[RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration

No, it looks like google only reports "person" only, not who it was:

Part of me is happy about that since I'd have to subscribe to Nest Aware so I could get that back since I would love to make the AI smarter. :slight_smile:

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This may not be anything at all, but should we be concerned about the number of and space taken up by all the still images being taken from the cameras?

I have looked in the event details of the drivers and noticed quite a few images. My database size went from 1,378,000 to 10,057,120 overnight.

I realize that the image is shown in the image attribute of the device details which can be shown on a tile on a dashboard, but is there a way of suppressing them from the database?

Could probably drop the event history to say 10 on your cameras instead of 100 to clean it up.

I wouldn't be surprised to see it added later at some point, but right now it looks like it's just a generic tag.

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Yeah I forgot about that. Will give it a shot.

I use nest aware to turn on the sprinklers when my neighbor brings her dog over to take a ■■■■ in my yard.

I'm also adding a preference to adjust the image size being downloaded -- currently it downloads the full-size image (1920px wide), which may not be required for the HE use case.

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For some reason I really like this. Imma have to steal it...

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I use nest aware and have tasker monitor for a notification with her "Name" for her then flip a virtual switch which I use as the trigger to turn on the sprinklers.


It was pretty funny she thought they were just triggered on motion at one point and she sent her son out in front of my house while she stood in the neighbors driveway to see if they would turn on but they didn't so she thought she was safe. She took two steps and they turned on... Now she walks down the sidewalk on the other side of the street.


@bbdj @lewis.hendrick -- new debug button added to Delete event subscription -- you can click this, give it a few seconds to ensure it completes, then Subscribe to Events

See if this gets you in a better state. The logs should include the successful event subscription response, or some form of error/warning. If the latter, we'll take a closer look.

The README has some details on each of the available debug buttons.

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This is classic. Ty for the great idea.

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This one?

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Yes, sorry -- I should look at what I actually named the button :wink:

Just wanted to make sure since you bolded it thought maybe there was a different spot like in Google SDM. I see a bunch of events now but still no image. I updated the app and drivers before I did it and the new attributes showed up also.

Has your wife danced for you yet?

Yea, last night she flashed the camera and one of the neighbors saw her and whistled at her. I told her to go dance in front of one of the cameras. We have cameras all over. Even in the back yard but she chose to go to the front door for whatever reason.

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With the updated app and drive, I am now getting the button 1 pressed for the front doorbell after deleting and subscribing to events again. I do have a copy of the logs, but I don't think you'll need them as it seems to be working now. I'll monitor the situation and let you know if it loses its authorization.

@dkilgore90, when I try to turn a camera ON or OFF with the driver, I get the following error messages. Not sure if this just isn't supported yet, but wanted to report in case it should be working.

Thx -- there is no support for this in the API as of yet -- the commands show in HE due to the capabilities I have currently assigned to the device. This needs to be reviewed, and commands stubbed out...

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