[Release] Google Home Assistant Relay Driver (v1 and v2)- text to speech on Google Home devices



Yeah, the Mac was just an easy fallback for me. The problem I had was really trying to set it up on a PiZeroW. Even if I put in the full version, it just wouldn't display the authorization window I needed to proceed. You shouldn't have an issue with the Pi3 with that. I'm sure you had to do it already with the version 2 install right?

Just try an earlier version of Node. To quote myself yet again...

And if that doesn't work, try node 6.10.2, it's working for me. Although Dan is running a later version and it works for him. Also, make sure you check that you're not running a conflicting port. I wasn't paying attention the first time and Google Assistant relay was using the same port as one of my Homebridge plugins.


This helped, thanks a lot, I finally have v1 installed and my Google homes said my name when the v1 ran, now I have an error in my logs in HE:

Edit: I just noticed that v1 changed the port, I changed to the correct port from 3000 and everything is working fine!

Thank You!!!!


There's now a version 2.0 of relay available. I've updated the instructions and the wiki for install and running on a RPi. The url for the commands has changes as well. Obviously since the URL has changed, the driver that @ogiewon wrote would have to be updated as well if you weren't going to issue the raw GET commands from something like WebCore.

The install instructions have been updated din the Wiki as well. Also, if you're looking for an easy way to install node on your RPi, here's a really cool little script I found.


@ogiewon Dan, since this driver has been "stable" and unchanged for quite a while, perhaps you could add the option to limit the logging output? The ability to see "past" logs for troubleshooting has a limit on the number of lines of code output so the rather lengthy output from the driver seems unnecessary at this point?


For now, I have simply commented out most, if not all, of the logging. When I have some more time, I will look at implementing the typical Hubitat 30min debug logging switch in the driver. I will probably combine this work with supporting the newer v2.0 of assistant relay. Just no time right now... :wink:

Here's the updated code.


PSA: looks like Google may have broken the ability to broadcast from the assistant relay, so if you are in the same boat as me as of this morning, you are not alone.


Mine worked fine this morning (6:30am Eastern) but after seeing this I just tried it and nothing... Sad day.


It's definitely Google, I can't even broadcast from an actual "home" or from my phone.


That's a good thing. It means that when Google fixes it hopefully our Assistant Relay comes back. :slight_smile:


I’m sure it’s temporary because silent notifications are still working. I know this for sure, otherwise my Alexa set up would not announce my door when I open it, and it is


TTS is back online! My Google Mini just announced "The Dryer has finished".


Just saw these posts and ran a quick test. Seems to be working fine at this time for me.


Yup, back in business! Was weird not hearing it all day.


Is there a specific version of node.js that works best for this? I'm following install of it from @Ryan780


I have been using ver 8.11.1 and it seems to work well. But I'm also currently using a port of Cast-Web-API that I adapted to use device notifications to issue a broadcast to all devices. I like this one better because you can also control the volume of your GH devices from HE and use them as Speech devices as well.


It really depends a lot on what you're installing it on. I'm running 6.10.2, but on a very old aluminum 2008 MacBook that cannot go above MacOS 10.11,x, so it needs Xcode 8.2.1 and if I remember right, that's the reason for the older version of Node.js

Seems to all work fine. I've got it as secure as I can get it. I'm looking an upgrading soon to harden things up.


I fired up my good ole RPi3. Just like riding a bike rebuilding it. I even had to format the friggin SD Card. Haaa!


Last time I fired up my Pi I realized I had forgotten the admin password and the normal reset didn't work because I have to ssh into it (It's a Pi Zero W) and that just forced me off WiFi I think. Anyway, it was faster just to re-image the SSD from my backup before I change the password.


I think I may roll with the latest 9.X version and hold off on 10 for now. Will let you know if all works and will share any tweaks that I may need to add to make it fly. Thanks for your input!!


Are you saying for your Node version? I'm running 8.11.1. So, not sure where you got 9 or 10.