[RELEASE] Geofency Presence

Thank you for the app! I got it figured out, step 3 in the git instructions (Set the location and user...) could use some love, took me a fair bit of trial and error / reading here to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do. Let me know if this is correct?

Location = the name of the monitored location in Geofency
User = the name entered and saved in HE and added to the webhook URL...can be anything you want

That is correct. Check the wording now in Github to see if that helps or hurts.

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Helps a lot! A few more suggestions to make it ultra clear for the slow folk like myself :laughing:

Location to be the name of the monitored location in Geofency (call it whatever you want in Geofency, just make sure it matches in HE)
User to be the name entered and saved in HE and added to the webhook (below in Configure step 2, the example used there is "Brian").

need to add the same user name from step 3 that you entered into HE . For instance, mine is set up with the name "Brian" and looks like this: https://cloud.hubitat.com/api/xxx-xxx-xx-xxx/apps/xx/location/Brian?access_token=adafae03-0330-4aeb-b15e-xxxxxxxxx. (Note the name "Brian" in the URL following "location/" and before "?access_token") Keep in mind...

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if I want to add a second location like the office, would it require a unique URL? Is the location only specific to the hub location? I have it set up and working using the Test Connection ... Enter and Leave but get a null location when testing the office connection. how is it best to add additional locations? I tried adding a second virtual device with location = Office (same as in Geofency), but had no luck with this.

You need a presence device created for each user at each location.

I have three monitored locations. I have four presence devices. Two for my wife and I at Home. Then I have two others for me, one for work and one at another location I monitor. Each location has a webhook for leaving and entering. Your presence sensors should set which location and which person gets activated when that web hook is activated.

Great, I will give it another try, are the webhooks all the same? i see what i did wrong, i created the virtual device but did not go back into the app to add it as another device. having done that crucial step, all is well. thanks for the assist ...

Can anyone tell me where to get this geofency app on the 'app store'? i dont use iphone but since life360 is being a '■■■'sitant in ruining presence detection for everyone, I'm needing to find a way for my daughter iphone to arrive/depart.

All I can find on app store is:

Your question was answered here:



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Trying to get this working and I have been struggling. I have the app installed on my iPhone 15 Pro Max. Have the Geofency device and I made sure that my location is set to the same as in Geofency. I added the webhook including my name, the same as I entered in the device. Tested the URL in my browser and got the correct response. But when I do a test leave from the Geofency app my device stays as present.

Is there a different URL for leaving versus arriving?

Should use the same for entering and leaving in the geofency app.

That is how mine is setup anyway.

If you do a test leave from the IOS app, does your Hubitat Geofency device go to not present?

In the Webhook section, do I need to enter in the login information for my Hubitat hub?


I don't think so, but i don't have a password on mine.

Nope. URLs are the same. Make sure you have POST (json).


The I have something not set up correctly. If I press leave test my Hubitat device stays as present.

Any ideas as to what I can check or do to get this working?

Should I start from scratch?

So I started from scratch and found my issue. In the Multi-User API app I never hit "Done" after I specified the device and got the URL. Once I did that it works...

Now I feel stupid...

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Any recommendations on an iBeacon to use in the house for tracking coming and going? Thanks

I know it’s been a while since you asked, and you may have figured it out, but Geofency is iOS only. For Android , I strongly recommend @Johndc7 Improved Mobile Presence Hopefully this helps you, or someone looking for a similar solution.

Actually, I've moved on to OwnTracks. Some remarkable work being done by @lpakula