[RELEASE] GoGoGate Garage Controller Driver

Hi all,
I also wrote an integration right around the time Bob wrote his. He beat me to posting so I didn't want to post mine and create confusion, but I figured you might find it useful:

It works a little differently from Bob's. It has a main device and installs a child device for each door. The main device handles polling and has the Switch and Light capabilities so you can turn the LED on/off. The child devices have "Door Control", "Garage Door Control", "Temperature Measurement", Sensor and Switch capabilities. They track temperature and door state individually.

I've been using it for about 2 months or so without any problems but I'm the only person who's used it so I wouldn't be surprised to find bugs.

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ps. apparently I can't post links. Sorry the github url isn't an actual link. edit - nevermind, it became a link


Hello, I'm new to this (first posting in fact) but I'm having the same problem that @isaac mentioned above where the status is repeatedly going back and forth between open/closed, this is happening on the driver page and dashboard (which I removed the tile as a result). I will point out that I am using the modified version from @shane1 because I have a iSmartGate and not the GoGoGate model. I have turned on logging, and there are no errors. Additionally, I had the iSmartGate app open while it was happening and it is reporting status accurately and not "flickering". Can anyone help with this?

Hi @bob.mergner I've put the extra logging info in mine as my door 2 is flapping from open to closed over and over. Note I am using the iSmartGate Pro (but with your GoGoGate2 driver not my customzied version).

2019-09-10 11:35:53.671 am infoResponse: {"1":"0","2":"0","3":"0"}

When I open the door the logs don't seem to update...

Actual response from the http://${ip}/isg/statusDoorAll.php?status1=10 is:



Hi, totally new to all of this here. can your code be used with the newer iSmartGate Pro?

Hi @bob6, I did not write the driver to support the iSmartGate Pro, mostly because I don't own one or know what the similarities/differences are.

You might give this driver a try: GitHub - scrytch/Hubitat-iSmartGate: Hubitat device driver for integration of iSmartGate device

Someone forked my driver and made some modifications which were working for them. (I swear there was a comment about it in this thread but I don't see it any longer.)

I'm happy to try to help if you run into problems, but I don't check the forums very often so there might be some delays.

Hope your week is great,

Which of the two version is the “best”. Anyone tried both and can give their opinions?

So I have got my Hubitat and are setting everything up. Just installed your GoGoGate2 driver and it works perfekt. Thank you for your good job with this driver.

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Thanks for letting me know! Sorry I didn’t respond to your previous comment; I missed when you posted it.

Hope you have a great day!

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I looked in the log just now and see a lot of error from the gogoggate drivere. Do you know anything about it?

dev:1332020-01-19 23:43:26.869 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null on line 87 (setDoor)

I have not seen that error before. Is it still occurring?

Basically it is complaining that the door is opening or closing and the last update time has never been set. That time should be updated every time the status of the door changes and you should be able to see the value when you look in the "door" device properties, under "Current States". It should contain the last time the door changed states, so it should only throw the error before the first time it opens/closes.

I just updated the child driver with a fix which will initialize the field when the plugin is installed. If yours has stopped giving the error you probably don't need to update. If you do update, the new version adds a contact sensor capability. I don't remember why I added that on my version I'm running but it probably has something to do with Alexa. If you want to remove it you can just add to slashes at the beginning of line 16 like this:
//capability "ContactSensor"

Please let me know what happens!

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Yes, I have a lot of those errors.

I will keep you updated.

I still get the same error only its line 92 now. Also when looking at my doors they say opening even though they are closed and have been for at least 20 minutes.


Hmm... Seems like the contact. door and switch does not update. Right now this door is open but it looks like its closed in Hubitat.


Something seems not to be in phase for my two doors. Maybe it has something to do with all the errors I get.

2020-01-20 15:46:08.953 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null on line 92 (setDoor)

I have uninstalled the driver in the meantime and are using IFTTT and webhooks to open the doors but I hope "we" can solve this as a local connecion and also with the sensors are much more preferable.

Sorry about that. There is definitely an error in the processing to change the doors from the opening/closing state to actually being open or closed. The driver fakes those states since the GoGoDoor itself doesn't track the opening/closing conditions.

I just updated the driver on github to handle the problem more directly. Would you mind installing the driver and seeing if that fixes the issues you were seeing?

Hope you're having a great day!

No, not at all. I will try to do it tonight and report back. Thank you for your support!

I get this error now after opening and closin one door via the app.

**error** java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null on line 95 (setDoor)

The status of the door stays at "door: closing", it never changes to closed. My other door, which I havent controlled since I reinstalled the drivers, shows "door: closed".

Is there a "lastUpdated" variable listed under "Current States"?

Something like this?

Are there any lastUpdated events in the device event list? They'd look something like this:

Yes there was.

I rewrote the date comparison and date handling to be more specific in date format. In the process I was able to generate the same error you are seeing on my system by setting the lastUpdated variable to an invalid value.

I haven't actually fixed the problem yet, so please don't update your driver. Hopefully I should be able to get it working after I get kids in bed tonight. Thanks.

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Im off to bed. Its 01:50 here and the kids usally wakes me up at around 06:00... :sleeping:
But I really want to thank you for your dedication and support and just let me know if I can help in any way.