[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!



Where do you set the sound URL at?


Under "Speech Options" Flip the switch - "Play a sound before message", then scroll down.



You're not using 'Speech Synth'. Cleary says in the release notes that priority messaging options are speechSynth only. At some point I hope to add it to the 'Music Player' but won't be anytime soon. Sorry.

Notice the line in your screenshot:

  • Priority Options are only available when using Speech Synth option.

It would look like this...


I am using speech synth


Alright then... let me take a look


Please try the new version on Github...

V1.1.8 - 06/11/19 - Fixed when priority settings are visible

Let me know how it goes. Thanks!


It now shows...can't test as I'm not home..but assume that part's fine. Thanks!


Man, I wished I had seen this before I spent time writing my own version. Although I do find it far more efficient to check currentValue rather than managing event subscriptions. Not so much for motion, as you have to do the delay, but with switches and presence and such.


I'm not hearing my audio on the Google homes...

And shoutout for this app...this works great!!!


I would need to see a log please


Will this speak and resume or restore sonos speakers?


It speaks. It does not resume.


Does this work with all 4 of the TTS options I can find on the forums, or is this for a specific one ?
( @keithcroshaw 's method using OtherHub2, @cwwilson08 's method, @ogiewon 's method and @simplehomeprimer )


This works with many types of speakers, as for 'who's method' I'd have no idea. I can tell you it works great with the built in Chromecast app and the Echo speaks app. There has also been a few people mention that they use this with Sonos speakers too.


Do you use any of the above methods @bptworld ?


sure do, I use the built in Chromecast Integration (beta) with 8 minis, 1 home, 2 hubs.


bah - I have an echo household, lol.


Hi Bryan @bptworld,
Thank you again for excellent app.
Currently it's possible to use only one tracking switch in one child app. Is it possible to extend it to multiple switches per child(eg. Switch1 OR Switch2 OR Switch3)?


Give the new version on Github a shot... Let me know how it goes.

V1.1.9 - 06/25/19 - Can now select multiple switches to activate speaker