[Release] Google Home Assistant Relay Driver (v1 and v2)- text to speech on Google Home devices



In your rule under "Actions for True" (or false)
Under the "Send or Speak a message" Choose your Device your setup



Brilliant - got it thanks!


@ogiewon or @Ryan780 looks like Google added a feature to "broadcast" where it announces the "user" that sent the command so that it can be "replied" to. This is causing broadcasts from the relay to start with "tone/broadcast from user/actual message".

Is there any chance the driver could be modified to add the user variable to the suffix so that it announces "hubitat" as the user as opposed to the user default set up by the assistant relay? Or would one just have to change the assistant relay config file? I am still running V1 of the relay.



I just ran a test and I do not have a user being announced before the text. Did you change anything recently? How can I reproduce this?


Nope, just started happening this afternoon, maybe it's a roll-out?

From the device page just type a notification and hit send, it announces with the new "broadcast from USER" that wasn't there before.


I had this happen to me this morning as well. It said "Broadcast from Smart Home, the washer is finished." But then a few minutes later it announced again (because of my wacky washer current readings) and the second time, it was NOT prepended by "Broadcast from Smart Home". Just did the normal announcement. Maybe an error the second time?

Anyway, just tried triggering it manually right now, and yes, it does the "Broadcast from Smart Home" bit before every announcement. Please let me know if you figure out how to turn it off.


Okay, so it appears my Google Home is also now prefixing “Broadcast from xxxxx” before each announcement... I wonder if Greg Hesp has a fix for this yet? The assistant-relay is his code, not mine...

If you type a Broadcast Command into the Google Assistant on your phone, it also adds the new prefix as well.


Yes, I believe this is a deliberate change to allow for responses to the broadcast, this was announced as coming soon a week or two ago in the google assistant community

I think he does, it's the v2 of this assistant relay, there's an option to mute the prefix message. So.... it may be "that time" as far as forcing a change to this driver.




Well, the good thing is, this has not affected the ability to control devices with the [CC] prefix.

I don’t have that many announcements. Maybe it’s time I just moved them all to Alexa.


"Broadcast from Chris: The garage door is open"



Converting to Alexa. I’m half done already.


And we're finished. Alexa will handle my announcements from here forward.
A little bit harder to setup, but not that hard. Not as easy to just add an announcement, but I like that I can set the volume level before announcements and return it to a different volume level after the announcement. I can also have announcements on all my Echo devices or just one particular Echo.


I don’t see an option to mute prefix messages. Can you point me to any documentation for that? I do see where you can mute the startup message, but that is only when the v2 assistant-relay starts up, I think.


I believe the "mutestartup" is the command?

Configuring the Relay

At the moment, the functionality of the config builder is limited. You can manually edit the config.json file found in /server/configurations to set this up.

Only edit the fields below

Field Decription
port What local port do you want Assistant Relay to listen on?
muteStartup true or false - Will mute the startup announcement
quietHours Whole numbers only. Sets the hours between which Assistant Relay will ignore commands
baseUrl The port and URL to access your Assistant Relay instance on. This will normally be the machines local IP address, followed by the port set above. i.e. You can set this to an external URL using dyndns or similar if you wish to access from outside your network
muteStartup true or false - Will mute the startup announcement


The startup announcement is when assistant relay starts. It says "Assistant relay is now setup and running for....". That is different than what you are talking about.


Thanks for the heads up, although that's not the best news. This new "feature" of the broadcast command is really annoying, LOL. Is there any way to have the relay user name be something like "hubitat" so it at least makes sense?


You would have to create a Google account with that as the first name and use that account when setting up your Google console project and have it linked to your GHs.


got ya

Well for whatever reason, now the prefix is simply "incoming broadcast, it says:"

Still annoying, but I suppose it's Google's prerogative to mess around with this it's their API. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeahhh...Mine started doing this as well. "Broadcast from John...blah blah blah" Family REALLY thinks I am a control freak now. Haaaaa!