMap is what's actually stored and sent to the lights. You can adjust the level value of the map to anything you like to control the brightness on a per-color basis.

The log shows that illumination is "triggered" -- check if any of the sensors selected for illumination are active / the control switch is on.

The general flow is that holidays take precedence over the selected inactive behavior, but the behavior when there's activity supersedes a holiday.

(Also, your current holiday runs until February? Just making sure that's deliberate.)

You can actually edit where it says β€˜level: 100β€˜. Holidays are too bright for me as well, so I've put that down to 30.

The only thing I have set for a trigger is Sunset for the Holiday scenes. I have everything for Non-Holiday turned off.

I made some adjustments within the non-holiday display last night, changing from Color Temp to RGB, looking in the log it appears that it is still set to Color Temp.

Can you share a screenshot of the Non-Holiday Illumination page? Triggered should never be true if no devices or switches are there. I wonder if there's a corner case where if a switch is configured, turned on, then removed....

Edit: Yes, I think such a corner case exists, though it remains to be seen whether that's your situation. That'll get fixed in the next update.

Thank you for your explanation. I didn't realize I could type into the line above the color picker! Thank you as well @Equis.

Another question for @mbishop is there a way to set the brightness per RGB light in the app instead of having to create duplicate apps? I have a use case where I have my front porch light and path lights in the same Holiday Lighting App, I have the brightness set to 40% which is great for the porch light, but the path lights are just too bright at that level.

Not built into the app, though you could certainly go indirectly via a virtual bulb, passing on the hue and saturation but not the level.

@mbishop - I really appreciate all the effort you've put into this program. It's just what I need, and has many other helpful features that really make it the best program for year-round lighting.

I would like to ask though, that you please reconsider making it possible to activate white lighting by means of a virtual switch, or Flic or other type of momentary switch.

I have no hardwired automation switches in my home. Automation relies on smart bulbs and smart plugs. I've got it working by means of virtual contacts, but, short of using the web interface into the hub, and virtual contact definition, I can find no means to toggle the state of the contacts.

In my case, motion-sensing would require purchase and mounting of 2 sensors outside, in the AZ sun, and somehow powering them. Both of which would have to be aimed so severely to avoid passing traffic, that foot traffic in drive or near doorway would likely be missed in some cases.

Activating upon opening of contacts would require me to open the door prior to having sufficient light to determine if it was safe to do so. Besides, I already have two sets of alarm contacts on the doors, that HE cannot recognize, and a third set would result in divorce :wink:

Ideally, I'd like to be able to press a momentary contact switch to change to white lights, either prior to opening the doors, or earlier, when I knew visitors were coming over. Pressing the switch again, should revert the lights back to holiday mode.

Also, it would be nice to have a means to stop the program, and be able to reload/restart, to help in debugging. Maybe I missed it, but there seems no way to do this.

Thanks again for your fantastic contribution.

Can you clarify what's missing from the control switch here?

That can be a virtual switch, and if you'd prefer to toggle that with a button or similar, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Any app can be paused in the Hubitat UI:

As for restarting, whenever the app is closed (click "Done"), it clears all its subscriptions and schedules, then initializes everything afresh. That with debug logging is probably your best analysis tool.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I had tried a virtual switch initially, and then again tonight, and nothing happens. That's why I gave up on it, I read the description, and some other messages and took it to mean that the defined switch was the one that actually electrified the lights, So I played around and got virtual contacts to work under the sensor options. But, as mentioned, I have no way to toggle the state of the contacts outside of the web interface for the device setting.

Is there anything special that needs to be in the device definition?

Here's part of the log showing that it is turning on and off.

Also, here is a copy of the virtual switch definition. I pretty much just gave it a name.

I have no clue why it's not working

No, any ordinary switch should be fine. Can you select that as your control switch in Holiday Lighting, turn on debug logging in the app, and see what it outputs when you turn it on/off?

Must be a Christmas Miracle!!

Turned on debug.

Reset start time to cause holiday to run

Activated virtual switch


Turned off DEBUG logging, Restarted, and it STILL works.

THANKS! for your time and wonderful product.

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Glad it's working! If I had to guess, you were exiting the app by navigating away rather than clicking Done. When you click Done on the main page is when the app subscribes to everything, including any new sensors you selected while you had the app open.

That's probably the cause. I noticed later that I had multiple instances of device and app screens open, so that may have helped screw things up.

I do have one last (I hope) issue.

When I set the holiday lights to go off at 230AM, ( system was running properly, and it was a little after 2:30 AM already) The system reinitialized and then it changed back to the normal white lights, but, the two switches I had the Holiday lighting turn on when it went active, remained on after the Holiday program reverted to normal white light. Which is weird because when running in the sunset to sunrise mode, the holiday, lights went off at sunrise and also the two switches turned off, (they are not called by the normal illumination routine).

The 2 switches were functional and turned off from the Android application, without issue, when I pressed the icons.

Any idea why this might be??.

You found a bug! The additional holiday switches get turned on for the holiday and off when everything turns off, but aren't handled when holiday changes to illumination.

Edit: The build with this fix is now published. Let me know if you see this again.

I've been using Holiday Lighting for a week. Works great. Thank you!