[RELEASE] GoGoGate Garage Controller Driver


Hi all,
I also wrote an integration right around the time Bob wrote his. He beat me to posting so I didn't want to post mine and create confusion, but I figured you might find it useful:

It works a little differently from Bob's. It has a main device and installs a child device for each door. The main device handles polling and has the Switch and Light capabilities so you can turn the LED on/off. The child devices have "Door Control", "Garage Door Control", "Temperature Measurement", Sensor and Switch capabilities. They track temperature and door state individually.

I've been using it for about 2 months or so without any problems but I'm the only person who's used it so I wouldn't be surprised to find bugs.

Hope everyone is having a good week,
ps. apparently I can't post links. Sorry the github url isn't an actual link. edit - nevermind, it became a link


Hello, I'm new to this (first posting in fact) but I'm having the same problem that @isaac mentioned above where the status is repeatedly going back and forth between open/closed, this is happening on the driver page and dashboard (which I removed the tile as a result). I will point out that I am using the modified version from @shane1 because I have a iSmartGate and not the GoGoGate model. I have turned on logging, and there are no errors. Additionally, I had the iSmartGate app open while it was happening and it is reporting status accurately and not "flickering". Can anyone help with this?


Hi @bob.mergner I've put the extra logging info in mine as my door 2 is flapping from open to closed over and over. Note I am using the iSmartGate Pro (but with your GoGoGate2 driver not my customzied version).

2019-09-10 11:35:53.671 am infoResponse: {"1":"0","2":"0","3":"0"}

When I open the door the logs don't seem to update...

Actual response from the http://${ip}/isg/statusDoorAll.php?status1=10 is: