[RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard

I noticed (NOT concerned mind you!) that there seems to be inconsistencies with device status.
In numerous cases, its Uppercase first letter, followed by lower case. For the record, thats my standard personally!
Conversely, there are many tiles with all lower case.
so - 'Disarmed, Present, On, Off, Active' are very common on my tiles, but some are:
'closed (Garage door), On / present (an xbee usb dongle, Mode tile), devices (battery Monitor)'.

I think it's called Cameling. Maybe a great feature to have (Like HD+ needs more features!) would be an optional right corner attribute configuration in the general settings? All lower, all Upper, Upper first etc... then future work you do won't care!

Have I ever mentioned how devoted I am to this app/tool? I use it constantly - couldn't begin to live without it!

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Not a fan of this. I have to refresh my dashboard twice each time I open the app just to get away from the dim.

Ditto x 10. I have this app on 7 pads and 3 phones. I have been using it reliably for several years now. I hope that users are continuing to financially support @jpage4500.

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it shouldn't.. sounds like a bug. The app should try to fetch all devices on start and once it receives the response the icons will display normally. I'll see if I can reproduce it

I noticed this when developing the app too.. I'm pretty sure it's because the app just displays some states exactly as reported by the Hub and other states are built-in strings in the app. All of the strings built-in use first letter uppercase (Disarmed, Present, etc). The Hub values are often all lowercase. That said, it should be easy enough to change Hub values to match

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Small feature request. Have several tablets and phones that have the same set of dashboards. Making updates on my phone, then making backups to the hub Then at each tablet restore each dashboard from the hub and backup to the device.
Is there a way to have a single menu item do the restore from the hub and backup to device for all dashboards on the hub?

Feature request: Can a timer be added to loaded applications to automatically close the application and return to the main dashboard? I have a dashboard in the kitchen. My wife runs her "Recipes" application when cooking. It works very well. But she often forgets to close the application. Can you add a timer that will close the application after 60, 90... minutes and return to the main dashboard?


Just a quick post to let you know I have faith that you will continue the great job that you have done with this dashboard. I know Hubitat finally came around to putting something together, but your is GREAT, it works well and I have established my home around using it.... so Keep up the good work!


I've had similar requests to this in the past.. I think what you're looking for is some way for a dashboard to be able to stay in sync with a certain config file.. so that if you update it on 1 - the others will all update. Is that right?

1 thought I have is to let you pick a file on the Hubitat File Manager and add an option to monitor that file for changes.. so periodically the app would just look and if it changed - reload. That seems like the easiest way to do this at least.

I'm getting closer to this.. I found a way to include the rooms css and it makes my room tile look a lot closer to the native dashboard. It's not perfect though and I'm not sure if that's just a normal browser variance or something else. The WebView UI widget is meant to be a lightweight browser so it might just not support all of the styling that a full browser does too.. but, I'll keep at it. In the meantime, I'll push out what I have today in the next beta release if you want to give it a shot. My Tile Builder skills are terrible so I'd more interested in how it looks on others devices anyway.

question -- do you use any custom user css? do you alter the rooms css in any way? Assuming this all works I'm thinking I could just let users pick a css file manually from the Hub's file manager (if they didn't want to use the built-in one)

If you change the icon for the tile -- no connection will be made to the RTSP camera until you click on it to view full-screen

Good catch.. normally the title isn't visible for video tiles. That's why I don't even show a way to change it. But, in your case it is visible so I'll try to add that option back

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version 1.0.2466 (beta)

  • fix garage door open/close prompt
  • capitalize first letter of status value (ie: "Present, "Closed", etc)
  • video tile: let user change tile name if a custom icon is set
  • initial support for Tile Builder rooms css

Brilliant! Thank you so much!

I'm super excited! I've wanted this for months. I haven't used the rooms part too much - initially I tried to build a full room layout with the graphic from the rooms used in HE, then with my devices laid over - that was when I learned that HD+ didn't do that extra part.
some time ago - i was looking for a way to make this:
test1... and it's still a thought in my mind someday - but directly, no I have not used 'rooms.css'.
I have written custom css however, for other tasks - modified templates and one or two other things. Gary has taught me much :). He's the guru!

My plan is to let you select a css file from the Hub filemanager and I'll try to add that. The only trick is the filemanager is only available locally and not in cloud mode.

Unrelated - do most Tile Builder users have 1 storage device with multiple tile attributes? HD+ displays 1 tile per device so to display all of them you'd have to make multiple copies of the device and select the tile attribute you want it to show.

I'm also thinking I'll add an option that will let you create all of these copies automatically.

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Me, personally - I use 4 iterations - I have 4 storage - each one hold differing types of tiles letting me find them easier.

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Can I copy a folder on dashboard A to dashboard B?

I am currently on the latest beta.

Not sure if the below is as intended, but I've noticed recently that the sharpness of items reduces possibly when switching back and forth from different locations or networks, not really sure, see below:

It's something that was added recently but still needs some refinement. The problem it was trying to solve was when you open the app and you see some devices in 1 state (on) and then a second later they flip to another state (off). The reason is because the app shows the last state it had from the server.. but if the device was changed while the app wasn't running as soon as the app syncs it'll correct the states. If there's multiple devices that changed it can look a little odd as you see a bunch of devices toggle states right after startup.

So, this was my first attempt to soften that. It works for me but I bet there's some edge cases that I'm not handling. I should have some time this weekend to figure it out..

Today certain icons (Hubitat devices with on/off states) will dim on initial app start until the first sync is successful. But, for example, if the initial sync with the Hub fails that would cause them to stay dimmed longer than desired.

An alternative to this would be some kind of spinner or overlay text at the bottom of the screen just so you know the app is doing it's initial sync.


version 1.0.2473 (beta)

  • Tile Builder: allow user to select custom css file from Hub File Manager
  • fix case when icons would stay dimmed after syncing
  • if initial sync fails, re-try more frequently (1 sec) until successful
  • don't try to resync while device is offline

Tile Builder devices can now select a custom css file to use instead of the default one that's built-in. This file comes from the Hub File Manager so you'll need to be on the same network for it to work. Also, I'm copying the contents of the file to the phone so if you need to update the css you'll have to re-select it

I also tried to fix some edge cases where the icons would stay dimmed. Just for reference this should only happen for maybe a second after opening the app and it's just to indicate that the app hasn't synced with the Hub yet so the device states might not be accurate. Anyway, hopefully this works better but let me know if you ever see it get stuck that way.