[Release] Google Home Assistant Relay Driver (v1 and v2)- text to speech on Google Home devices



Not sure. It may break the current interface. I am leaving well enough alone for now. I even forked his GitHub repo just to make sure I can get back to the current code base.

Once he finishes his development work, I’ll consider modifying my Hubitat driver to work with either version via a user preference switch.


Exactly what I was hoping for. While his development looks promising, my current setup is serving me perfectly and didn't want it to break.


Not sure what all this means for us, can you give example uses or benefits?

New in V2.0

  • JSON responses for all requests (how can this help?)
  • Access to Google Assistant audio Responses (Is this the same as @ogiewon 's [CC] mod?)
  • 1 endpoint for all requests (how does this help?)
  • Improved setup process removing manual user configuration (Nice)

I'm so happy the current version 1 I would hate to have anything break. However, I would really like a way to change the Google Home volume level via a silent command. Would these changes allow that?

  • I think he’s using JSON as it provides a more standards compliant interface.
  • I think this means that if you ask the Google Assistant a question, you can get a text response back. Not sure though.
  • would again be more standards compliant, I think.


Thanks Dan!


Something broken on my setup. I can type "Hello" in the driver and then click "Speak" and it shows in the terminal, but nothing comes out of my Google Home. I stopped the node server and started it again, but instead of speaking "Assistant Relay is now setup and running for Smart Home Primer", it only shows it in the terminal.

Everyone else's still working? I'm on latest hub firmware, but on initial testing, it doesn't seem that is at all related to the issue.


A few things have worked...

  • Make sure to turn off IP6 in your router settings
  • Be sure the Preview program is turned off
  • Also turn the NIght Mode off

Hope this helps.


Thanks Bryan! It was night mode. Weirdest thing. Night mode worked before as scheduled and I checked the schedule, and it was still correct but when it’s enabled it doesn’t work now. Google must’ve broken something on their end. I’ll schedule now via HE instead. Appreciate the help.


BTW, it’s been a while since I set it up. What’s the preview program?


Awesome, glad it worked for you too. I've been following the thread over on ST and on Reddit, the night mode fix came up about 2 days ago. I had a Home working but my mini's stopped and this got me going again.

Preview is Google's beta program.



Looks like version 2 of the server has been released:


It appears that some modifications would need to be made to your driver to support the new methods of post commands, will you be updating your driver or should we stick with the orignal version of the server at this point?


For the time being, “if it ain’t broke...don’t fix it” is my mantra.

I’d prefer to wait a little while to let v2 get some runtime. If anyone is eager to enhance my driver to add support for v2, that’s fine too!


The problem is they deleted the installation procedures for v1, now I finally installed v2 but it doesn't work with your driver, now requires user, the ip must have /assistant, like http://ip:port/assistant

So in other words, I'm screwed. :sob:


Why not try to modify the driver yourself? It should be fairly straightforward. I am dealing with Hurricane Florence here in Wilmington, NC. It’s going to be a while before my development workstation is back up and running. Power may be out for up to ten days.

Also, in my Github account is a fork of the v1 Assistant Relay if you want the old version.


Sorry to hear that, I hope everything is fine there.

I have no idea how to do a driver, but thanks, I will look your git.


Here is my fork of Greg’s repo before v2.


Not sure what's been deleted. Seems to all be there. Dan sent me here when I was trying to get mine setup and this made it all clear and easy to follow.


Now I remember, for some reason I can't install v1, I tried node 10 and 8. v2 installed fine with node 8. I followed all instructions in the github.


To quote myself


I have a Pi 3 B doing nothing, I had it for hassio but I'm here now, I have a mac but I want to consume minimal power and a Pi is a great way to save power. I will try another node version, I have to read the ST thread, maybe there is a solution.

Thanks, I will try the mac for testing.