[Release] Google Home Assistant Relay Driver (v1 and v2)- text to speech on Google Home devices



Yes I set it up in the home app as a member of the home. Is there something else I missed?


Yes, you have to go to each speaker and link the account to the speaker. If you are in the home app as the other account, go into the speaker, there should be a blue bar at the top. Tap it. It will ask you to set up voice match...just start it, when it first asks you to say "hey google" just tap "No Thanks" and it will bring you back out but now under the speaker both accounts will be listed as "linked accounts".


Grr... Double checked, all of my devices show the hubitat account linked to them, when I start the relay it says "setup for hubitat" but when I send a message it still says "incoming broadcast, it says...." no name announced. Not sure what I'm missing...


Like I said, Assistant Relay might be different than Cast-Web-API. I know that in Assistant relay you used to have to pass the username you wanted to use over with your announcement. Dunno if that is still the case or not. It's been a while since I ran relay since Cast-Web can also allows for playing music clips through speakers as well as creating devices for easier integration including volume control.


Oh, I realize what your saying now. Sorry, I'm a little slow tonight.

Thanks for your help


Sorry we couldn't get it working. Personally, I wish the whole prefacing thing could just be turned off. It really makes me regret investing so heavily in the Google Home infrastructure. I bet on Google over Alexa and it looks like for now at least I was very wrong.


I'm guessing plenty of people will complain to Google to the point where they may give an option for this "feature"


Yeah, I thought the same thing when the whole broadcast from the Assistant SDK was down for 4 or 5 months a while back. But they fixed it in such a restrictive way that I had to shut off IPv6 on my router. And it was just dumb luck that I happened upon that solution. No one at Google was any help. I don't hold out hope for them doing a damn thing.


Anybody else having problems with broadcasts not working? All of a sudden they aren't working at all. Even from the google assistant app on my phone. I can't figure it out.


Just ran a quick test. All is working well here.


It's so annoying. The only speaker I can get to work is my google home mini. My two insignia speakers with google assistant just all of a sudden aren't working. And this is from the google app on my phone. I give up.


Everything working here


Well, I've been trying for over 4 hours. They're going in the trash.


I have not had good luck with Insignia products in general.


I've even tried deleting the entire home and trying to set up everything as a new one. Still no broadcasts from the Insignia speakers. And google was completely unhelpful (as expected). They said I should call Insignia...like they'd be able to help with something about the google software. The really odd part, i can initiate broadcasts from them. that works fine


:rofl: There's no "Insignia" to call. That's a Best Buy private label. That's like saying, "Call China"


Well, they did try to give me a 1-800 number. I'm sure there's some company that they outsource their support to. I mean, they have warranties and stuff so somebody's gotta be answering the phones. But I suspect they'd be able to give me about as much help as the man in the mood.
Anyway...after wasting 6 hours setting up over and over and over and over and over again...i finally found a post form someone else with insignia speakers who is going through the same thing. So, it's not just met i guess. GRRR!!!


There is a setting to ignore broadcast but it's related to other settings, I don't remember where it is. I have 1 Lenovo screen, 3 Insignia and 3 minis and I configured it to broadcast in one Insignia an one mini, but I can start the broadcast from any.


My broadcasts are working just fine through my GHs and my polk audio GA device.

I would stay with GH over Alexa all day long -


It's notifications....and i have that turned on for all of them. And you are still getting all of your broadcasts on your Insignia?