[RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard

That's exactly what the weather station temp tile looks like - a static background with a configurable color. Thank you for considering it.

Ok this makes sense with what I have seen. If I open the app it works straight away and if I'm moving around it works.

Bit if I put my phone on my charger it's not moving neither do I have the app open so it can take a while to come in.

I have a tasker rule that if I'm connected to my home WiFi (therefore I'm at home) and bool is false and I'm wireless charging call a rule to set me as sleeping and flip bool.

Then if I'm not changing and bool is true and I shake my phone call another rule which sets sleeping to awake.

Same for the wife. This all decides the mode and what bedside lights turn on etc.

The issue is because tasker doesn't know about hubitat it can get out of sync which is why I wanted to the do it all with direct devices.

I could try and do a combo of the two.

That seems like a good enough work around :+1:t2:

Edit: just remembered I tried this before and it doesn't work for me.

version 1.0.TBD (beta)

  • show different background color for temperature tiles (based on temp)
  • default contact sensor with "garage" in the name to garage door type
  • allow contact sensors to be garage door device type
  • remove USE_EXACT_ALARM permission
  • prompt for alarm permission if necessary when using light -> set timer

Several changes in this version..

If you have a contact sensor with "garage" in the name it will default to the garage door device type. Hopefully that won't mess up anyone but I finally removed my old MyQ Lite Hubitat app since it wasn't really working anyway. I was already using some contact sensors for my garage doors anyway so I wanted them to be able to use the garage door device type.

I also have a contact sensor on the door into the house from the garage which is labeled "Garage Door" so I can see how the above change might mess with some devices. You can always change the device type and it won't change again -- but if I can figure out a better way to do this I will.

The other big change is showing a dynamic background for Temperature or Weather device types.

I'm using the color range chart below:

It's disabled by default. To enable this per device, click on Edit -> Temp Background. There's also a Celsius option that shows up if your temps are in Celsius.


This is great!
One thing though - it only works for temperature tiles.
Many of my temperature devices are set as Custom, due to the fact that they give Temp and Humidity. Can these be set to do the same?
Also, the other tile it would be great to see the temp colour change is on a Thermostat tile, since it is reporting the temp the same way.

The OwnTracks Presence app is not actively maintained anymore. The OP is still doing some maintenance, but has started recommending a different OwnTracks integration by @lpakula.

Since Life360 decided to take their toys away and not let anyone else in the sandbox use them I've made the switch. (I was partially forced to since I was having hub issues and lost all of my apps.) I really miss the location map of Life360 and it looks like the original OT's has it. What is needed to make the new OT's and HD+ work the same?

@jpage4500 Does HD+ pull from the Life360 cloud directly? I can do up a translation the converts the OwnTracks packets to Life360 style if HD+ needs to point at a different data source.

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This is cool. But when reading it on a tablet from across the room, the background color makes it difficult to see the numbers. I tried changing the font text colors, but it remains on the theme text color. That theme that makes all the icons and text a blue teal color. I think white will be possible to read across the room, or perhaps a black outline of the numbers. What am I doing wrong that I can't get the text color to stick?

I can try a few different variations of this.. maybe one with much lighter background colors. Another option would be to just add some highlighting around the text like I do for thermostats when heating or cooling. Much more subtile but should make reading easier.

I'll have to look into the text color issue

image image

I can try to also support custom tiles and thermostat. Custom tiles might be tricky but I'll at least take a look

It just uses the lat/lng values that the Hubitat driver passes down via MakerAPI. I was supporting OwnTracks devices too and I didn't know there was 2 versions. I can install and support this version too as long as it returns lat/lng in the driver. If you also have accuracy I'll put a little circle around the pin. Lastly, if there's some avatar URL I can display that as well.


Maybe even just disable the theme (on that tile) if you have the Temp Background enabled?

I was expecting a more dramatic background color change for the temperature tiles.

I see the problem here.. it's a bug I introduced recently and will be fixed.

I tried a few different ways to show a color for the temperature.. let me know if any of these look better.

here's how it originally looked:

for my $.02 -- I like to keep color to a minimum personally.. that way when I use it it sticks out - like a light/door/lock left open or on. So I'd probably pick the first one so it's fairly subtile

The other thing I'm not sold on is the color -> temp chart either.. for reference it's in this post


I like the original color choices the best. Not so keen on the color numbers.

@jpage4500 -
I like the background colors... Maybe make it a user defined option?

I like the last one - the background that changes based on the temperature.
As for the chart - it doesn't seem to work as well for Celsius

If you enable Celsius, I'm just converting the temp to F and comparing it against the ranges in that chart. I'll double-check the formula I'm using though.. I added that part really fast so I might have messed it up.

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I like the 1st and 3rd option. Basically the white numbers looks better than the colored numbers. Shading the entire background does stand out more. A guest in the house even noticed. "Oh, new colors." But the entire background could also be a bit much. The 1st image, where you just shade the icon behind it is great. As long as the Dark Grey/Blue icon theme doesn't muck it up.

I'm also not a fan of the color scale. I love the idea, but I think above 73 should start turning red. It was 71 in the house and the shading was a light red. To me, red means hot. Perhaps a way to customize it for personal preference? Have a default, but then you can override the values. Last thing on the shading, that dark green in the middle is too dark. Maybe it's that image, but it sticks out compared to the lighter shades on either side of it.

I'm not sure who else is using this feature at the moment but I'm open to just changing it - I just did a google image search and picked one that had some temp ranges.

Perhaps a way to customize it for personal preference?

That would take some time to implement.. at least if I had to add UI for it and then try to figure out where to put the setting/etc. Plus, not sure how many people will even see it since it's off by default. But, if there's a better looking default version I'm good just changing it first.

btw - that gradient logic is just something I re-used from the light sensor device type. In that case there's not a huge difference between the different versions though.. it's a lot more subtile.

Oh cool. I didn't know that was a thing. Must have missed that update. There's a 3rd party app I use for Netatmo called SmartMixin. I'll see if I can get that scale from him and share it.

EDIT: Asked and awaiting a response. The app is https://smartmixin.io/. And here's a couple of samples of the gradient scaling.

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